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I’m looking for suggestions on a liquid magnesium, either ionic or angstrom. A little background, I took ciprofloxacin about 3 months ago and I am pretty well bedridden, unable to eat, unable to do anything. I took some angstrom magnesium about 8 or 9 weeks ago and I started having heart issues but I think that is cipro related, I’ve been to the cardiologist, & I have PVC, I have hundreds and hundreds of symptoms from the cipro! It is ridiculous, mental, physical. I’m looking for something that I can take one drop at a time to see how I doing it. Thank you for any help or information you can give me!

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  1. I use ionic magnesium, it is easily absorbed. One thing that happens when we let our good bacteria die, is we allow yeast / candida to flourish.

  2. Most of the research suggests that magnesium helps the most with cipro toxicity, I haven't seen anything in the research about iodine but it's something to look into. At this point I can't get anything into my system to eat, I'm on a liquid diet, and eating baby food. I know that healthy food would be the best thing for me, & I have a juicer on the way. But magnesium gives immediate result and helping me be able to walk and not feel crazy. But looking for magnesium supplement Online is just ridiculous! There's so many and I have no idea what I'm doing. Thanks!

  3. I certainly don't discount the probiotics, I've been doing research on that is well. But magnesium is supposed to be the first line of defense.

  4. Are you allowed to tell me what brand of ionic magnesium to take?
    I am looking into kiefer? Not sure on spelling. But before I can do anything for my stomach I have to be able to get out of my chair.

  5. Cipro screwed my health. So sorry you're going through it too.

  6. This is my second time Cindy, I had no idea the first time, I was 4 years out and took cipro 3 months ago and it is crazy again!

  7. I would suggest Spray Mg oil. And Epsom salt soaks.

  8. Magnesium is the first line of defense. Can you do transdermal Mg from your chair?

  9. I found out that Cats Claw by Standard Process can clear up my infection beautifully……without hurting me. Cipro is brutal on the body both inside and out. You'll have to rebuild your digestive system and rebuild your connective tissues a long with everything else.

  10. Candida depletes our bodies of many nutrients including magnesium. Take note, killing off candida will make you feel worse due to the toxins from the die off. This shows that your efforts are working and is really a good thing. This release of toxins is known as the Herxheimer reaction. Coconut oil is another potent weapon against candida. Work up to 3 tablespoons a day. It will also kill off bad bacteria without harming the good bacteria ( this is a trait that cannot be claimed by Cipro ) . And it kills off candida.

  11. Those would be good suggestions but I'm looking for something I can start one drop at a time or control if you know what I mean? I want to be able to control the dose and not overdo it and the rule of thumb is slow and low.

  12. Yes, magnesium is the first line if defense which is why you want to kill the candida since it is sucking up your magnesium. This is the brand of ionic mag that I use.

  13. I took a picture but I don't see it here. It is called natural ionic magnesium …Mega-Mag 400 mg. Made by TraceMinerals Research.

  14. Kathy Ray – transdermal (through the skin) is safest. You bypass the digestive system (avoiding any digestive upset).

  15. I have looked at the trace minerals, and it has sulfur in it yes? You know I called the pharmacist because I have a sulfa allergy to medication and he was kind of wishy washy on whether I could take something with sulfur in it, he said to be careful, so I've avoided that product so far. I'm going to go look at it again. I've looked at so many I have so much information in my brain that doesn't function very well anyway. Thank you Mary!
    Cindy, well I don't want stomach upset my biggest concern is taking the smallest dose I can at A time to see if I'm going to react, some of the people with cipro toxicity can't even take magnesium because it causes their symptoms to become worse 🙁

  16. Kathy Ray – sulfur is another critically important minerals. Can you eat eggs, onions, garlic, cabbage and etc?

  17. My mom contracted C-DIFF from antibiotics at a time when I had no idea what it was. Had I known then. What I know now, I guarantee you. She would not have contracted this disease. Killing off good bacteria allows bad bacteria to thrive , in turn, candida will also thrive. In turn magnesium gets depleted.

  18. There, I did it!!! All by myself

  19. I actually have not been able to eat any of those food for years due to extreme stomach upset when I do, I never thought much about it other than they're gastricly challenging foods! But I don't know what that means that I'm allergic to sulfur, I'm allergic to sulfa and all I know is medications with sulfa

  20. It is important to work to open up the sulfation pathways. Again, sulfur is critical… it is one of the six ZOMBIS, needed to make our bodies work.

  21. MJ, how to open the sulfation pathways? Someone suggested Molybednemum, it made me vomit when I added it. I cannot eat any of those foods you mentioned.

  22. Cilantro and chorella to detox fluoride. Look on natural news for some detox info. Use their search feature. And the experts on Cipro are the group:

  23. I am in all the fluoroquinolone groups!

  24. Question, is my taking calcium a problem?

  25. Yes calcium is a problem. calcium is not good to supplement at all. Calcium has bern linkef to heart peoblems. Does anyone here supplement with vitamin D?

  26. Mary Titus – the owner of this group cautions that supplemental isolated D3 is really risky business.

  27. Well, I won't mention it again but it isn't risky. Misunderstood, perhaps but not risky.

  28. D3 causes potassium wasting through the kidneys and calcification of organs. Yes risky. Plus it caused me to get osteopenia at age 33

  29. How much do you take?

  30. Okay, that's not bad, do you take all of the cofactors…if not, which ones are you missing?

  31. Now I take magnesium 1000-2000 mg glycinate daily, cod liver oil Rosita 1 tsp daily all the cofactors, iodine, homemade kefir for probiotics.

  32. I no long take the d3 that caused my osteopenia. 5,000iu caused by he osteopenia. That is it.

  33. Kathy Ray – As you know, unfortunately, you have fluoroquinolone toxicity. Fluoroquinolones, as this group explains, and as the FQ toxicty groups and scientific literature explain chelates magnesium out of the body (it also does a lot of other very bad stuff, as you know). However, the fact that it chelates magnesium out of the body, does not necessarily mean that supplementing with magnesium will help the toxicity. Some floxxies are helped, but some experience greater side effects when supplementing with oral magnesium. This is documented in the Flox report and by anecdotal experience. My own personal experience is that after having FQ toxicity now for 3 1/2 years, oral magnesium increases my tendon/joint pain and my bodywide (mucous membrane/ tissue) dryness and increases my bodywide crepitus. I just wanted to offer a word of caution that seeking oral magnesium supplements may not help. If anyone in this group has an inkling of why oral magnesium seems to hurt severe floxxies, please share. Good luck.

  34. Okay, but as I am sure you know, D3 dies not work optimally without the cofactors, namely magnesium, zinc, k1and k2,boron and vitamin A. With the proper cofactors, it is difficult for vitamin D to cause adverse reactions. Magnesium regulates potassium BTW, so you may have not been taking enough magnesium during your potassium issues. I take 50,000 ius of D3 daily, but I also take optimal doses of the cofactors as well.

  35. Post you active and storage d and magnesium RBC level

  36. Mary Titus have you even read Morley Robbins information?


  38. Lloyd Balch, I have heard that it can make it worse. The few times I tried it I had relief, but…..not sure of it caused other symptoms. What is body wide crepitus? I am going to try again tomorrow, literally 1 drop ! And work my way up, but low and slow is key. I literally took 2.66 MG yesterday and had a few good hours, but then a worse night than usual in some ways. Very odd. So I will try again. Last time I took it, I was taking angstrom and took too much, good relief , but my heart kicked off with palps and pvcs. I took it only 5 days. Angstrom is too strong.

  39. Kathy Ray – crepitus is cracking sound or friction in between the bone and cartilage upon movement. Many floxxies get this. I have it all over. Never had it before levaquin. Please be careful with supplements. It is my experience that toxicity has its own course, and little can be done to stop it. I have found that supplements usually just make it worse.

  40. This is my 2nd time around..sigh.. I didnt know it wad cipro tho 4 years ago. I had delayed onset. This time acute. It may make it worse, but I suffered before doing nothing because I didnt know. Maybe the reason some people react is they start too high on mag. I dont have any plans to take a bunch of stuff tho. If I can get on my feet, I can eat & juice & heal more. I am bedridden with this and half out of my mind.

  41. Just don't mistake what seems to make the matter worse, isnt actually making it better.

  42. Well that may be true for most people Mary, for people who have been floxed, we can get into serious trouble taking supplements or medication, our body doesn't respond the same.

  43. Can someone make you bone broths from organic pastured animals (that haven't been exposed to lead!)? Maybe a gut healing diet like GAPS (gut and psychology syndrome) but with some mods for reduced sulphur foods. Hope you don't have histamine intolerance! And some probiotics. Would be useful if you could get a complete stool microbial analysis done and SIBO breath testing. You would probably also want to know what's going on with your micronutrients, especially if you're surviving off liquid baby food and aren't digesting well. Isn't it pretty high in sugar/carbs, low in protein and low in fats and fat soluble vitamins? The sort of stuff that yeasts enjoy living off?

  44. Well I drink Carnation Instant Breakfast 4 times a day, which is high in sugar. As for baby food I eat one jar of turkey a day, high in protein, and one jar of applesauce, which is why an apple sugar? I can't eat much more than that, I was eating more baby food but things just kept getting worse and worse it actually causes my symptoms to flare when I eat, plus I have no appetite and swallowing is an issue.

  45. Bless your heart Kathy Ray!
    Praying your feeling better soon!

  46. Thank you! I totally love it when someone says bless your heart!

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