Magnesium and childbirth? Is that a thing?


Magnesium and childbirth? Is that a thing? Anyone have insight?

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  1. I'm taking mine with for my delivery and hospital stay. I can let you know in about 8 weeks.

  2. Michelle Michelle Martel

  3. My daughter took Epsom salt baths. She had pre eclampsia.

  4. I read it is used to treat high blood pressure and prevent preterm labour.(as mag sulfate) I heard Amish women take/use it

  5. Magnesium helped with my childbirth. I had been given a 13% success rate for a VBAC. Doctors just didn't believe I would be able to do it. I am convinced that because I was taking mag, my contractions were stronger. I dilated from 3cm to 8 cm in an hour. With my first childbirth (non-mag), it took my body 3 days to get from 3cm to 8cm (at which point baby pooped and I needed a c section). My mag baby, my body was powerful. I got my VBAC. The odds were against me, and I succeeded. Truly believe it was the magnesium. (Not to mention all the wonderful things it did during my pregnancy!)

  6. wish I had known about magnesium 31 years ago

  7. My midwife had me taking liquid magnesium regularly while I labored (I don't remember how often) and it really helped manage the pain… magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer/pain reducer. It helped relax ME so my body could do what it needed to 🙂

  8. This may be a dumb question but can you have too much magnesium?

  9. Sara Chavarry what brands did you take?

  10. Mandy Chadwick

  11. A classic article:

    And as noted ^^^^, Maggie's GIFT is Recovery, & the Relaxation BETWEEN contractions…

    A votre sante!

  12. I'm curious about the magnesium IV they gave me for pre-eclampsia. I was 34.5 weeks. I had pitocin to induce and mag IV to avoid seizure (I was told.) induction failed and had to have emergency C for distress. I never felt contractions much and never dilated very far. I was walking around the hospital hooked to my mag trying to get things going but to no avail. Later I read somewhere that mag IV stops contractions (lovely) Can you clarify or elaborate on any of this Morley Robbins? (Unable to tag you for some reason)

  13. Lisa Cowley
    Use of Mag IVs is standard protocol w/ moronic OB's & Maternity wards that IGNORED your Mg & Ceruloplasmin status for 9 months, & then when the XS Unbound Iron builds, it CAUSES Iron-induced Oxidative Stress that leads to pre-Eclampsia & Eclampsia… This ain't Rocket Science, unfortunately…

    As for your specific situation, I would be curious about your "Stress!" level during the pregnancy?, were you taking Pre-natals?, were you ADDING Iron?, what sort of diet?, etc. Yes, it's easy to question MTHR NATURE'S Maggie, but we need to pull the curtain all the way back & let's not forget the toxic, synthetic pitocin as a contributing factor… It's quite hard to know for sure, given the limited info…

    A votre sante!

  14. Jessica Close Rachuba

  15. check out the Spatling studies regarding magnesium and pregnancy!

  16. After coming to this page and reading now for the past 6-7 weeks, I have come to learn that my body has been telling me about my magnesium deficiency for over 20 years! One of the signs is that I had pre-eclampsia with both pregnancies at age 28 and 37. I am now 45. I was on bed rest for the last 2-3 weeks of both. Thankfully I was smart enough to find a good midwife who supported my strong desire for natural childbirth.

    I did take pre-natals with iron for the first pregnancy too—was told I was anemic with #2 and was not taking iron and refused to take it.

    Another interesting thing the midwives noticed about the placenta after both births was that it was very depleted–whatever that means? Basically was told it was barely functioning by the time the babies were born. I read somewhere (wish I had saved it!) that magnesium deficiency can cause that too

  17. Juliet Morgan
    Maybe a bit more than you're willing to read, but Chapters 2-4 will make you an Obstetrical Magnesium expert — compared to your OB… 😉

    The OTHER side to your "Pre-Eclampsia" is XS, Unbound Iron. Please know that there is a MAJOR difference btwn "Iron deficiency" which is VERY rare, and "Iron dysregulation" which you and MOST of the Planet suffers from…

    The management of Iron-induced Oxidative Stress is poorly done in MOST OB suites around the Globe… Maggie helps to keep Oxidative Stress at bay, given the biological antagonism of Mg & Fe in our bodies…

    A votre sante!

  18. Both natural.

  19. Has anyone used adrenal cocktail during labor? I'm thinking it Could help with energy!

  20. Mandy Chadwick
    Please comment on Deborah Collins question ^^^^


  21. Jessica Close Rachuba

  22. Stephanie Davis Garzoli

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