Magnesium and hearing issues


Anyone have hearing issues? Noises are loud to you and not anyone else? Certain tones hurt your ears?

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  1. I saw something on tv about a lady who had that and could hear her heart beat. Noises hurt her ears. she had a tiny hole in the bone in her ear. They had to go in and fix it with surgery.

  2. Sure. I've got sensory processing issues. Certain sounds shut me down, floods my system. The more noise it's like my brain is confetti with the fan on.

  3. Look into sensory processing disorder and pyroluria.

  4. My husband does. Gets startled super easy too.

  5. That is a magnesium deficiency symptom.

  6. Really.?! I have that too..

  7. All the time. I ask servers in restaurant to turn down the music all the time, which pisses off my husband. I hear EVERYTHING! Worst super power ever!

  8. Mo Mag! Any questions?

  9. Hyperacusis

  10. Tinnitus. Helped a bit by Gabapentin – taken for another issue.

  11. Potentially Pyroluria

  12. Yes I have this as well. The thing that drives me crazy is the tv. I always need to lower it but yet I have a difficult time hearing regular conversation.

  13. Anybody read "Highly Sensitive Person" by Elaine Aron, PhD? Explains so much!

  14. I have that and it was esp bad when I had hyperthyroidism.

  15. Yeah- I'm untreated Sub-clinical HypoT, too

  16. Denise Gilde, does that book go into any nutritional stuff? I went to about 6 months of occupational therapy for my Sensory Processing Disorder, best, best, best ever!

  17. Yes sometimes it feels like my ear drums are pounding due to the seemingly loud noise, the same way speakers move/vibrate on high volume. It's weird!

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