Mag oil vs Mag-a-hol?


Mag oil vs. Mag-a-hol? Can they be used interchangeably? How to decide which is the more effective application?

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  1. Magahol is more effective, absorbable and less itchy. I use it all over my body daily

  2. So, they accomplish the same thing?

  3. Magahol is better

  4. Love, use and recommend MAGAHOL! I use it every single

  5. We're do we get it again ? Amozon

  6. Can I ask a silly question about the Mag-a-hol
    It's just Mg flakes & Vodka.
    My hubby asked if the alcohol would affect like drinking it?
    I didn't know what to say.
    We don't drink so I have no clue

  7. The magahol feels better on the skin than the oil I made with distilled water (left a tacky itchy film)

  8. Can we get the flakes at food store or a health food store?

  9. Health stores or amazon etc. Never seen it at a grocery store

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