Magahol Report I am so jazzed!


Magahol Report I am so jazzed!! I went to the orthopedist with shoulder pain and he told me I had arthritis in the joint and the beginning of a bone spur. After about nine months of spraying my shoulder once a day I am 100% pain-free!!! And today I started strength training class. One year ago there were lots of exercises involving arms that I could not do because of my shoulder pain. Did every single one of them today!!! Thank you Hemant!! You are the bomb!!! Grateful!!!!!!!

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  1. carolyn that is great news Iam so happy for and that makes me so hopefully, is your Arthiritis reversed

  2. I have not been back to the orthopedist for another x-ray but being pain-free tells me the arthritis is gone I may have some arthritis in other joints but I have no pain so I'm not really sure if it's in other joints or not!

  3. healing sometimes takes a looong time 🙂

  4. It took her nine months and you are giving hope to lot of people,thanks

  5. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great news! It does take time for some of us. Stay with it everyone!!

  7. I am honoured and happy.

  8. Can this also work for larger joint like hips and possibly prevent the need for a hip replacement?

  9. Love magahol

  10. I've been using it in frozen shoulder for probably a good 5 or 6 months and I'm pain free too! Amazing stuff cheers to Hemant!

  11. Did you drink that too or just sprayed it on

  12. Martin Bennett

  13. So encouraging!!!! I need to share this with my husband. He is on meds for minor arthritis. He will be pleased to hear this. I hope he gives it a go.

  14. That's amazing! So glad for you!

  15. brilliant…congrats! actually i've just wrentched my shoulder….advice?

  16. I am not in the medical field but if it were me I would spray spray spray! It certainly addresses swelling, inflammation and pain!!

  17. Kevin Bertram

  18. Yes. Stuff is wonderful! Helps with my foot pain.

  19. Wonderful!!

  20. Is it magensium spary oil??? X

  21. Not seeing the file in the huge list in the files…Carolyn Beebe Dunn can you give recipe?

  22. whooo HOO!!!!!

  23. Starla Tucker Wilson , Terry Wilson

  24. Magahol is not mag oil. It is something u make – not buy – only 2 ingredients.

  25. Can someone tag me in the mag a hol tutorial

  26. me too please

  27. I believe there is video please tah me there

  28. Magnesium advocacy on Facebook has what you need

  29. Yes, indeed, Hemant IS the bomb!!… 😉

  30. But at the end of the day, Morley, you began this wonderful journey for all of us! Counting my blessings this Thanksgiving!!!

  31. I am thankful to modern health industry that I have not ben TARGETED as yet.

    Thanks Morley Robbins.
    Let me adopt the new title and see if I am targeted.
    Hemant The Bomb.!! hahahahaha

  32. Hemant Trivedi – I saw my cardiologist last week for the firs time in years. I gave him a small bottle of Mag-A-Hol… 🙂

  33. Can someone tell me how to make this maghol? I've been in so much pain for almost 3 years

  34. Vivi posted the the link for the recipe – it's up just a little ways

  35. I found and thanks

  36. If using vodka, does it still need the glycerin?

  37. With 100 proof vodka you do not need glycerin. I'm not sure about other vodkas

  38. I wish it could work for me but I have military neck

  39. Where can I find 100 proof?

  40. I got mine at the liquor store.

  41. I get 100proof Mohawk brand vodka at Meijer stores in MI

  42. My brand is Popov.

  43. Thanks guys!

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