Lyme disease or hashimotos


How many of you have Lyme disease or hashimotos as well as celiac or ncgs or are gluten free to improve other illnesses?

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  1. Celiac, Lyme and EBV plus many more!

  2. Celiac, chrohn’s and Epstein Barr plus others

  3. I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, gluten intolerant, IBS, migraines and am long term folate deficient.

  4. Celiac, Hashimotos they think either SIBO (66% celiac have it) or gastroparesis… I’m going through the testing on both of them now.

  5. My daughter had Celiac, Lyme, Dysautonomia and Polycystic Kidney Disease with suspected EDS.

  6. I have hashimotos and celiac and so does my son

  7. I have hypothyroidism not hashimoto but severe medicinal allergies on top of celiac and additional fruit and vegetable allergies

  8. Hashimoto’s here

  9. I have PCOS, iBS-C, lactose intolerance, inappropriate tachycardia, HTN, Gastritis, Type 2 diabetes, and thyroid nodules ( have to be on synthroid for).

  10. Hashimotos, Celiac, APS, Sjogrens

  11. My daughter was diagnosed with Lyme the year before her celiac diagnosis at the age of 7.

  12. Auto immune hepatitis, colitis. Osteoarthritis, lactose intolerant,asthma list goes on .

  13. Lupus, RA, hashimotos, fibromyalgia, sjogrens, raynauds, chronic sinusitis, asthma, celiac is the most recent diagnosis. Since March I’ve been strict on gf, df, sugar free, and soy free. It’s made a tremendous difference calming all the inflammation in my body! (That along with tons of vitamins suggested to me by my integrative doctor). I’m finally off of steroids (which I’ve been on for 20 years consecutively).

  14. Hashimoto’s and Asthma here. And my daughter has type 1 Diabetes.

  15. Scoliosis (rods in ‘89), Celiac Disease, Chronic Gastritis, Diverticulosis, Chronic Severe Migraines, Antiphospholipid Syndrome (recurrent miscarriages, and a mini stroke, possible ischemic colitis, brain lesions)

  16. I have Lyme. I was paralyzed from it for a time. I have stopped all of my supplements since my recent Celiac diagnosis because so many of them had gluten in them. I am actually feeling better since stopping them and going gluten-free. I used to have days when I could not get out of bed frequently. Since stopping gluten about a month ago, I have only had one. My migrating arthritis is almost non-existent. The list goes on. I am 100% better than I have been in 4 years. I still have a Hashimoto’s test in the beginning of the year. They found a cavernous malformation in my brain. I have esophagitis, a hiatal hernia, H. pylori, and several large cysts on my ovaries, along with bladder issues. I am bouncing around from doctor to doctor right now getting everything under control.

  17. I have Sjogrens Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

  18. I’m gluten free to reduce inflammation- Endometriosis, Adenomyosis & Fibroids

    I also avoid lactose. Plus soy, sesame, almond, flax and apples (all high phytoestrogens)

  19. Lyme, hashi, hypothyroid, celiac, and now recently diagnosed with lupus. Fun times… sigh.

  20. Graves, Hoshimotos and Celiac and IBS

  21. I have graves celiacs and endometriosis. After 6 years of being diagnosed with all three ive finally had the push from my doc to go gluten free as i had no idea of the long term side affects and i must say im slowly getting there and feeling better. Still a mind blowing thing to get your head around but well worth it in the long run

  22. Hashimoto and Celiac

  23. I have Celiac, but if get cross contamination, my RA flares up.

  24. Hashimotos, Gluten Free, IBS

  25. My son has T1D and celiac.

  26. Hashimoto and coeliac

  27. Hashimoto’s & Celiac mines runs in our family 8 family members

  28. Hashi and celiac.

  29. Celiac as well. I strictly eat most vegetables (except night shades_, some fruit and meat and fish, that is all. I drink water and mint tea. I use food as medicine and aim to not get any other autoimmune diseases. I find it surprising that many Celiacs eat corn, coffee, rice,soy… my understanding these mimic gluten and the body responds negatively to them and will in time develop more autoimmune diseases or other health concerns because of. Also the amount of processed foods and sugar content concerns me. But, to each our own, all the best to each of us!


  31. Hashimotos and Celiac here.

  32. I was diagnosed seronegative RA But going gf for the celiacs I am no longer symptomatic and am no longer on the RA meds

  33. Celiac, crohns and lyme (active)

  34. Lyme, asthma, CD.

  35. I had Lyme and have celiac

  36. Hashimoto’s

  37. It all started when i realized i had Vitiligo.

  38. Lyme, Candida, Bartonella, Lichen Sclerosus, gluten sensitivity/ intolerance (suspect DH).

  39. Lupus and fibromyalgia

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