Low dose aspirin while pregnant?


Why do some women take low dose aspirin while pregnant? Isn’t there a risk for bleeding?

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  1. My best friend had to…something to do with a clotting disorder…

  2. Oh ok, I have an appointment with my doctor Thursday and wanted to know if I should request it or not. Haven’t found an endo yet.

  3. Idk…they did testing on her…found out she needed to take it so her body could carry her baby to term. She miscarriages 3 times prior… she did not just take it…but something her doctor wanted her to do. Why do you think you need it?

  4. Btw…she has 2 beautiful babies now. 🙂

  5. I didn’t know if that was just standard with being pregnant and having hashimoto’s. This is my 3rd baby and first one with the disease. Not sure what to expect lol. I was trying to write down a bunch of questions before my appointment but Google is so unhelpful!

  6. Ohhh. Ok. I see.

  7. Nope, not standard for Hashimoto’s and pregnancy.

  8. Thanks yall!

  9. If you have had normal pregnancies in the past then there should be no reason to add it in.

  10. I take it daily prego or not due to my clotting disorder

  11. Clotting disorders are rare and not typical of pregnant/Hashi’s.

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