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My 19 year old daughter and I have both been recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, this is what I have picked up so far to combat it as well as a juicer. Anyone else have good results using Mag to combat fibro? Im so new to this i don’t even know how much to take! Is there a files section on here?

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  1. I would have an iron panel done. Hemochromatosis is often mistaken for fibro. I have had that experience.

  2. As is low thyroid function, have the drs done the correct tests for thyroid function, I doubt very much that they would have done

  3. My doctor told me to take magnesium taurate. 6 to 8 capsules at first and then slowly it to 3 or 4 a day or so. I no longer have symptoms. Before the magnesium I was ready to die the pain was so bad.

  4. Myo-tone by Enzymatic Therapy has been a life changer for me! Google it to find the supplements in it. Really help with connective tissue and pain.

  5. I love 5 HTP!!! Makes my sleep such high quality sleep it's unreal x

  6. FYI, Magnesium citrate doesn't increase your mag level.

  7. I use about 5 different magnesium products throughout the day, and it definitely helps calm down my fibro. That said, it's not enough. I had to completely eliminate all grains and sugar from my diet, stay on a very high dose of multiple minerals, and use a sauna or sweat bath almost daily. My fibro is a quarter as bad as it used to be, and now I only get flares when I eat sugar or don't take enough magnesium.

  8. I am glad more fibro people are using magnesium.

  9. I recommend a neuro magnesium to combat the brain fog. It helps me.

  10. Marie Follayttar Smith, Can you recommend a brand or the one you use? Thx!

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  12. Transdermal magnesium is good if you can get it.

  13. norman walker's book on juicing gives excellent formulas for the muscles etc. good book. fibro is associated with stress, mineral deficiencies, toxicity,. best things to do for relief and keep it from getting worse is lots of stretching and swimming. helps tons. sometimes it is a side symptom of a disease like Lyme or fungal problems. toxic liver too.

  14. Mag malate is the recommended form for fibro. You might look into Andy Cutler Chelation. Mercury toxicity can wreak all kinds of havoc, and fibro is just one of the symptoms.

  15. I find soaking in a hot tub of magnesium chloride (Safestep 8300 ice melt), baking soda and borax helps keep mine from flaring. If ever I do have a flare, it only lasts about a day. Before starting this, I lived flare status 24/7.

  16. Bottom line our bodies cannot survive this modern world and lifestyle without a heavy price to pay. We can make many changes and learn to have a richer life but there will be somethings that are out of our control like GMO foods, polluted air etc. Infrared saunas are incredible to undue the toxicity that we are exposed to daily. Detoxify or Die By dr Sherry Rogers is an awesome book to help us on how to manage our bodies in a healthier way.

  17. My fibro specialist recommended mag glycinate or mag malate. Citrate isn't well absorbed and can have laxative effects.

  18. Yes but average life expectancy in 1915 was 47 for a man in the USA.

  19. This video mentions how iodine cured some fibro patients. I am sure mag is helpful too. Hope you find what gives you relief & healing. 19 is kind of young to be getting fibro symptoms isn't it?

  20. Please have your juicing monitored by a knowledgeable nutritionist. Some things can be juiced whereas other things could make you worse. Also, look into what role "oxalates" might play in your diagnosis. Good luck

  21. what is the best way to get iodine

  22. Laura I would look up what Marty/Martin Pall has to say about fibro/cfs and the no/onoo cycle….. you will need to look at a range of antioxidants as well as mag. Not everyone does well with 5htp… I would monitor that carefully.

  23. Pam Standard how many mgs per cap?

  24. This is the recommended protocol found in the Magnesium Beginners Guide at the top of this page.

  25. No to Mg citrate as it reduces Ceruloplasmin. See the article in FIles.

  26. I'm sorry to hear about this horrible chronic disease yet again into more people's lives. May I suggest for you to research turmeric? I have been suffering with neuropathy in my arms for the last three years from a cervical fusion and after trying about a dozen different medications I finally started looking into holistic methods. I was reading a natural medicine book and found a testimony of a woman that said she had great results from turmeric with her nerve pain so I decided to order some and give it a try. It's been close to 2 months now and I can honestly tell you that I see a difference!

  27. It's suspicious that you BOTH have been diagnosed. Have you had proper lyme testing done thru Igenex?

  28. Good thought Holli VanSteenis! We hate to have to question doctors diagnosis as I know their intention is to help us but we do have to be our own advocate. If you do feel comfortable with ruling out other concerns, I would encourage you to. I would also consider not accepting fibromyalgia 100%. I am certainly not saying that you do not have it. However I myself had an experience with one doctor that became so frustrated with not finding an answer to my symptoms that he quickly through the fibromyalgia card at me which was completely incorrect. I wish you better health and peace in your body during this time of exploration and self help!

  29. I have been amazed at how well Boswellia has stopped my Fibro pain.

  30. Yes Boswelia, be careful do not stay on 5-htp too long it can cause low serotonin syndrome, you can google it, and Serrepeptase is good for fibro as long as you are not diabetic or on a blood thinner.

  31. It's not helped me at all

  32. FM is a very individualistic disease and it runs in families. You have to decide which symptom you'd like to resolve and work that issue one at a time. I suggest only taking one nutritional or Rx at a time to see what and how it affects you. Over time even that can change. I think Boswellia is one of the best pain relievers and anti inflammatories I've ever seen. I also agree with tumeric and ginger! I've used 5-HTP when I cannot get the depression to move off – and I only need one in a rare moon, but I keep it on hand. My suggestion is to get the right Mg for you – it is the first on the list of things your body is running in short supply with FM. B12 would be another – then the list just gets longer. Think of yourself as a science experiment and treat it just like that. Read in detail about what you are going to take, what your symptom is you'd like to resolve. I think pain is a good start. Depending on what has caused the FM….I liked chiropractic a lot and I researched for the best one at the price I could afford!! Epsom salt baths were a life saver…. I had a phenomenal acuptunturist. It took about 2 years. I recommend anti inflammatories Relafin (nambutelone) or skelaxin and not the lower level ones – just jump to the good ones and NEVER Naprosin – a total waste of time for FM. IMHO and just from my experience and 15 yrs as a support group leader…

  33. Look into diet changes like auto immune paleo or WAHLS protocol too.

  34. I took ginger powder last night when I say it sent me into a flare. I was miserable in the stomach. But after my bm I felt like a new woman today even with all this rain. Is ginger ok to take daily or? Thoughts.

  35. The is a link between leaky gut syndrome and fibromyalgia. Which makes sense. Here is a couple of links to check out- a you tube video on fibro and leaky gut

  36. I also want to add that lyme and mycoplasmas, two bacteria behind some kinds of fibro, can also run in families because they're highly contagious.

  37. This is great I think my gut and fibro go hand in hand a lot. Every time I eat the bad foods I get deathly sick until I can pass gas or a bm.

  38. My fibromyalgia went away when I started treating my thyroid with natural Desicated Thyroid Hormone, treating my liver with milk thistle and adding various other supplements, including magnesium malate. The most significant pain relief came when I added the NDT or Natural Desicated Thyroid Hormone.

  39. I sincerely appreciate all the comments thank you ever so much i will go over all the info you guys have provides me and review the files section. i looked before I posted but i guess i cant see them with my phone, will go on my laptop this weekend and try to start a journal and health plan!

  40. I keep my fibromyalgia symptoms under control with lots of magnesium as well as dietary changes. I need to strictly avoid all traces of corn, so a mag citrate product is likely not safe for me, in addition to the other problems citrate can cause.

    I've had very good results with these Blood Type Diet to help me identify which foods I need to avoid.

    Mag is not the only supplement I use, but it is one of the most important.

  41. See a naturopath, this is complicated

  42. I have not read earlier comments.
    Can you replace Mg Citrate with glycinate? I used to use citrate but literature revealed that it opens gap junctions (to let water pass into the GI system), which is not the best thing. Since then I have reduced its use and added glycinate. Glycinate is calming.

  43. Magnesium is SO important for fibromyalgia that I'd suggest using what you have so you don't delay getting started. But buy something better when that bottle runs out.

  44. Tossing this out there into the Internet abyss: both of my parents were told they probably had fibromyalgia. It was also suggested to me, along with RA and testing for lupus (multiple times). Well, we all have Lyme disease. Seriously, an Igenex test to rule it out is a good idea.

  45. Fibro is connected to thyroid, has hers been checked? I would add in an iodine protocol too.

  46. Fibromyalgia is also connected to H pylori infection
    40% Americans are infected with h pylori

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