When I first started investigating magnesium chloride, I came across Ancient Minerals and Zechstein which hold themselves up to be the highest quality, from an impeccable source. Earlier today in a thread, someone mentioned SafeStep 8300 – a source of magnesium chloride that is used to melt street ice in snow-bound areas!

So, my question is – is there a difference? If there are no other additives, are all magnesium chlorides the same? Does the source matter as far as loading up on magnesium in our cells, making mag oil or mag-a-hol, or even dropping a grain or two into drinking water? [Edit: I am referring to the raw material, being magnesium chloride flakes/salt/crystals not the finished products like oils, balms etc]

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  1. I have been wondering this too , given the huge variation in prices.

  2. magnesium chloride is magnesium chloride. Make it yourself it is cheaper

  3. Personally I have tried both and I would say yes. I used the same amount in several ways and have tasted the difference that the more expensive is stronger. In my mag butter the sting is more prevalent. The expensive one reacts differently in my bath bombs evidently stronger. The more expensive has a greater clarity. I prefer the more expensive one knowing I need less of it….

  4. The reason I am asking is that I live in Indonesia and there is a ~30% tax on imported supplements and sometimes more, depending on the customs officer, so there is no easy access to the branded products. There is, however, access to plain packaged magnesium chloride from chemical warehouses. If it's the same stuff, then things look a little rosier!

  5. My favorite dude on Magnesium chloride does not specify a brand or mention a quality issue.

  6. I've been wondering this too having purposely paid extra for what I thought was the good stuff.

    I'm also interested in how it's been harvested – whether it's sustainable etc.

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