MAG-Pie and MAG-Net Alert!….


MAG-Pie and MAG-Net Alert!….

When I jumped out of that “perfectly good airplane” 7.5 yrs ago, I had NO idea what the Universe had in store for me… I am blessed beyond measure, but I’m also a bit overwhelmed as soooo many of your acknowledge at the start of any conversation or message to me. I am humbled by the showers of gratitude, patience and understanding… This is an amazing gaggle of seekers!

But after careful and lengthy reflection, it’s time for some changes in my life, and these new directions will affect my availability and participation on MAG, as well as for doing consults.

Now, don’t worry, I’m NOT leaving, but I do need MORE TIME TO THINK & RE-TOOL… And the last two years have been the MOST challenging (and MOST rewarding…), but I’ve simply got to turn my attention to: 1) getting this “Minerals-FIRST School” off the ground, 2) devote time & attention to working on some directed research re Ceruloplasmin, and 3) complete the book that I’ve always intended to write, but NEVER seemed to find the time… (And God Bless Genelle for ALL that she has done to get my thoughts into more permanent print… )

OK, so, what’s all of this leading up to?…

First, I’m raising my rates for the HTMA Consults. And MJ, who keeps VERY GOOD notes, reminded me that this was my intention Jan, 2015!… Well, now it’s time. And effective April 9, 2016, these are the new rates:
o Off the Street HTMA: $300.00
o MAG member HTMA: $250.00
o MAG Kidlings HTMA: $150.00
o Health Recovery Coaching: $250.00
o Follow-up Consults re Blood: $95.00 (but no added charge if it’s a part of our HTMA consult…)

Trust me, I have balked at these increases for ~18 months, and in my heart, I know that they are needed. Yes, those are notable increases, but they are certainly within the accepted rates, and I sincerely believe I add notable value during the course of our time together on these consults… (Hopefully, others will agree…)

Secondly, we are going to be initiating a “Go-Fund-Me Campaign” in the coming weeks to raise fund$ so that I can undertake an innovative study with James F. Collins, PhD, Associate Professor at University of Florida in Gainesville, FL who speaks BOTH “Copper” and “Iron”!!! He’s got an amazing mind, and wants to push the edge of the envelope as it relates to Ceruloplasmin, and I’ll be calling on the MAG Community to provide the seed $$$$ for completing that project. (We’re likely going to need ~$50,000, so that’s ONLY $0.98 cents per person!!!… 😉

Thirdly, this Summer I intend to start organzing my thoughts and material for both a practitioner and a layperson’s school in “Mineral’s-FIRST” training. I’m still not entirely sure how this will unfold, but there is a growing interest in this focus, and I’d like to see these concepts and truths move beyond MAG into a broader community of healers… More on that later…

And finally, the ever deflected book is going to get off the ground this Fall… Say a prayer and be sure to hound me so that I honor that ever-procrastinated project…

So, I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this august group of healers and look forward to our continued growth and evolution as a community. Thank you for understanding my need for these changes and I will look forward to our reaching new heights of understanding and insights about the dynamics of minerals and mineral metabolism…

A votre sante!

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  1. I think the IDEA of 6 to 10 New Morley Robbins is AH-MAZING!!!

    YES YES YES. I'M glad we talked about all this. Excited for the future.

  2. Thank you and the entire admin team for all you do. You are such a blessing! Katie Benson

  3. So pleased for you Morley 🙂 Exciting times ahead xx

  4. Morley Robbins for ONCE in my life I have perfect timing! I just ordered my HTMA today!

    Seriously, I think your rates are probably still too low but, I'm sure you're able to help more people because of it.

    And I want to be the VERY first student to sign up! I'm so excited about your Minerals FIRST School idea!

    Good luck with all your endeavors! ️️️

  5. Let us know how people can get in to your school of healing…..the two people that I have seen in the past who profess to "know" Minerals need to go to your school and get woken up!

  6. Enjoy your new endeavors and will wait with anticipation on the new book. Cheers.

  7. I'll be ordering the htma for my girl before April 9, meanwhile trying to get the blood work sorted out. May I know where do I send the blood test result to? TQ

  8. I guess that means I need to schedule my consult to talk about that htma!

  9. This group was a God answered prayer for me! I have learned so much! God's blessings to you Morley Robbins, and your future endeavors! The question I have, is this facebook group staying with the other admins running it? I don't want to lose this info.!

  10. Wow! That is exciting for you Morley, but sad for us. Thank you and Dr. Liz so much for sharing with all of us! I feel blessed to have found this group. I know it has changed how I look at health! Maybe you could post something from time to time on here to keep us all encouraged!

  11. The price increase is more than fair. The amount of information you get from the HTMA is staggering and you need to be compensated for all the help you provide people. Getting mine done was the best decision I have ever made! Thank you! I will soon be ordering for everyone in my family.

    I am so excited about the Mineral First School!!! I hope it is online. I cannot wait to sign up!

  12. LOL I think you are going to get a HUGE flood of people that have wanted to do HTMAs but for whatever reason have delayed

  13. Michelle Nestrovich

  14. How exciting! Want to come to your school Morley Robbins! Wish I lived next door! So pleased you continue to study these issues as well as help understand thus far! Happy this is not the end of this forum.

  15. with Skype, we all live next door Yvonne 😉

  16. Where do I order the HTMA test kit?

  17. Kara Schick, here you go.


  18. Do You Morley!!! Take a step back and teach others. The world can never have enough healing.

  19. Well done sir. Proud to call you a mentor and friend! Count me and Dr C in on the Mineral School. You know we will do whatever you need to help too. Can't wait!! … Bless you.

  20. We applaud and thank you for what you have already done, and bless you moving forward. We look forward to what the future holds for you and all of us through you.

  21. Thank you for all you've been able to accomplish.

  22. Go Morley Go! It's time!! Can't wait to hear about the school.

  23. I just got my hair colored. Does that mean I have to wait til it grows out to do the sample????

  24. Cheri Harkness

  25. Morley, what book are you writing?

  26. My Superhero, Mag-neto Man, Morley Robbins, Thank you for bringing so MUCH knowledge and so MUCH healing to my family over the past 18 months!! You have been my lifeline, mentor and friend, and I can never begin to thank you enough!! I wish you Godspeed and every needed blessing for all of your projects, which I know will help so many in the future!!
    (I must admit that a very selfish part of me is already missing you terribly.) I want to thank you, and Genelle Young, for your wonderful MAG books, which are also a very great blessing. Big Hugs, and with much love and respect always!! xxxxx
    And, may I just say….A votre sante!

  27. Go for it Morley, its great if this gets accepted into the wider scientific community, pls post research papers when they are done! I have read and learnt a lot, its a process, when the time comes happy to pay whatever. I have to say I feel for you with 50,000 members how often I see you tagged… thanks for letting us know. PS I have noticed my eyes look clearer since following the protocol, albiet loosely at this point, they looked bleary although I have a pretty healthy lifestyle already…

  28. it has been my privelage to learn from you Morley and after our discussion this week I determined to tell you that your mind is worth so much more to us and the world than it seemed you knew.

  29. So glad you are glimpsing what you mean to us and how supportive we will be in return… just you wait mag man…it will be MAGnificent

  30. CONGRATULATIONS Morley Robbins! I have been waiting to hear this news. I will miss your presents but look forward to mineral school! you got this. Thank you for all you do! (jumping up and down)

  31. You are a blessing to us Morley. I am sure it will be an exciting time ahead and I cannot wait to see the Mineral School available.I think the increase on rates are fair.Let us know when your book is out and when you need the donations, hopefully many can help.Thanks again for all you do.blessings

  32. Good luck with your new path, wishing you every success. I look forward to our consult in a couple of weeks.

  33. Perhaps this is all an April Fool's Day prank? And he is not really leaving the group?

  34. Long overdue and perfect timing! I'm standing and clapping


  36. Good for you!! Sounds really exciting.

  37. How does one become a MAG member?

  38. What color is your parachute, Morley?!

  39. Ooooooo I do LURVE a new door!! Go for it! Enjoy the journey. Morley I am so great full for your time on here it has been greatly appreciated!

  40. Welcome to my club Morley Robbins.
    After withdrawing from FB (To a great extent) and changing my diet , I am becoming a new person.
    Where do I send my 0.98 Cents? (LOL)

  41. Its funny, I stumbled on magnesium about 7.5 years ago, and when I started bringing it up people thought I was nuts 😀 If an animal is poorly, I'm pretty sure vets look at minerals first, and we are animals but go down the pharma route

  42. Is there a discount if I order both blood work and HTMA ?

  43. Best wishes on your future endeavors. It will take me another 6 months of searching and reading to absorb all the info here but I"m already immensely thankful for all the knowledge you have shared…you deserve to realize your goals and just sit back and take a deep breath. Go for the Mag!!! 🙂

  44. Right on Morley Robbins!

  45. Completely interested in minerals first training!!!!

  46. Melissa Marie this post 🙂

  47. Bumping, any updates on the go fund me page (or did I miss it?) and the Minerals-FIRST training?

  48. Morley will we be able to attend the Mineral First School?

  49. Thank you for getting me to feel motivated to order… I just have to complete now! I am very grateful indeed for all that you've done for so many. And although I have not grasped it all yet… I'm on the way. Blessings to you Morley. x

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