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Magnesium Citrate. Went looking for some at Target today. When I needed help finding it, the pharmacist found a bottle of mag citrate in liquid form. I didn’t think to ask for a powder or pill because I didn’t know what form it was supposed to come in when I was in the store.

then I came home and read the fine print that it is “lemon flavored”.

It’s the target brand. It was less than $1 so if it’s not good, at least I’m not out much.

do I drink the stuff per the instructions on the bottle or should I follow different instructions, since I’m trying to use it regularly, not as a one time fix?

Can I use it topically?


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  1. well,its a laxative,if you want pain relieve you use Epson Salts..which is Magnesium and it can be drank for laxative no flavor..or body soak

  2. your body is going to absorb Thur your skin..If you take Calcium you need Magnesium for a simulation.

  3. I take 400 mg of Magnesium Citrate 2 times a day. It has no laxative effects on me. It CAN be a laxative depending on how much you take.

  4. How many milligrams does each dosage have? You will want to spread it out over the day.

  5. It says active ingredient is magnesium citrate 1.745 per fl oz

    but it says the magnesium content is 290mg per 1 fl oz and sodium is 45 mg per 1 fl oz

    I'm seeing other ingredients as well, such as citric acid and lemon oil and polyethylene glycol and sodium bicarbonate and sodium saccharin and sucrose (and water)

    Wish I hadn't been in such a hurry and just accepted the first thing he handed me. grrr…. I feel like this is not what you guys were talking about when you said you use mag citrate. 🙁

  6. Ellie, trust me when I tell you that if you take that as per instructed on that bottle you are going to have the WORST night of your life lol Normally liquid mag citrate is ordered by a doc for use the night before a variety of medical procedures. It is going to "clean" you out, not to mention it tastes horrible.

  7. yeah, the dose is the whole bottle. I think I'll keep it in my med cabinet for a true emergency. Don't need to be causing myself unnecessary pain 😉

  8. I just wish I had gone to the store better informed. Live and learn . At least it was cheap stuff or I'd be kicking myself.

  9. If you are looking for magnesium citrate as an ongoing supplement, I definitely recommend Natural Calm powder or a pill form 🙂

  10. Hate it when they add glycol (anti freeze) to anything

  11. The polyethylene glycol is a laxative, that has been found to cause the death of brain cells..
    So this isn't a good one, that along with then saccharin makes it horrible.

    Have you read this yet?

  12. Ellie, you made a PERFECT choice, here are your instructions.
    I get the impression that a lot of you are likely to be low in Magnesium.
    A 500mg magnesium Citrate tablet will give you EIGHTY mg of elemental magnesium. Swanson's 225mg tablet will give you 35mg of Magnesium. So a guy would need almost a dozen of them to get 400mg of Magnesium.
    And there is a big difference between a tablet and Natural Calm. Because a serving of it can give 208mg.
    Ellie, I have advised my sister to use the colonoscopy prep solution. Like what you found. She can get a 10 ounce bottle of it from the Dollar Tree for….a dollar. One ounce of it will give about 280mg of elemental magnesium, a little less than the 310 for adult women. Mix it into a drink solution of about two quarts, consume it through the day. Easy enough with portion control. A tablespoon is 15cc's, so two of them is an ounce.
    An ounce of it in two quarts of most any flavoring, she just adds lemon juice to help cut down on the prospects of kidney stones. She gets a 32 ounce bottle of generic lemon juice for…a dollar, too.
    A ten ounce bottle of the Mag Citrate is good for about 10 days for a woman. Adding a teaspoon (5cc) more of the solution would add another 47mg of magnesium. Giving 329 mg, a bit over the RDA. If it's divided over the day, you will get your requisite Magnesium, and you are not likely to have loose stools. It's an ounce, not ten. It's a bit less than your RDA, rather than many times over. Along with taking it over the day, rather than the half, to complete bottle, as one dose.
    Yep, if you were to take 5, or the full 10 ounces at one time, you would need to stay near the toilet.

  13. ^so much wrong there.
    To start with, you posted a link to a different product. The one the OP bought has another laxative ingredient in it, and is bad to take, in any amount.

    This group recommends much more magnesium than the RDAs you mention (5mg x body weight in lbs a day, so a 100 pound person needs 500mgs of mag. That is just to maintain current levels, to raise them you need a higher ratio)

    The amount of mag in pills you were somewhat right on.. But yes, you need to look at the ELEMENTAL magnesium in it. For example Swanson magnesium malate is 1000mg of Magnesium Malate in one pill, this is equal to 200mg of elemental magnesium in each pill.
    So only two to reach 400mg, not a dozen.. It depends on the source though, but liquid isn't always better.

  14. Yup I drank a bottle of that stuff. Very strong laxative!! If you drink it you must be home for quite a while very near a bathroom.

  15. Wrong? Don't think so. She indicated that it was magnesium citrate, with 292mg elemental magnesium. I mentioned the Dollar Tree product because they are typically more available. But for you, here's the Target product. SAME contents, a penny less in price. There is NOT "another laxative ingredient in it". It's a standard, generic, prep. I am very aware of the need for more than the "R.D.A.". When Ronna says she takes 400mg of magnesium citrate twice a day, OF COURSE there are no laxative effects. Because she will have gotten maybe a third of the RDA.
    Baby steps are obviously called for, and better reminding that the critical item is the amount of elemental magnesium, and absorption, rather than just an overall number.

  16. Speaking of such things. The mention was made about 200mg of magnesium in 1000mg of Swanson's Magnesium Malate. I know the product says that. But I'd be interested in knowing how that number was verified. In fact, I regularly encourage 4 of them, as the minimum, for fibromyalgia patients I deal with "in real life".

  17. I like doctors best also

  18. What you posted has no polyethylene glycol in it, She posted the other ingredients saying it was in there. DIFFERENT PRODUCT. READ! Wrong. Then you post one that doesn't show the other ingredients at all..
    Polyethylene glycol is a laxative known as miralax.

    Science tells you how much magnesium is in it. There will always be X amount of magnesium bound to X amount of malic acid. 20% is magnesium.

  19. It is the Up&Up mag citrate in this link:

    I'm a bit overwhelmed by the info, but I'll keep trying to sort it out/. thanks everyone 🙂

  20. If I were to take this product, I would take 1/4 of the recommended minimum amount in order to avoid the laxative effect and benefit from improved Mg. The ingredients and dosing info is not available on that site.

  21. Okay, the one I cant find any more ingredient details in. (grr target)
    The extra miralax in it is the worrying part.

  22. Has the question been answered? The colonoscopy prep solution can certainly be used for something other than what it was packaged for. Correcting a magnesium deficit, rather than causing an excess. There has been discussion of other items, that can cause loose stools. Easy enough to ask the pharmacist to look over the ingredients to make sure there aren't any. Because we don't want you to decide that the magnesium is a problem. Brandon's concerns are very valid, and I share them. That's why I gave the Dollar Tree listing, because I had checked for that sort of thing. If it had been pills, I would have complained about Magnesium Stearate, which slows product disintegration and absorption.

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