Magahol in his ear?


Quick question – my 3 year old was playing in the baby pool today. Now he’s all of a sudden complaining that his ear hurts.

I don’t know if he just has water stuck in there or if he’s developing an infection or what.

I was wondering if I could put a few drops of magahol in his ear? Maybe the alcohol would help + mag could help with pain? But I didn’t want to without asking y’all first what you thought.

I also have some witch hazel.
And essential oils.

Crappily, we just dropped the car off at the body shop for some post-rear-ending work and won’t have the car all week. So the doctor is out…

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  1. Ask the swim moms – isn't it hydrogen peroxide they put in swim ears?

  2. I thought it was alcohol and vinegar.

  3. i thought it was hydrogen peroxide, Alicia. My husband (from a big swimming family) thought alcohol.

    So… haha. i'm not sure.

  4. 1 part vinegar/1part rubbing alcohol. Put several drops into the ear and then allow to drain back out. The alcohol will more quickly evaporate liquid from the outer ear canal, and the vinegar creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria.

  5. I would not apply it to any open membrane type of skin – I think it would be painful (possibly injure the eardrum as well). good luck!

  6. no alcohol if your child has had ear tubes

  7. Equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water.

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  9. Thanks everyone. He said it was feeling a bit better and he's in bed now but if it hurts tomorrow I'll try one of these! He hasn't had tubes… only had one ear infection ever. So I'm hoping the water was just bothering him a little.

  10. Honestly I would not put anything in my child's ear without consulting a professional in person or not. My 3 yr old was just complaining of ear pain, our naturopathic doctor gave me advice over the phone but nothing involved ear drops. It was more about increasing his immune system via oral supplements.

  11. If you have tea tree essential oil put it on a cotton ball and put it on the ear not in!

  12. Hemant has said you can put it in your ear. Mag a hol that is. I have put a few drops in my ears when I first started using it. It didn't burn or hurt at all. The alcohol would definitely dry it up if it is swimmers ear.

  13. Thanks Wendy. Good to know!

  14. Do not put q-tips in your child's ear!!

  15. Christine don't worry. I won't do that. I know.

  16. Rubbing alcohol and vinegar

  17. Herbs come in tincture form for ear problems. St. Johnswort, garlic oil, there are a few great formulas (Eclectic inst., Herbpharm, Gaia herbs).

  18. the core of a cooked onion in the ear helps with pain, or a warm onion poultice on the outside of the ear. If you have ear oil, warm it an use that.

  19. Peroxide cleans the wax out, then dry with the alcohol and vinegar.

  20. When i have an ear infection, i use first press dark olive oil and fresh basil leaves,warm it in microwave for 40seconds, apply basil, oil in infected ear for a few days followed with cotton ball for an hour, for 3 to 5 days, infection will go away,

  21. I put essential oils on the back and under the ear. I would not put things into the ear, but with our five children, we used peroxide for ear wax, alcohol for water in the ear. As they got older, we used ear candles for wax build up, and supposedly it pulled candida out as well. I love the feeling of an ear candle! But the fire can be scary!
    Warning…i once warmed some oil for my husband's eat. ..just skin temp, and when it touched the inflamed eardrum, it ruptured! That was gross and scary. I was glad it wasn't a child. There after, I put warm compresses on the outside. ..nothing other than alcohol or peroxide in the ear. They can be diluted so they don't hurt any inflamed tissue.

  22. Thanks M Christine Wildman

  23. Emily B. Chapelle, I hope he wakes up fine!

  24. He seemed fine today… just grumpy in the afternoon which is pretty normal since he doesn't nap anymore. Crossing my fingers that tonight is better.

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