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I’m feeling a bit down over how much hair I’m losing ? Can anyone suggest anything? I use to have super long hair until I got diagnosed with celiac and now it’s up to my shoulders, super thin and gross. Not helping my confidence at all. I will only use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner – nothing from the supermarkets only from proper hair salon shops. I’ve also been taking silica tablets for the past couple of months.. but nothing’s working & I feel like it’s getting worse!
Is anyone else having this issue? ? or anything you can recommend? I live in Australia so has to be products available in Australia

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  1. I had the same problem I had to cut mine up to my chin and it was almost to my butt. I was so upset but I bought this and it has been a god send! It’s not from a salon I don’t into their stuff being better.this has made my hair thicker and it’s growing back out quickly. I also started taking vitamin d bc mine was extremely low. If you can’t get this shampoo and conditioner I would, it’s sulfate free and gluten and paraben free. Good luck to you!!
    celiac and long hair

  2. Your shampoo and conditioner need to be gluten free too.

  3. I take Sulfurzyme every day morning & night. It has been a game changer for my hair & nails. PM me for more info. Also, download the Think Dirty app! It allow you to scan the barcode of 300,000 personal & home care items… To see what’s REALLY in them. There’s a lot of deception in the industry w/labeling. This ranks each on multiple scales such as carcinogenic, comedogenic, etc…. & tells you how the ingredient impacts your current & long term health. #gamechanger

  4. Did you Have your thyroid tested ? I also had this problem . Good luck

  5. Have your thyroid checked.

  6. I am there too with hair loss. I see my doctor in 2 weeks. She will do bloodwork and we will use that as a starting point for supplement adjustments and such. I use all GF beauty and personal care items. Best wishes.

  7. It sounds like other food allergies issues to me.

  8. Check ur thyroid levels.

  9. Definitly get thyroid checked that’s what was causing my hair loss. I went on nioxon too which is a hair regrowth shampoo conditioner. I also used zala hair extensions to feel more like myself again

  10. Omg I swear I’ve been losing more hair than normal lately. I had no idea it could be from celiacs…

  11. Is your scalp itchy as well? If so it can be a scalp issue , and a dermatologist can check cause then . I have that, and work with my dermatologist on it.

  12. I’m in the US but my hair salon uses Kevin Murphy products exclusively and I love them!

  13. Low estrogen will also cause hair loss as will genetic factors and malnutrition. Here’s an interesting article on the subject. https://www.verywell.com/alopecia-areata-and-celiac-disease-563106

  14. I had the same issue….i switched to sulfate free shampoo….if you have thick hair it’s natural to loose hair when you wash…i felt I was losing to much so after switching I noticed a drastic change!

  15. I sent you a pm.

  16. Could be from malabsorption issues. Try probiotics to heal the gut.

  17. I would suggest a prenatal vitamin! Your body is trying to tell you it needs something! This will not hurt you to take! Especially because we are so limited on food! You probably have a vitamin deficiency!

  18. I recently threw away all my hair products and bought a gluten free hair care system.

  19. How is your iron levels and vit b12 levels? Also thyroid… is your shampoo gluten free?

  20. Sadly in the same situation and now wearing clip in extensions

  21. Low ferritin, Vit B12, etc can cause hair loss. Have your levels checked and then supplement accordingly!

  22. Make sure its not from internal deficiencies. Ferritan. B12. Hypothyroidism. These all affect me.

  23. I don’t know it is gluten free, I used Ovation Hair products (it is a step product) until my grew back. Which took about 6 months. Now I use shampoo and conditioner from Maui.

  24. Interesting, I had no idea this could be related. I am now using GF shampoo/conditioner but I’m losing a ridiculous amount of hair – my shirt is always just covered!

  25. Theres nothing you can take to stop this.mines thinned out n my thyroid is ok

  26. I take multivitamins n nothing has worked its just nature n your body doing silly things.

  27. After I was DX with celiac disease and was eating GF food, I still had other issues. Polycystic ovarian syndrome and hypothyroidism both hormonal. Can also cause hairloss. Some medications as well.

  28. My metabolic panel is normal and my thyroid is fine and I still loose my hair. I’ve been taking biotin everyday and it seems to be helping a little.

  29. I had the same trouble it takes a long time for your body to get healthy again over 2 years for me I take a lot of supplements and I’m on thyroid meds my hair is improving but it takes time

  30. yes I have this issue as well 🙁 I switched to Free & Clear hair products and have noticed an improvement in my hair since switching 🙂

  31. My hair is thinning too. Used to have very thick hair.

  32. Uggggg I’m sorry.

  33. Thanks so much for all your help everyone! It means a lot to me!! For those who have advised me to get my thyroid checked- I’ve booked a doctors appointment to have this looked at and I’ve changed my shampoo and conditioner for a 3rd time- haha! \nIt’s extremely helpful to be on this page and talk to people who suffer with the same issues I’m currently suffering with now. Maybe I can get some answers and maybe I can get my lush long blonde locks back!!!! 😁 Wish me luck!

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