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My doctor’s office just called me with the news that I am anemic, first time in my life. He wants me to cut back on my magnesium intake, any thoughts about what could be triggering this?

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  1. Good info Joni Knox! Thank you. Any advice on which whole food vit C to use? Would a tincture of rose hips work?

  2. Take in molasses, liver and vit c whole food

  3. B12, B6 and follate acid deliver iron to your system efficiently. The biochemistry of this boils down to "eat your greens" or your iron won't get where it needs to go.

  4. cook with cast iron pots, natural old school,

  5. What Whole foods Vit C do you recommend?

  6. I echo Gretchen Ross & Joni Knox! the only reason anyone is typically low in iron is because they are low in B-12 and vitamin C. I just had a male client who had high iron levels 9which is not so good for males) and he went off his high dowe of vitamin C to bring his iron down. I agree magnisium is hardly the problem.

  7. I use:
    ~ Pure Synergy, Pure Radiance C (either powder or capsules)
    ~ Innate Response Formula, Vitamin C-400 mg tablets

  8. I also have whole rosehips to grind up and add to water, but admittedly, I don't like this as much as the above ^^^ unless, MJ, or someone can tell me it's a better option. (I can't seem to tag MJ today.)

  9. Thanks for the great information Joni.

  10. Restless legs can be a magnesium deficiency! Also, if B12 checks out OK (and it should be 800 or more if you're not supplementing…higher if you are) parasites may also be a cause of anemia…and they're more common than you might think.

  11. Shonda 'Ferguson' Andrews interesting info

  12. Nicholas you definitely want to narrow down the cause of anemia. You need to do actual iron studies, including iron, ferritin, transferrin saturation, TIBC, and in addition to that you want to do a zinc copper panel since copper is intricately involved in iron absorption and transport. Those would be serum copper plasma zinc ceruloplasmin AND RBC copper and zinc. You will also want to rule out pernicious anemia by doing B12 and MMA (methylmalonic acid) as well as folate.

    I have a FB friend who was anemic who had IBD and had been taking zinc. He got this testing and found out his copper and cp had dropped significantly. This was also after he'd had iron infusions. Please check that.

    I am not minimizing the importance of ruling out internal bleeding, and certainly an occult blood test would not be out of order especially if you have a personal or family history of gastrointestinal cancer or IBD. H.pylori can also cause anemia even without having an ulcer and about half of people carry this bacteria. If you have had 23andme, check your FUT2 status. If you have this mutation, you are more likely to be resistant to h.pylori.

  13. mag citrate caused me to feel fatigued and foggy headed. i didn't realize that was the cause until I switched to Glycinate.

  14. Thanks all for the information, you've given plenty to look into and think about before I talk to my doctor next. Never ceases to amaze me by the amount of knowledge and support you can find on a Facebook group.

  15. Morley says that citrate doesn't raise cellular magnesium levels- you want a different form.
    But it's not going to effect iron / anemia in a negative way. This once again proves that western med doctors know NOTHING about minerals.

  16. I thought I would ask the obvious question and that is: How's your digestion & body pHs. No good playing around with everything else if these areas are not where they should be. You need quite a narrow band of pH in order to assimilate Iron. Anywhere outside of 6.0 to 7.0 pH and you won't pick up much of it regardless 🙂

  17. If your blood ph is outside of 6 or 7 won't you be dead?

  18. Add some rosehips and you'll rock.

  19. I'm not talking about blood pH Kevin. This will never change. As per attached image. I'm talking about total body pH (formula on image).

  20. Here's a funny one. Anemia is the most common side effect of a gluten sensitivity. Now that's weird eh?

  21. ..and many food sensitivities are simply digestive issues, not food sensitive issues 🙂

  22. "Iron and ascorbic acid form a potentially toxic cocktail"

  23. So what do we take with our iron?

  24. What is recommended here is
    wholefood vitamin C, either as real food, uncooked
    blackstrap molasses, and/or
    red beets

  25. Molasses is high in vit C??

  26. NO!! wholefood vitamin C plus at least one of the other three

  27. Uncooked liver???

  28. Raw foods containig vitamin C. Either cook the liver (recipes in Photos > Albums) or freeze it and cut off chunks to eat

  29. Well an update on the situation. The doctor ordered a more blood work to gain a further understanding about what could be contributing to the issue of anemia. Both Ferritin (73.7: 15-400) and Iron (54: 50-212) were on the lower end of normal. Vit B12 was also on the lower end of normal (308: 200-1000). Have more numbers including UIBC and TIBC if that would be of benefit.

  30. I've read that B12 under 500 is considered low. Did they test iron saturation?

  31. Per Morley
    o Serum Iron?…

    o Serum Ceruloplasmin?…

    o Transferrin: % Saturation?…

    o TIBC?…

    If the others ^^^^ are NORMAL (within Range), which they usually are, then what you've got is a clinical sign of Copper deficiency, as Ferritin is a very sensitive Iron storage protein that is Copper dependent. And the fatigue is coming from a decrease in the production of ATP (Complex IV of the ETC inside your Mitochondria), and NOT a failure to bind Oxygen to the Hemoglobin…

    Do NOT accept a Ferritin reading as an "adequate" measure of your Iron status. It is a Copper-dependant protein, and when it's LOW, as it is on MOST people, it is from Copper deficiency – NOT necessarily from "Iron deficiency…"

    It's worth noting, by the way, that the production of Heme, is Copper-dependent, as well… Iron is NOTHING in the human body without its BIG brother Copper…

    What to do?…

    Increase your intake of whole Vit-C (NOT Ascorbic Acid!) to ~800mgs per day and eat Beef Liver cooked in bacon grease with onions — just like your grandparents did every week… That food has an ideal balance of Copper x3C> Zinc x3C> Iron to restore these vital minerals.

    What NOT to do?…

    Do NOT take an Iron IV — it will TOTALLY shut down your Copper metabolism and create havoc with your Liver and detox pathways…

    Intriguing when you realize that the ORIGIN of "leaky gut" is learning that excess, unbound (to Cp) Copper punches holes in our gut!…

    So the very cause of poor absorption of Copper is, in fact, from the very same mineral that travels in excess when the Liver cannot produce sufficient levels of Ceruloplasmin (Cp)…

    Talk about a "Catch-22!"

  32. Iron SerPL (54: 50-212)
    UIBC Meas SerPL (273: 155-355)
    TIBC Ser QN (327: 250-400)
    % Saturation (17: 15-55)

  33. "Iron anemia is a clinical sign of Copper deficiency…" PERIOD.

    Pls provide the phone # of that Idiopath:_________

    A votre sante!

  34. Genelle do you recommend any particular brand of Whole Vit C? Prefer something grain, egg, dairy, and yeast free, I adhere to a fairly strict whole foods diet. Could I cook my liver in Ghee?

  35. Yes, you can cook the liver in ghee.

  36. There are four brands of wholefood vitamin C that have been vetted and that Morley recommends. The list is in FIles.

  37. MJ, I must be overlooking it, I scrolled through and searched anything related to Vitamin C. Do you know the name of the file?

  38. Per Moley – from our book we are doing these are the whole c recommended
    Wholefood Vitamin C Complex

    The vast majority of "Vit-C" sold and used in America/ the World is actually Ascorbic Acid, which is onlt 1/6th of the Vitamin that Albert Zvent-Gyorgi. PhD won the Nobel Prize for.
    What you need is wholefood Vit-C COMPLEX"

    o Grown By Nature
    o Garden of Life
    o Innate Response (capsules, not powder)
    o Mega Foods
    o Standard Process (Cataplex C)

    Yes, it makes a world of difference INSIDE your body and INSIDE your cells…..

  39. I could never find the C file either…seems missing

  40. Thanks, Genelle Young!

  41. I HATE those files 😉

  42. I value the quality of information in FILES and deeply appreciate the time and effort a member, Joanne Lalonde, invested in providing us this Master Index.

    Just Preview the Index, find the FIle you want to read, click on it and you will go to the file. Easy peasy

  43. Thank god for that – i think this should be in the pinned post at the top…..

  44. It is easy to find in both FILES and Photos > Albums.

  45. Sorry, I'm great on the web, also very appreciative, but looked several times for recommended C brands and never found it. Thanks for pointing out the index.

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