Looking for some advice on plantars fasciitis


Looking for some advice on plantars fasciitis. I have been dealing with heal pain for almost a year. I have done the night/day braces, Advil, exercises and injections. I have read about so much healing from this group. Do you think magnesium could help facilitate healing my foot?

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  1. I have plantar fasciitis… it was extremely severe..horrid pain..
    Improvement came from my feet arches being taped 16 hrs a day..with that stretch horse strapping..buy from a saddlery
    . … only not strapped when slept..had to be super strict with this…
    And orthodic shoe inserts made specifically for my feet…
    Took few years for pain to reside. .but it worked

  2. Nightly mag cloride foot soaks helped my the most!

  3. I tried everything as well.. Hot, cold, stretching, acupuncture, massage, chiropractor, custom orthotics, over the counter orthotics, night sock, cortisone, high end sneakers, etc.. My foot doctor recommended orthotics from Fleet Feet. Got some relief almost instantly. Still not completely gone, going to start physical therapy this week. Better than its been in 5 months. Insert are around $50. Better than my $400 ones!

  4. I had it bad for almost a year also. Not sure if it was the magnesium or the orthotics. I got a scan at SAMs Club and got the orthotics for my shoes. Less than a month later I am able to start back hiking! I tried everything before and nothing worked!

  5. The perfect cure, and dirt cheap, is the heel that pain shoe insert.. you can also get their boot for sleeping for a few nights. I had PF so bad that I couldn't get out of bed, and after using their amazing inserts, the problem disappeared and never came back. No need for expensive orthos, night socks, cortisone.. honestly, I swear by them.. here's the link.. watch the movie and read the testimonials.. they are all true. https://heelthatpain.com/

  6. A trick to keep them away is not going barefoot. I wear crooks around the house.

  7. Supportive shoes, stretching feet before getting out of bed, minerals !! You reached the right group here!!

  8. Compressing at night with DMSO cured my PF in two weeks.

  9. I had it for 3 years. I tried so many things over the years but the only thing that eventually got rid if it was laser therapy and deep tissue massage and strapping.

  10. I had pf and Spurs. Tried cortisone, podiatry-made orthotics etc only thing that worked was Birkenstocks

  11. I think it's magnesium chloride that will help. But can find out you must take the cofactors b-6 & b-12 I'll post the rest that explains it

  12. I have to order my Malate and I try not taking it after 1:pm so it won't keep me awake. My Glycinate I for afternoons I sip throughout the day on mag water , you have to find your happy medium with this. I just have!

  13. Fascia is the connective tissue that holds us together – not only ligaments and tendons that most people are familiar with, but big flat sheets that run throughout the body. A lot of our muscles join onto fascia, all our organs are supported by it and it is not understood very well in rehabilitation. PF is a symptom that the fascia in the back of the body is tight. This particular fascia starts just above the eyes, it runs over the top of the head, all the way down the back of the body, legs and ends by attaching under the heels. there is a method of stretching called ELDOA which addresses the fascia rather than the muscles. Stretches involve the whole body being in the right position. I will post the relevant stretch when I can – I'll try to include a picture, but I need to be on my main computer. Changing how you use your body is really important too as with only the stretch you are battling against the opposition of lack of movement to maintain length of the fascia. Many people with PF also have other back line issues, in particular neck problems but they are rarely linked in therapy.

  14. bartonella? hypothyroid?

  15. It was hypo with me for sure. T3 fixed it overnight so that demonstrates it. Low t3 syndrome causes this muscle disconnectivity.

  16. what about comfrey poultice?

  17. The book Pain Free by Pete Egoscue has exercises that got rid of my plantar fasciitis pain.

  18. Christine Bickley

  19. The only thing that work for me after years of suffering i read b12 sublingual and it worked! Make sure to take under the tongue

  20. Hundreds of references to both and thyroid. Back problems too. Connective tissues weakened by low t3.

  21. What Anne A. Duff Zolkiewicz says!!! "Heel That Pain" inserts, cured me and they are inexpensive. I have two pair and rotate them through my shoes, particularly my work shoes where I'm on my feet, concrete floors, all day.

  22. The thing is that it's often the symptom of something else that will cause further physical
    Manifestations if the cause is not recognised and dealt with. Weight gain, insomnia, constipation, the 3 o'clock Nanna nap, fatigue, thinning hair. It's very often the cause when the result is inflammation, not just a tear. Most have no tear, but a weakening and inflammation-and hypo people are often very deficient in b12 and d3.

  23. It helped mine.

  24. The best thing I can tell you is this, start doing AIP diet, find your food trigger, that's what causing the pain, many Hashis have this issue, when we eliminate the food, the problem goes away, it always comes back when we eat it again, most people do not correlate food intolerances with facia pain, it attacks your weakest points, for me that's my feet, left hip, and lower back, so now I don't eat gluten, dairy, grains, or nightshades due to this, I also have a long list of things I don't eat, but they cause other issues

  25. Me too! I also realized that I had really overdone the calcuim prior to learning about mag. I had 3 bone spurs in one foot alone. I stopped the calcium and concentrated on mag and D w/K and It doesn't hurt anymore at all.

  26. Yes and ice and foot exercises, plus look at your diet.

  27. I had plantar fasciitis years ago. Shoe inserts, special shoes, taping, braces did nothing for me. I had been limping in pain for months. Then I got some Chinese medical massage (tui na). I memorized the points on my foot where the practitioner was rubbing and continued doing it at home daily. Within a week I was dancing again.

  28. Have you tried getting a chiropractic adjustment? 20.00 adjustment fixed mine!

  29. Massaging every day is what helped with mine, got rid of it. Just massaging every day

  30. Heelthatpain.com
    Heel pads for $30
    Cures it in days!!!!

  31. Debbie Farantzos, please do a search on this group. I suffered from it last year, I got many comments here. I also bought a clarks flip flop (not as expensive as other and its is still like new almost a year later)
    I also use mag oil on my legs and feet.

  32. Vitamin B12

  33. I had terrible planters. Changed to Birkenstock shoes, after many other things including custom inserts, and they are amazing! Wear them almost everyday to keep it at bay.

  34. Just got custom insoles a couple of weeks ago. They hurt worse. I cried just about the whole first week. The first cortisone shot was okay, but this last one I got Wednesday. My feet still hurt. I could barely walk Thursday and Friday. Does anyone else feel like their whole body hurts after the shots? I also had an insane migraine for about a day and a half after the shots.

  35. If the plantars are calcium generated, then the magnesium could possibly be of help.

  36. Find a PT who uses ETPS. I've used it on my patients and it works amazingly.

  37. Check out drberg.com for this … under BLOGS there are lots of video's for many conditions … https://www.drberg.com/blog/pain–inflammation/the-instant-cure-for-plantar-fasciitis

  38. Under Dr. Berg's BLOG … near the very bottom in the pain and inflammation section… you will find the video for plantar fasciitis.

  39. i deal with this myself. i absolutely think mag will help. i should probably try a better mag but i feel like even just an epsom bath helps relieve the pain. also i feel like the pain in my feet really flares up when my immune system is down. so work on boosting your immune system with lots of healthy fruits and veggies. cut out inflammatory stuff like gluten, sugar, dairy and cheap processed grains. also turmeric is your best friend!

  40. For me, mine heals when I get gluten and dairy out of my diet. It comes back when my diet gets lax on gluten and dairy and also sugar! I also wear good arch support shoes.

  41. I'm sugar addicted. Probably why my Plantar Fasciitis never heals. Excuse the pun!

  42. Healed mine last fall when I went on the Candida diet. Also used essential oils to relieve the pain before that.

  43. I bought Vionic shoes and wrapped my foot at the base in mag a hol. Pain gone in 24 hours.

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