Magnesium and a magnesium spray?


My mom takes Centrum Silver which among other things: contains 50 mg of magnesium. She has all the symptoms of magnesium deficiency. What is the difference between that type of magnesium and a magnesium spray?

I take Ease spray: (magnesium chloride Hezahydrate along with metagenics Estrofactors). I feel like this combo has really helped me! Does that sound like a better plan for her as well?

Any suggestions for us magnesium beginners?

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  1. Can't answer question about the comparison but here's good article about different types of Magnesium

  2. Put her Centrum Silver tablet in water and see if it ever dissolves. Probably one of the worst supplements out there, in my opinion. Synthetic supplements are not bioavailable: which means almost useless.

  3. Read the beginners magnesium file at the home page for this group for a protocol recommended by the owner of this group.

  4. 50mg is a drop in the bucket. Not nearly enough regardless of the quality.

  5. Most people take 5x their weight in mg of Magnesium

  6. Shannon Mabe White – have your Mom join this group and read the Magnesium Beginners Guide at the top of this page. She (and you) will learn the protocol to restore Magnesium, found here:

  7. Centrum Silver probably has quite a bit of calcium in it and 50 mg of Magnesium isn't enough at all even if it is a useable source.

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