Magnesium-deficiency often causes Potassium-deficiency


Have been doing the reading. Have i gotten this right?

Magnesium-deficiency often causes Potassium-deficiency, due to Magnesium being a key step in the Potassium-metabolism.

Both Caffeine and megadosing Vitamin D/Hormone D causes wasting of Magnesium and Potassium.

Low Potassium causes similiar symptoms as Magnesium, that is, fatigue, weakness, heart palpitations, depression/anxiety, hypoglycemia et cetera.

Supplementing Magnesium is necessary to normalize Potassium, however, taking high-dose Magnesium on it’s own can dump Potassium, which is why you take the Adrenal Cocktail to balance it out and get both. The Adrenal Cocktail basically uses Cream of Tartar as an Potassium-supplement, and you achieve electrolyte-balance, that is – sufficient Magnesium, balanced with Potassium.

Right or wrong?

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  1. Yep sums it up I think.

  2. I'm understanding the same things, but the only thing that still is not clear to me is why magnesium dumps potassium (and sodium I might add) when supplementing mag? I know it's true because I crashed after being supplementing mag for a while and feeling much better since introducing the AC

  3. if COT not agreeable, may we safely utilize Potassium Bicarbonate, say from a wine making supply house, or on Amazon ..? -thanks

  4. Wrong. . (Imho)The purpose of the protocol is to raise magnesium levels. .. "magnesium advocate"… to do this effectively, potassium is increased as well so as seek a corresponding balance between the two and avoid conditions/symptoms of imbalance of these major electrolytes/minerals. It is not about potassium metabolism, it is about raising magnesium levels. magnesium is vital to so many enzymatic processes etc. 300+…. it is also about getting closer to optimal levels of iron, copper, zinc, etc… the overall effect is improved function of the entire body at a cellular level…. avoiding diseases that result due to magnesium difficiency, iron toxicity, and impaired liver function (cerruluplasmin…sp?)… as it relates to the body's production of SOD… super oxide dismutase… and atp function…at least as I understand it. 🙂

  5. Another question could adding in potassium cause low sodium high magnesium and high anti directic hormone ?

  6. I still don't understand how 1/2 t of cream of tartar twice daily is enough potassium to balance mag, sodium when the RDA of potassium is so high!!! and when you keep
    Increasing magnesium, shouldn't you have to increase potassium?

  7. Henrik, sounds like yes to me. Potassium in COT is not enough though, i would be eating a bowl of veges for more potassium, magnesium, and so many other stuff.

  8. MJ – I have been unable to tolerate the Adrenal Cocktail due to apparent low stomach acid. Do you recommend that I take ACV first? I am also taking a potassium supplement and drink a lot of coconut water and feel fine. I have been on the Mg protocol for about 2 years, w/o doing the AC. What do you advise?

  9. My brain fog is real. I just put 1/2 tsp of COT in my orange juice. I'm I in trouble? Do I need to do some thing to off set it or do I just ride it out?

  10. I believe that what Tonya Alt (sorry, no tag) just wrote above was the missing link for me:
    "Magnesium depletes sodium though.. If it goes too low, you can't keep potassium in cells."
    Thank you Tonya for clearin this confusion (one more time)

  11. Get tested first.

  12. You can supplement magnesium, and get potassium from coconut water, and some foods.. the adrenal cocktail is not for everyone, so I get potassium from coconut water, etc. Get copious amounts of sea salt, minerals as well. Keep them all up. Sea salt, not white table salt!

  13. If i understand correctly, mg and k are in the cells while ca and na are outside thus mg and k prevent ca and na from getting into cells. If the cell pH are optimised, the electrolites and minerals will be optimally balanced..

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