Lots of puffiness under their eyes?


I have a question. Does anyone else with Hashi have lots of puffiness under their eyes?? And there’s also slightly dark “circles” on bottom AND top of my eye. I’m more concerned with the puffiness. WHY do I have this and does anyone know what is causing it? And is there anything I can do about it? I’m already taking Levo, 50 mcg. Thanks!!

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  1. Call your doctor.

  2. Any stuffiness, runny nose, sinus problems?

  3. Omg yes. And it's not allergies or sinuses. It happens after I cry or even tear up over something. It's just under my eyes , and stays that way for 2 or 3 days . Doctor's, and eye doctors cannot explain it and have no idea what it is.

  4. Whenever I eat any gluten my eyes will be puffy for the next day or so.

  5. yes, I had/have it, though thyroid eye disease is usually reserved for hyperthyroid people it also affects 5% of hypo people. see an ophthalmologist and get eye measurements done. Mine got worse where I did have the one eye bulge, it took 2 years to run its course. Things are much better now though I still have a hard time looking upwards. the swelling now is just puffy annoyance but this has decreased a lot in the last 3 weeks since I committed to no gluten or grains.

  6. Yes, kidney/adrenal issues. If you are interested, check out Markus Rothkranz' book, Heal Your Face… or his free, online ebook, Heal Yourself 101. (Google: Heal Yourself 101 PDF to get it for free…)

  7. Yesss! Katherine, you may definitely be on to something! I've suspected kidney issues and have been planning on doing a cleanse and I DO have major adrenal issues but not quite sure what else to do about it when I'm already trying to treat Hashi?! Thanks SO much for the info!!

  8. I have the dark circles. Senegence make up line has a dark circle treatment that had noticeably improved my dark circles…

  9. Yes and not on any meds.

  10. Going gluten free made a huge difference in my bags and swelling

  11. Well, they've gotten a bit better. I've been gluten free for weeks now, not sure if that's helping…Also using a vitamin C eye lift serum I found at Marshalls. And I'm using grass fed gelatin powder almost every day in shakes and stuff.

  12. Gluten free indeed!

  13. Yes and eating foods that cause inflammation will make it worse.

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