Looking for in put in regards to hair loss


Looking for in put in regards to hair loss. I know this subject has been breeched many times here but the answers seem empty and unsure. SO, I will start with a question & come from a different angle. Is anyone here who is taking at least 400 mg Niacin, on the mag protocol & still loosing hair? I’m asking because for nearly a year I lost NO HAIR. Even in the comb after a shower there was typically only 1 hair. I was so happy!!! I started loosing hair again and have been racking my brain to figure out what I changed……Low and behold I think it may be NIACIN! I am a slow 1 oxidizer and morley has mentioned niacin helpful for the utilization ( hope i used the right word) of copper & it makes sense since niacin is also what you use to bring cholesterol down naturally……..hhhmmmm, also a copper issue. I WAS taking niacin………LIGHT BULB!!! than i get my proper copper sample in the mail and guess what the 2 nd ingredient is? yep, NIACIN. I was previously giving iodine the credit for my lack of hair loss (thyroid support) but I think I’m wrong. So, again, IS ANYONE HERE TAKING at least 400 mg of NIACIN AND LOOSING HAIR THAT IS ALSO ON THE ENTIRE MAG PROTOCOL? …….looking for a better, more grounded answers for the hair loosers.

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  1. some feed back would be nice.

  2. Yes, I would like to hear more on this. Was niacin the cause of hair loss, or helped not to lose hair?

  3. HELLO SLOW OXIDIZERS, NIACIN USERS……any insight comments?

  4. its my 3rd day back on niacin and i'm definitly loosing less hair. I can't beleive I have figured this out!

  5. I used to take it all the time when hair was falling out and I havent taken it in months and hair problem still here..each body is different with all our issues so I bet for you niacin keeps your hair in 🙂

  6. So women who are losing hair should take niacin which is b3 and kelp?

  7. Hi Jane Martin did you get any real answers re your hair loss ? mine is awful i.d try anything to get back on track !!

  8. here is an update incase you all care to know…….My hair loss HAS STOPPED!! it was not the niacin or the iodine. when I removed those out of my regimined a few months ago I also reduced my mag to 5-600 mg. I was tired of taking so much stuff. BUT MY EYES WERE JERKED OPEN WHEN I GOT MY BLOOD TEST RESULTS. my magnesium had plundered from 5.6 down to 4.4!!! THATS WHEN THE LIGHTS CAME ON. So I bumped my magnesium back up to 850-1000 mg daily and BINGO!!! my hair loss has stopped. 🙂 I think my iron anemic body is eating up my maggie and the stress triggers hair loss. ???? I would love feed back.

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