Magnesium, adrenals, and autism


Magnesium, adrenals, and autism – I have belonged to this group for around a year now. I did manage to understand why most of us need more magnesium. I never understood the adrenal cocktail, however, and I always wondered if it might be related to low magnesium somehow but could never figure that out. So perhaps for those of you wondering the same thing – here is what I learned from Dr. Robert Thompson in “The Calcium Lie II” today. With excess calcium, which many have, a relative magnesium deficiency is created – and, “in its need for more magnesium, your body has to suppress adrenal function in order to retain more magnesium to compensate for the high calcium. This adrenal suppression causes a continuous loss of sodium and potassium in your urine…” that is from page 44 of my copy. I find this very interesting, because in autism, magnesium is low, I think aldosterone is low – and the adrenal glands are responsible for making aldosterone- and ASD children tend to crave salt, indicating sodium is low. If anyone wants to add a comment to help me understand this, please do!

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  1. WOW, thanks, Katy. I hope to be able to afford his book soon.

  2. It is blowing my mind and the copy I am reading is an interlibrary loan from my neighbourhood library. He talks a lot about sodium, which surprises me, although given the quote above, it makes sense.

  3. I don't really understand how suppressing adrenal function leaves more magnesium available – does proper adrenal function really suck up a lot of magnesium, then?

  4. I would love to be able to help my friends with children on the spectrum. I'd love to learn more.

  5. This is a great post, thank you for sharing!

  6. A lot of migraine sufferers crave salt too, especially during, before and after a migraine attack. We also benefit greatly from increasing magnesium, and I've aborted a mild migraine with sea salt under the tongue and an Epsom Salts bath. I started the adrenal cocktail about a month ago and am having even fewer attacks. (I was getting them 1-2 a week, down from 10-15 days per month 2 years ago and once a month for the past 30 years, minus when I was pregnant.) My ND wanted me to take calcium but I held off. Just had my first bone scan and it was completely fine. I'm not so sure so many women need to taking calcium and what you're reading seems to agree. I'm not sure if what I'm sharing is totally related to what you're saying, but I felt compelled to share. Thank you for writing your post, it's really interesting.

  7. I'll have to follow this. My kiddo is on the spectrum. My adrenals were not completely healthy when I got pregnant with him, but my magnesium levels were good.

  8. F- I find this fascinating!

  9. I have low magnesium, low calcium, and low adrenal function. I'm a fast oxidizer. So this may be the reason for some but not for all. And my calcium to magnesium ratio also showed relatively low calcium.

  10. Thanks……already ordered this book on Amazon and can't wait to learn more about all this!

  11. How does one develop high calcium? Can one afford not to supplement calcium if you are dairy-free?

  12. How though do people get to have too much calcium exactly? Is this common/

  13. My boy is also ASD. High copper, low zinc and mag. He loves potato chips and pepperettes! Salt and more salt!

  14. Curious to know whether you need to read his first book on the calcium lie before reading the 2nd or it really doesn't matter?

  15. Katy – Thank you for posting this. One observation I have noticed with my son, who also craves SALT, is that cell salts are also needed to help certain minerals (salt, magnesium and calcium) be utilized properly. I don't know if this is because kids on the spectrum have issues with inflammation, digestion and assimiliation (all common issues with children dx'd with autism). I have also found it is better to supplement my son with liquid minerals (Angstrom magnesium, sodium, etc.) vs. capsules due to absorption issues. Thanks again for a very interesting post

  16. Excess calcium in blood work or htma?

  17. Our son has severe autism, immune deficiencies , boils and severe acne. Perhaps this will help!

  18. Aldosterone production needs potassium

  19. Can I screenshot and shareKaty Bell?

  20. And Katy,
    What CAUSES the RISE in Calcium is from EXCESS, UNBOUND IRON, and it's ability to ACTIVATE KEY Calcium Channels (L-type and T-type that are regulated by Mg-ATP…) that then FLOOD the cells with Calcium…

    The dynamic cuts both ways as noted in TONS of research:

    It's a critical companion to FULLY understanding this concept of XS Iron >> Increased Calcium >> Adrenal Suppression…

    A votre sante!

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