Magnesium and menstrual cycles?


Can anyone shed some light on the correlation between magnesium and menstrual cycles? And total sidebar but any correlation with heart palpitations and PMS and or menstruating? sorry gentlemen in the room! I know taking iron is frowned upon in this group but what about during very angry periods? Lately my periods have been literally knocking me on my ass.

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  1. For me really bad cycles were thyroid connected. Sorted thyroid (and associated adrenal issue) and I barely notice my periods now.

  2. I'm a dressing thyroid and according to my thyroid tests everything is "normal". My doctor thinks i'm nuts when I talk "mag advocacy lingo" lol

  3. I tested "normal" as well but after educating myself found that I was far from optimal. Changed drs. and now am with one who is more educated. Endos are the worst. Don't even bother. This is the best resource for thyroid and adrenals that I know.

  4. I have always had many thyroid and auto immune related symptoms. But i'm normal so it can't be that. Insert big eye roll here. It's hard finding someone to get in board with a person who researches and self educates

  5. One Dr. literally patted me on the shoulder and said "its just your age". Wanted to punch him in the face and I'm a pacifist! 🙂

  6. Yup been there a few times. I'm apparently a hypochondriac. Yet they have documentation of my symptoms like my heart beat going wonky

  7. Ya, my blood pressure has always been around 110. Around a year and a half ago it suddenly started to spike, cholesterol shot up too. Dr. just wanted to put me on statins and wouldn't even consider that it might be thyroid related. Grrr. Hope the website helps you, it saved my life.

  8. I notice tachycardia is worse the closer I get to my period.

  9. I have had real bad pms issues all my life and I had Thyroid problems as well, couple of years ago brought major changes to my diet and took some natural supplements and i feel like a brand new person right now.

  10. Have you started the magnesium protocol?

  11. My teen and i started taken borage oil along w mag and D-day is upon us….so far so good, interesting to see what the next few days behold for my teen…

  12. Being anemic can cause heart paps. Have you had an ultrasound?

  13. Ultra sound of what? And I am anemic he's my iron sup. Question during angry periods

  14. Uterine ultrasound

  15. Yes. Also nomal

  16. Personally I'd take the iron long enough to get built back up.

  17. Estrogen dominance goes hand in hand with AF & thyroid dysfunction, i read. And ED=heavy bleeding, episodes of raging anger PMS….maybe research that(?)

  18. Check out the Iodine books.

  19. Same here. What if TSH is close to a 7, but doctors say all other numbers are normal for my thyroid, so I don't need to be treated…and I have elevated iron, heart palps during period. Hope You Can Feel better.

  20. Iron rich foods and vitamin c (to help absorption), and blackstrap molasses to suppliment iron naturally. It's not iron that is bad to take, it's unbound iron in capsules. Food based is good. I know I personally need a lot of it, especially around my period!

  21. I second the blackstrap molasses! (daily) Check iron content…not all are the same. We use Plantation Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses…has 20% iron.

  22. Work on whole food Vitamin C, like fresh squeezed lemon in water to start the day or fresh-squeezed oranges for the adrenal cocktail, to help with iron.

    You want to focus on raising Ceruloplasmin so that copper can work properly as ferroxidase and break down the iron that is already in your body.

    You don't need more iron.
    You have to support your body using what's there to address your anemia.
    (Check B12 and Vit K levels, esp K2, as well. All needed to make and hang onto RBC)

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