Magnesium and pre eclampsia?


I have a rather simple question, but a long back story for the question.

What kind of do they use when you have pre eclampsia?

Here is why I ask, with my first child I had mild pre e. (Protein was 333, cutoff was 300/ BP was only high in the doctors office, but did gain almost 30# in my last month from mostly swelling) after delivery, I was put on a magnesium drip. I kept feeling weird and my bp alarm kept going off for low bp, I kept telling the nurses and it was dismissed. After being off the drip for i think about 3 hours, I was told I could shower, I ended up passing out in the shower and when they got me back into bed, my bp was 68/20 and dropped even lower to 42/12 when they were trying to get an IV back in me. They then tried to raise my bp too quickly resulting in a mini stroke.

I am very Leary about taking magnesium now because of this one experience.

Would this be considered a reaction that warrants avoiding that particular magnesium? Or was it because I was being diffused for 12 hours…


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  1. You should have also been getting thiamine, B6 and electrolytes that work together with magnesium as well.

  2. That's the hard part, I have no idea exactly what I received and I've been fighting, but they won't even release a copy of my med records to me, but that is another story.

  3. Are you asking because you are or want to be pregnant again?
    I have had two mild pre-e pregnancies and am newly pregnant with baby #3.
    I take Active B vitamin complex with extra inositol and choline. I also take potassium.
    I'm also looking for the best form of Mag.
    I currently use Mag Citrate which keeps my BP normal when not PG

  4. It is virtually impossible to have that type of reaction taking oral or transdermal magnesium. That can happen with IV mag because the dose is so much higher. When you take it orally or transdermally, your body eliminates the extra, usually through loose stool.

  5. No, I had no complications with my second. I am asking BC I'm wanting to start taking a mag supplement, and not sure if I need to avoid the kind that is used for pre e, whatever kind that is.

  6. So great to hear it didn't happen again

  7. What is your Magnesium RBC value? That is important to know as well as the other electrolytes.

  8. They give IV magnesium sulfate for pre e. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate but soaking in it will not have the same effect as an IV at all. Your bp may have tanked from adrenal issues

  9. Btw i had preeclampsia at 40 weeks and was induced, but I was never given the IV mag sulfate

  10. Please take a hair mineral test with Morley Robbins ️

  11. I had magnesium Sulfate drips when I was in hospital before I had my baby this year so I would assume it is the same.

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