Long term effects of taking turmeric?


Sorry to post this I know MJ just posted about keeping on topic of magnesium but I have a concern about turmeric..curcumin and iron levels…I know Morley Robbins has done a lot of research on iron and cancer etc. And has posted several links..my question is does anyone know the long term effects of taking turmeric (golden paste) and depleting iron I have read many posts and research about curcumin can deplete iron..just wondering what this meaans for turmeric golden paste and iron levels

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  1. Interesting. following…

  2. This really is not off-topic. I'll be glad to know the answer, too.


    Good question!

  3. There was a post about this within the last month, (I believe by Morley) that turmeric depletes iron. I can't find the post, but I believe Hermant responded that people with low iron should stick to at least no more then a teaspoon of turmeric a day. I'm still looking for the post here.

  4. This is an important topic and appropriate question…

    It may be a case of mistaken identity:

    I don't recall indicating that Tumeric can contribute to Iron anemia, it's possible, but it's not something that I would typically say.

    That said, I do not routinely recommend Tumeric, largely because of the WIIIIIIIDE variation in quality & potency of this spice. Also, please note that it's NOT a part of my Ceruloplasmin protocol…

    Let's hope that we can gain greater insights and understanding re this powerful nutrient and learn optimal ways of using it for our benefit…

    A votre sante!

  5. Back on October 7th, Hermant Trivedi (creator of the turmeric paste responded to a post with the following: "People suffering from severe Anemia should avoid Turmeric as Turmeric has been found to be an Iron Cheletor ."

  6. I know a few people with hemochromatosis that need to limit red meats and have blood drawn every so often. Could they treat the condition entirely with turmeric?

  7. Gretchen,
    That may be helpful, but what folks with hemochromatosis need to understand is the status of their Liver's production of Ceruloplasmin (Cp), which is the enzyme that REGULATES every facet of Iron metabolism…

    Said another way, the IRPs (Iron Regulatory Proteins) responsible for the absorption, the transport, the metabolic use of (i.e the creation of Hemoglobln), the storage of, and the release from storage of Iron ALL REQUIRE OPTIMAL LEVELS OF Cp…


    It's ALL about understanding how the body REALLY works, NOT how they want us to think it works…

    A votre sante!

  8. This probably is answered on the Turmeric User Group FB page? They have huge amounts of information under their Files tab.

  9. Right off topic, but does that indicate that hemochromotosis may not be genetic. I was only speaking about this yesterday.

  10. We have a dog on turmeric & mostly off allopathic meds for his arthritis b/c of turmeric… he's 16 so we're not concerned with his iron at this point (turm recipe courtesy turm user group) BUT when i take turmeric it's only for several days at a time — still waaaay better than aspirin, tylenol or ibuprofen

  11. Michele Turner
    What MOST fail to understand is that Excess, Unmanaged Iron — due to a LACK OF CERULOPLASMIN (Cp) — CAUSES *dings* to DNA… And that SAME protein, Cp, is needed to make Copper bioavailable which is KEY to the function of enzymes (Methyltransferase enzymes, esp.) to make genes work properly… They don't turn ON/OFF without these enzymes working properly!

    I am HIGHLY skeptical of ANY label that involves the phrase "genetic disorder…"

    But I'm weird that way, because I KNOW how the cellular machinery works & is TOTALLY dependent on mineral activators — unlike your mistrained Mineral Denialist… 😉


  12. Weren't we just speaking to issues w CP Morley Robbins? I think anything can be used sensible as LONG as you do not have high oxalates, or sulfation issues, and eat sensibly (I call it for your genes lol), you can def use curcumin milk, ginger milk etc, as long as these other conditions are met. If you DO have things like the gene SUOX, take care, but for the most part as long as sulfation is working the rest will work too within reason. I was looking at this for a client, and guess what!? YES! It increases copper AND ceruloplasmin in mice in this one….. and reduces iron http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4521784/ Second, " scientists tested turmeric and chili powder individually in a randomized, controlled clinical trial, results were quite different. Turmeric, with much higher polyphenol content than chili, could reasonably be expected to have a greater inhibitory effect (based on prior lab studies). However, results showed the opposite. Dietary intake of turmeric in supplement form (500 mg/day) did not inhibit iron absorption in women consuming iron-fortified meals, while chili powder did. (i.89)"

  13. MJ Hampstead can I share this with turmeric group

  14. Lastly sorry…. IF you take curcumin or tumeric, take it w Yogurt, vegan or not, this will help, it is used in the East for Anemia, maybe read up on it.

  15. Hurley Rez Morley Robbins I read that curcumin will deplete iron but the debate in the group is…curcumin depletes iron but will turmeric deplete iron that there isnt enough curcumin in turmeric to hurt (golden paste vs curcumin capsules)..but I wonder if you take enough gp for long enough will it effect iron and liver…hope I made that understandable

  16. Curcumin high dose WITH black pepper is the one I heard is not good. If you are eating a rich diverse meal, it should be ok, just my opinion

  17. Hurley Rez
    Awesome article ^^^^!

    It attenuates my ignorance re Curcumin… 😉

    The ONLY risk I see is taking a spice w/ rich, cultural ties & amping it up, which "unattenuated" Americans & scientists have a penchant for doing…

    Thanks, again, for these insights & our time together today — mind blowing!


  18. I'm so confused. So, if ferritin is low. Shouldn't eat curcumin or turmeric with black pepper? I've been taking both in green spinach smoothie. I hope I'm not doing this all wrong. Is there a good web site that has a supplement guide I'm new to this.

  19. Btw, I've been told I have the pre stages of breast cancer. (Through ultrasound and thermography).

  20. Turmeric needs both black pepper and a healthy fat and heated to be effective. Hemant says one spoon a day.

  21. Mj, does that lower iron?

  22. Kim Dyer London
    Ferritin is the LEAST valid marker for TRUE Iron Metabolism status… The fact that you've NOW been told you're in the "pre-stage" for Cancer is PROOF POSITIVE that you have a build-up of Iron in your Breast tissue… THAT MINERAL FACT is a well-kept secret…

    A votre sante!

  23. Wow, thank you Morley. I have too much blood I guess. But they want me on iron pills. Good lord. Everyone contradicts each other. But, I know I haven't been helped yet. So, hate to ask but , no spinach then? Lol.

  24. If people take high doses of curcumin, as in pills with 95 percent, there could be cause for concern. Tureric spice with small amounts of black pepper, and a fat or oil is quite healrhy and there is no evidence of any health issues. Lots of trials, plus the culture of India using turmeric on a daily basis for thousands of years.

  25. Kim Dyer London
    I think the non-heme spinach is OK… You might hold back on the heme-iron Steak to go with it…

    Heme-Iron is absorbed 10X more effectively than non-heme Iron…

    A votre sante!

  26. What's gets the iron out of breast tissue ?

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