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Lately, I am noticing that my heart races immediately taking magnesium, no matter what form I take, even Jigsaw. The only thing that calms it is if I take a vitamin C capsule. Anyone know why? This has not always happened.

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  1. That is a reaction…. Vitamin c is a histamine blocker.. Stop taking the pills. I also ant take these:((

  2. Check mast cell or histamine interlorance..

  3. I don't know but I did the potassium "cream of tartar in juice with Himalayan sea salt this morning and mine went away almost immediately?..I was desperate to try something

  4. Thank you for this post. This happens to me too! I've questioned histamines before. Now I'm really going to look into that further.

  5. Yes I ignored all symptoms and they came to bite me . very bad:( and scary better to manage now before gets out of hand..

  6. This happens to me too! With mag and vitamin c. Why would mag cause a histamine reaction?

  7. I do it with vitamin c

  8. Holly Lerche Mahler. I'm going to do it tomorrow also. Trying for next four days to see if it helps me…..

  9. I think MJ said there are 5 electrolytes we must balance…I have to look them all up …he said we need 4500mg of potassium a day!…I have research to do to find out what that equates to in food etc.

  10. When this happens to me my body is telling me that it needs more potassium and Himalayan Salt. So the AC is a sure thing. Take it at 10am and 2pm.

  11. Sounds like adrenals or a possible allergic reaction. Get a saliva cortisol test to make sure adrenals aren't part of the problem.

  12. Yes, I do potassium & Himalayan salt too but not at the same time of the day as my mag & C

  13. How much magnesium are you taking at once?

  14. Kirstin Herbert when people say it sounds like adrenals does that mean adrenaline gland is over worked or what?( just trying to learn)

  15. Yes Kirstin Herbert…i'd like to know more about adrenals too! I had a bunch of tests done by a chiropractor and apparently he knew nothing…he read the test notes to me…now I have the results without any knowledge or suggestions of what to do

  16. Chiroquacktor

  17. Following xx

  18. Are you new to Mag ? If you are, take Mag in low amounts to just introduce it to the body, a week at a time

  19. I hv the same reaction. Does it mean mag causes a histamine reaction and vit C stops it?

  20. I have been taking mag for a little over a year now. I take about 600 mg/day spread throughout the day. I have recently just started taking the trace minerals potassium drops bcse of heart palpitations I started having , which helps, but I notice more of a "racing" feeling right after taking magnesium. I then take the vitamin C to calm it bcse it is my understanding that mag and potassium should not be taken together. Not sure if how true this is.

    I am about to have a panel testing done to try and pinpoint some things.

  21. Holly Lerche Mahler, 4500 mg of potassium a day? Yikes, I know I probably don't take anywhere near that much per day. Does anyone know how much potassium is in the adrenal cocktail? I'm going to have to get more serious about taking that.

  22. There is no reason that I am aware of to not take both Mg and K at the same time.

  23. Leslie Ridenour _ I understand the RDA for K is 4500mg per day…. from ALL sources and not at one time.

  24. MJ, do you know how much in one adrenal cocktail? I like the taste of coconut water. I'm going to start drinking more.

  25. What form of mag and how much?

  26. I've also read that c can be negative in those w histamine disorders. It either releases histamine or else it blocks dao (enzyme processing for histamine). Can't remember which.

  27. I alternate between Pure Encapsulations Mag/Glycinate, Jigsaw, and I also take Epsom salt baths. Sometimes I use magnesium oil.

  28. Remember that ascorbic acid is not whole food vitamin C. They are quite different.

  29. I use vitamin C by MegaFood

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