Low ferritin. Mine is about 23. Iron is 140.


Low ferritin. Mine is about 23. Iron is 140. Is this an issue? I have hashis and terrible hair loss that I was told is associated with the iron issues. What does one do about it? Thanks 😀

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  1. I was like you except my ferritin was 40 and my serum iron was 142. Have you had your ceruloplasma checked. Mine was 13.6 and now it is 24.6. Now my iron is better at 106 but now my ferritin is too high at 122. You have dis regulation in your copper

  2. Oh really? I thought my iron was high but you seem to be saying iron should be higher? I was reading on a thyroid site that serum iron should be no higher than 100… Mine is 142. Copper regulation… How are you attaining that?

  3. Iron should be 100. You have too much iron floating around and I am assuming your cp is low causing that. Once you get your cp higher your iron will go down and your ferritin (stored iron) will increase. Mine did that but I had too much serum iron that now it is normal but it has turned into too much ferritin.

  4. Sorry April I just realized I put wrong iron level. I corrected my post. Good health to you.

  5. How do you increase ceruloplasmin

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  7. How do you get ferritin level down?

  8. Doing the above

  9. Good question Sandra. Gonna ask Morley.

  10. Sandra S. Seltzer, you get ferritin down by making iron bio available. You do that by following April Atkinson post above.

  11. WOAH, Per Morley
    o Iron for Women = 100
    o Iron for Men = 120
    o Ferritin = 20-50
    (Per Leading Cardiologists)
    So you don't have low iron!!

  12. Here's my *dream* blood test outcome:

    o Mag RBC = 6.0-6.5 mg/dL

    o Serum Ceruloplasmin = 33-35 mg/dL

    o Serum Iron = W: 100ug/dL // M: 120ug/dL

    o Serum TIBC = W: 285ug/dL // M: 340ug/dL

    o % Sat (Iron/TIBC) = 33%

    o Serum Ferritin = 20-50ng/mL (Please note, leading Cardiologists are sounding the ALARM re rising Ferritin levels and their connection to heart events…)

  13. Per Morley –
    Some known ways to chelate excess Iron:

    o Vinegar
    o Fermented foods ^^^
    o Tumeric — VERY IMPORTANT
    o Phytates (phytic acid…)
    o Tannins (tannic acid…)
    o Yes, Manganese is important, but it, too, needs to be managed by Ceruloplasmin… And food based forms are probably a whole lot better than synthetic supplement forms…

  14. Per Morley –
    Allopecia (hair loss) is considered another form of auto-immune condition.
    I would focus stemming her optimizing Copper bioavailability. Another issue, are the B-Vitamins. You might try Nutritional Yeast (NO, it won't cause a Candida infection…) as it is a great source of the yeast that MAKE the B's and has Copper, as well…
    As for the ACV, it's a very rich source of Potassium that has a dynamic relationship with both Maggie and Copper…
    And the beat goes on…
    To the point, there are multiple factors that are associated with Hair Loss and Hair Recovery, but at the end of the trail, it is a common set of mineral factors that dictate optimal metabolism and hair health… not the least of which is our "sponsor," Maggie!

  15. Aluminum toxicity can cause you to become anemic, or not let your body absorb iron.

  16. My ferritin is 126….yikes

  17. Sandra-my ferritin was 40 year ago May and since then have increased ceruloplasmin from 13.6 to 24.6 and now my ferritin is 122. All my high serum iron has turned into ferritin.

  18. Genelle Young, what is ACV?

  19. Jane Martin, ACV is Apple cider vinegar"

  20. Wow my iron is low! Sat 18%, iron serum is 62. Wonder if this is part of the reason why I have no energy :/ My ferritin is within normal (32), mag 5.1, ceruloplasm 26.4

  21. Hmmmm I wonder what is recommended in your situation Rachael?

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