Likewise, are days off hard for anyone?


Does anyone else have trouble getting going in the mornings? Sometimes I feel like I can pop right up and out of bed. Other times it takes me a few hours.
Likewise, are days off hard for anyone? I feel like I can’t talk myself into motivation on days I don’t work. I’m working night shift right now, and it’s like the hours just stretch on in anxiety and not feeling well on days off. Brain fog.

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  1. I have SO MUCH brain fog. I DEFINITELY have a hard time with mornings. Really hoping for some improvement there! I try to rest on days off. I take every chance I can get to lay low and rest.

  2. Yes, coffee doesn’t even help.

  3. I have trouble with everything sometimes

  4. adrenal fatique, look up what you can do to manage it

  5. If it’s bad you may want to go to your doc! There are many things that can cause fatigue and brain fog. Not all are bad but mine ended up being serious. Until I worsened my doc hubby recommended exercise and B12 and magnesium supplements which helped! Also, decreasing caffeine/ not drinking it after 2pm

  6. Morning are the worst

  7. I’ve been gluten free for 6y. It took a good 9m of being gf to finally not feel super tired in the morning. Now I’m up and I’m actually awake the second my eyes open. Probiotics, vit d, Apple cider vinegar drink helped me a lot

  8. mornings are the worst, I’ve become a night person these days cause I feel better the evenings and late at night. I have to get up three hours before work to get my body going, it sucks

  9. Hi Stephenie .. can I pm you?

  10. I have had the same for years

  11. Me. Meeeeeeee! Sometimes I wake up, spring out of bed, and hop into the shower like a Disney princess. Other days it takes me a few hours to not only gain traction, but also just feel well in general.
    And I have so little motivation. I have to force myself to deal with my responsibilities sometimes, and like you do what you gotta do to get done what needs to get done, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

  12. I found drinking close to a gallon of water a day helped me tremendously.. taking electrolytes supplements too.. huge difference…

  13. Hi all. Ive been celiac for 5 plus years. At the beginning of 2017 for some reason I became almost depressed, excessively tired and suffered from horrible brain fog.\n\nThen thanks to some research.. asking alot of questions I found something that has changed my life. I sleep well, no anxiety, no brain fog. PM me and I will give you the details.

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