Magnesium Citrate and VERTIGO


Magnesium Citrate cured me of debilitating VERTIGO within hours. I had it for 2 years and went to doctor after doctor and couldn’t get rid of it. It was like a miracle when the vertigo just vanished. It’s been 4 months now and I’m still vertigo free! I take it twice a day.

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  1. If you have trouble with loose stools, use Magnesium Chloride, or Magnesium Maliate, or Magnesium Glycinate which are not as apt to cause loose stools.

  2. That's awesome! Congrats!
    I'm trying to find something to get rid of buzzing in ears

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I know some people it may very well help! Thank you!!!!!!

  4. I am starting to wonder if citrate works so well for me because I may have the MTHFR gene? It has given me so much energy, cleared my "foggy head" and I feel like I wake easier and I used to wake and be groggy for hours after, as if I wasn't all the way awake yet. I don't experience that any longer. Nor migraines anymore

  5. When I first started using my CPAP I woke up one morning with severe vertigo. Apparently that's a rare side effect sometimes. I hadn't found this group yet i don't think, but somewhere read that I should take make magnesium for vertigo. I took magnesium malate and it went away by the next day. So maybe it's not so much the magnesium citrate as just Magnesium ?

  6. Keri Lewis how many Mg of mag citrate are you taking per day?

  7. Citrate is IT. Learned and learning from my step daughter.

  8. Again, Mg citrate is NOT recommended as it lowers Ceroluplasmin.

  9. I think everyone just needs to do their own research and do what they believe is best for themselves. I see almost all positive comments concerning the use of magnesium citrate…both short and long term use.

  10. Do you take half a teaspoon twice a day?

  11. I have this exact one!

  12. which form of magnesium is recommended again ?

  13. I will try ,my vertigo comes and goes, right now I have it. Thanks for the input.

  14. It's Gentle & Very Soothing On The Stomach. This Supplement has 100% Cured My Vertigo + My irritable Bowel Syndrome. It Cost Me a Lot 2 Get It Shipped 2 Australia but Hay It's Well Worth It!

  15. i am new to the group, im confused about which magnesium product to use, i was told it may help with my whole host of health problems xx

  16. In the last week or so, I was reading about someone who had trouble going down stairs. It was not necessarily vertigo, but taking a supplement helped. Was it magnesium? Did I read that here? Can't remember. I struggle with balance on stairs. I don't fall….I just think I am going to . Any help would be appreciated.

  17. How much do you take at a time when you take it twice a day? Thanks.

  18. To further support the effectiveness of magnesium, I fight with nerve pain from cervical infusion from a few years ago that affected my arms. I have been on at least a dozen medications with horrible side effects. I take 10 milligrams per pound of body weight each day and he has made a drastic improvement in my symptoms! I also take turmeric and vitamin d3. 🙂

  19. Does it matter if mag is taken in morning or night time?

  20. I take my first dose with my coffee in the morning. Then I take the rest of my doses with my meals and right before bed. I did have to work myself up to that high of a dose because in the beginning I had a little bit of side effects from it. But now it doesn't bother me at all. The biggest challenge is just remembering to get them in throughout the day. But I have no side effects now from taking it only positive. Some people have a problem with their stomach from it. I was told by my doctor to take high absorption 100% chelated buffered magnesium.

  21. I know of another person that takes 2 at that time to get rid of restless leg syndrome and muscle cramping and it works within 15 minutes and helps her sleep. However I do not notice any sense of tiredness even with me taking so much throughout the day.

  22. i have vertigo..

  23. I remember when I wondered that too. It's either they're following it or they are grading our posts really bad lol

  24. This exact product is the only magnesium I can tolerate that takes some of my fibromyalgia pain away. I'm never without it.

  25. Hey Keri my friend has severe vertigo can I friend you ? I'd love for you to talk thank you !

  26. Beatrice Courtel-Purifoy

  27. What is ceruloplasm ?

  28. Ceruloplasmin is very very important. It carries around copper… Without it (or when low) copper becomes "unbound" and causes horrible issues. There is lots in the files about it.

  29. has a recent article on magnesium and the different kinds.

  30. Vassilica Walther Chacon

  31. Might word….worth a try….

  32. So what is the difference between this and the one recommended on the protocol, the jigsaw brand? What is chelated magnesium?

  33. Look at how many likes and comments this post received! Wow, must say something about magnesium citrate and peoples success with it. Very interesting

  34. I take 400 mg. At night to help me sleep and 400 mg. In the morning. .also helps with my digestion! Good stuff!!

  35. Wow, Keri Lewis, that is wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing.

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