Magnesium in Pregnancy. Is it Safe to Take Supplements?


I tried to ask this on our sister page but no one had answers. What part of the mag protocol is safe to take during pregnancy? DE, clo, iodine, taurine, bee pollen, rice bran, forms of magnesium, liver tablets??
I realise food sources are best buts it’s not cost efficient for me to buy seaweed every day. Can I do adrenal cocktails? TY

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  1. Please use the search engine in the group. This is a very common question. In the files are articles by Mandy Chadwick.

  2. You do not need fresh seaweed. A pound of good seaweed is inexpensive and we only need 1/2 to 1 tsp a day. Much safer than isolated Iodine.
    Please go to FILES and read Mandy's article on Pregnancy, too.

    Did you ask on Mag~nificient Mommies? How long did you wait for a response?

  3. No detox while pregnant. So no DE, no rice bran. Clo is reduced to 1 or 2 capsules daily as there are risks associated with too much vitamin A.

  4. I would increase magnesium as pregnancy is a mag deprived state.

  5. Definitely yes to the ac. Yes to everything in the protocol with the exceptions noted.

  6. I take cod liver oil (1-2 tsp), desiccated liver, taurine, vitamin C. I was about to order the rice bran until I read this. I'm 14 weeks pregnant & nursing a 16 month old

  7. Since I am not well educated in that area, here is a page that may be…sorry…

  8. Kylee Lewicki

  9. Or follow the recommendations. Nutrition and rest is most important in pregnancy.

  10. Do you need to take folate supplement?

  11. Kylie Lee Reale sister page?

  12. Mag-nificiant mummys Ann agent

  13. Is
    Perfect desiccated liver capsules ok during pregnancy?

  14. Are you following the magnesium protocol or Root Cause?

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