Magnesium citrate causing vertigo?


Has anyone had issues with Magnesium citrate causing vertigo?

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  1. Mg citrate is not recommended here.
    Please go to the top of this page and read the Pinned Post. You will find the Magnesium protocol there.

  2. Why wouldn't it be? I'm confused. This is the magnesium advocacy group right?

  3. I understand it's not recommended here but it was used for constipation. The only thing I changed was adding mag citrate and woke up with vertigo.

  4. I don't see anything in the pinned post about citrate magnesium.

  5. I understand the obvious, (diet etc) I was just asking about mag citrate effects, can I do that?

  6. Mag citrate did that to me really badly. It also gave me migraines. This was before I joined this group and learned all about Maggie.

  7. Before I learned about types of Mag I took Citrate just for one time and I had the worst headache and vertigo ever. I have no idea why but I won't touch it ever again

  8. Magnesium citrate, and other forms of Citrate, damages Ceruloplasmin

    The top three things this group is concerned with is achieving adequate magnesium, reducing high iron levels and increasing ceruloplasmin. (Thus the main concern is achieving optimal health by balancing minerals.)

    Because evidence indicates citrate interferes with the production of Ceruloplasmin, it is not recommended here. Some say the amount of citrate you would have to take is quite high BUT why take a chance? Who wants to spend many many months trying to raise ceruloplasmin and then fail just because they took sodium or magnesium citrate? It's difficult enough to avoid citrate without deliberately taking it. (Did you know sodium citrate is usually found in half 'n half? )

  9. I'm just wondering about its tie with vertigo.

  10. The Citrate molecule irritates the bowel and prevents sufficient time for the Mg to get absorbed…And the Citrate molecule CAUSES the Ceruloplasmin protein to LOSE its enzyme function.

    On the mechanism of citrate inhibition of ceruloplasmin ferroxidase activity.

    ~ moderator

  11. It kept me awake! Like only an hour or two of disturbed sleep!

    Glycinate and malate are fine for me though.

  12. Hi all, I'm new here. From everything I have read, it probably dehydrates you (which would account for the vertigo, dizziness and nausea. You might not have had enough water in your system.

  13. It's a laxative. If you are taking much and having results then your electrolytes could be out of balance.

  14. I've taken magnesium citrate for years…no wonder I feel so bad.

  15. What tests do you need to do to see if you have low bioavailable copper? I suffer from severe lightheadedness and vertigo.

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