Liothyronine alongside my synthroid.


Question – based on the advice I’ve seen posted here I recently tried Liothyronine alongside my synthroid. Has this been successfully done by others?
Looking to lose weight and I feel like I plateaued when I started taking it. Is this normal or should I try to up my prescription?

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  1. Why? I Dont understand? They are both t4 medications. They are essentially the same thing

  2. A Dr actually Rx two synthetic T4 meds? I am confused

  3. Liothyronine is T3, Cytomel. T4 is l- thyroxine, aka Levothyroxin. They are not the same thing.

  4. Omg duh sorry I just read it too fast. I was so confused…

  5. Apologies I misspelled it. It also goes by the brand name Cytomel

  6. Oh well then to figure out of you need more you would need to do blood work. You need to check your free t3, reverse t3, your free t4 and all that

  7. I currently take 137 mcg of Synthroid and 25 mcg of Cytomel, I feel much better, but still have a few “bad days”
    I have benefited from the switch to using both.

  8. I take both. 100 levoxthyrin 10 liothyronine. Improved most of my symptoms. But still cannot get weight off.

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