Levothyroxine vs. Nature Thyroid.


levothyroxine vs. nature thyroid. What’s everyone’s experience

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  1. Switched to nature thyroid a year ago and feeling much better

  2. Check ur free t3 to see if u need the naturethroid. Not all of us do. Levo is t4 med only. If u convert free t4 to free t3, taking a t3 med could harm u, not help u.

  3. What should my t3 be at to take naturethriod

  4. What is your free t3 lab?

  5. And the range next to the lab result?

  6. B12 is very low(on weekly shots now) and vit d is also low

  7. Ok. I am glad that you got those labs as well. Optimal B12 is over 500. I, also, am on B12 injections for life. I have pernicious anemia. With your low vit B12 levels, you should have the MMA lab ran as well. It’s similar to the antibodies testing for Hashimoto’s for hypo. The thyroid medication only provides thyroid hormones. All these tests listed above work as a system of checks and balances. When something is deficient, symptoms overlap. How low is your Vit D and also you need a ferritin/iron lab? And are you on a current thyroid med?

  8. I was recently put on naturethriod and wanted to make sure it’s a good med to be one. My vit b12 is at 363

  9. So that lab result is ON the Naturethroid?

  10. No that is before I started

  11. I had blood drawn for iodine, zinc and selenium

  12. How was your free t4 and TSH labs/ranges? Naturethroid is good,….if you need it. Thyroid meds are individualized for each persons needs. Your free t3 is excellent. I’m curious on the reasoning of the Naturethroid with that result.

  13. Also had an ultrasound done and there was a nodule found

  14. And your TOPab and TGab labs? You definitely need a boost in the free t4. I would say you only need a t4 med ( Synthroid or levothyroxine, or Tirosint). I would ask why they have you on the Naturethroid. What did they say about the nodule?

  15. I will have to call and ask about the med I’m on and why

  16. That is exactly where I would start. Were you recently diagnosed with Hashi’s/hypo?

  17. Yeah hashi/hypo

  18. Good news is your antibodies aren’t overly high. I’m not sure if they ran a TG antibody test as well but the 19 isn’t horrible. Selenium helps in lowering antibodies ( 200 mcg a day) Hashimoto’s can go into remission but hypo (thyroid meds) are for life. My antibodies are down to 73 from 450 w help of selenium. Eating lots of veggies helps too. Correcting those vitamin levels as a priority will keep you on a lower dose thryoid med.

  19. Your free T3 was optimal prior to Naturethyroid so no reason to put you on a T3 containing med. You should be on a T4 only med since you convert so well.

  20. Synthetic medication only work for me when I take some T3 medication with it.

  21. changed to naturethroid (WP thyroid). It is much better. less ups and downs. I used to be on T3 & T4

  22. I was synthroid still felt like crap. Was put on nature thyroid, felt some better, lost 8 lbs bit now feel like crap, let’s not talk about the other symptoms lol.. psoriasis, joint pain, edema. Ugh… spent 4 hrs driving to new doctor apt, which lasted 15 minutes, on the search for a new doctor again… beyond frustrated.

  23. Amanda Mccall Skiles do you have pitting edema?

  24. UCLA (DR. Barbara Lippi ) saw my daughter 34 yrs. ago when she was 6 weeks old, born without a thyroid and told me to never use a synthetic hormone, I was to use Synthroid and synthroid only. To this day I only use that and so does she. Even my pharmacy has tried to switch me to a generic and I have fought to keep the name brand. I also am prescribed Cytomel for my tsh. So I take both meds. I was on ARMOUR Thyroid 5 grains when I had my daughter, I always wondered if that caused her birth defect. Back then they didn’t moniter you during pregnancy about thyroid as far as I can tell.

  25. Synthroid is synthetic. Armour is porcine thyroid hormone.

  26. I reacted badly to Levothyroxine..feel wonderful now that I take Natural Thyroid.

  27. I didn’t know that. I’ve been incorrect then for years. I was definitely misinformed.

  28. I think there may be some confusion with the word synthetic between you guys.

  29. The thyroid drug Synthroid (levothyroxine sodium), as the name implies, is anything but natural. It is not bio-equivalent to the natural hormone thyroxine, but is instead a synthetic, hormone-like substance with very different properties. The drug is purported to be identical to thyroxine (T4) — the hormone that the thyroid gland naturally makes, but if you look at the structural and functional properties of each substance in the images from below, you can see they are actually very different. Synthroid is replacement of only T4 and if you look at chemical make-up is not a direct replacement. Here is Synthroid
    C15H10I4N NaO2 -H2O and this is Thyroixine (T4) C15H11I4NO4 They are not the same.

  30. L-thyroxine, whether it comes from a lab, is a biproduct of pork production or from the thyroid of a healthy human are identical molecules. They are indeed bioequivalent.

  31. Look at the chemical makeup above. They are clearly not the same. That is why many people do not do well on Synthroid and prefer Armour, WP or Naturethroid

  32. They are identical. Basic biochemistry, one is written as the salt, the other is not. Identical molecules.

  33. Have you tried both, I am curious to know. Seems like the endos prescribe Synthroid while the functional ones prescribe the natural.

  34. I convert T4 to T3 quite adequately so I have no reason to take an NDT. Incidentally, the ratio of T3 to T4 in NDT is almost 4 times that of what a healthy human maintains. It’s a pig’s ratio, not a human’s. While NDT is made from a natural source, a Pork production biproduct, there is nothing natural about a human taking that much T3.

  35. While Synthroid or levothyroxine are the same natural thyroid includes both t3 and t4. I feel great in it something that never happened on Levo and cytomel which I took for almost 15 years. Functional DRS use it because it does work better for many people.

  36. When I read through some of the other posts i realized that there was confusion as to my point. Synthroid and Levo are replacing T4. Armour replaces T3 and T4. So on its face these are not the same as Synthroid or Levo. Synthroid and Levo are used interchangeably but there is difference since one is name brand and one is generic. Personally i saw no difference between generic Synthroid and Levo or cytomel and its equivalent. But my whole point was that t4 replacement is different between armour and “bio-identical” and for some of us the difference is huge. But to say they are the same is not accurate. It is important to be correct on these because it is wrong to tell people they are identical when they are not. Even saying equivalent is incorrect and when you look at the chemical compounds they are not even identical. This is not a semantical argument. Rather it is statement about the importance of distinguishing how DRS are prescribing products.

  37. Synthroid nearly killed me. Switched to Armour and I’ve functioned ever since. Not cured but huge difference for the better!

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