Magnesium oil or magahol?


From experience which is more effective magnesium oil or magahol?

Where are the best places on the body to put it and how long till you usually feel it’s effect?

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  1. Hi Alex. I am a massage therapist, and find Mag-A-Hol more appealing for a variety of reasons.
    I find it has a silkier cohesive quality than Magnesium oil, providing a smoother glide.
    It evaporates quicker too.
    Even though Magnesium oil does have a bit of a slippery oily feeling, it is still drippy, so I find it a bit messier to handle.
    I found a small spray bottle at the Dollar Tree that I like to put the Mag-A-Hol in, as it makes a fine mist, as opposed to a squirting stream of liquid.
    The soles of the feet are a great place to begin application of Mag-A-Hol or Magnesium Oil. The bottom of the foot is one of the most vascularized regions in the human body, which helps in delivering absorbed fluids into the body. The skin is thicker here. There are fewer nerves here that would 'itch' or 'sting' if you have sensitive skin. The palms of the hands have a similar advantage with nervation.
    I find that Mag-A-Hol is absorbed into the skin quickly, more so than Magnesium Oil.
    With Mag-A-Hol, I often get quick and positive feedback, as achiness and general pains seem to quickly dissipate in the nearby sites of application with massage. 🙂

  2. me too … magahol

  3. Ok good info. Idk if I would be able to handle it on my feet. My feet are extremely out of this world ticklish. If a tip of a finger touches my foot I squirm lol

  4. So I am thinking of using safe step 8300 for soaking and ancient minerals magnesium flakes for magahol

  5. Great choices, Alex.

  6. I do like the oil too, but Mag-a-hol works way faster for me. 🙂

  7. Alex Wojcik. I made magnesium body butter out of safe step 8300 and 100 proof vodka last night. Turned out great.

  8. So I guess the magnesium negates the inflammatory effects of the alcohol

  9. What is Magahol?

  10. Following

  11. If you aren't taking the mag-a-hol for painful muscles but as a means of getting your magnesium then I suggest mag-a-win or my rocket fuel

  12. What is magawin and rocket fuel

  13. So magawin is remag?

  14. No. mag a win uses mag a hol… it's in the file i posted

  15. In the process of making magahol, there is a bit of material that doesn't go into solution. Has anybody done an assay to determine the amount of elemental lead? I decant it very carefully, because it doesn't have the same apparent alcohol solubility of Magnesium Chloride, But I'd like to know what it is that I've put aside as a contaminant.

  16. I would put it on any large muscles; upper arms, trapezius muscles on neck & back. Because muscles are rich in blood supply and it will be taken into the body better that way. I put mine in a spray bottle so it's easier to use. Most everyone here says bottom of feet for quicker absorption, but with the ticklish issue, go for large muscles.

  17. Mag a hol, of course.

  18. Dear MAG-A-HOLICS,

    Thanks for all your feedback and kind words about MAG-A-HOL.

    An observation which may help you.

    I have found that different people react to MAG-A-HOL differently.
    Actually what I found after its usage for 8 months is, My whole body does not react to MAG-A-HOL like giving itching or scratching etc but when I put it on my back, I have some itching.
    Actually a person's body regions react differently to MAG-A-HOL.!!

    But what I can tell you with certainty is that your Pain Medications all will stop.
    You are healthy, alert, your memory power is restored, health is restored and actually your skin wrinkles, bulged veins etc will disappear.
    I have spirit of the same man when I was at 25.!!
    I am now 65 years Young!!

  19. My bulged veins are my last issue to be solved. They are in the legs and they are not tiny spiderwebs, but cobras twisted around my legs! With only 36 years old!
    I.havent tried mag a hol yet, but after your suggestion i.will! Thanks Hemant!

  20. Ger Ison I have lumpy veins on the shin of one of my legs. I have been rubbing mag a hol in twice a day for about 6 weeks now. A huge improvement and all the pain has gone. Im so thrilled as my leg ached all day and was really getting me down.

  21. That' s encouraging!

  22. So sorry for the stupid question, do you have to make it or can you buy it? Is there a video on how to make it?

  23. Stephanie Ross,
    You need to make it yourself.
    Check the files and you have a recipe to make MAG-A-HOL.
    There is a video link also.

  24. Thank you! Where do I get the flakes?

  25. Can I use this for my everyday source of magnesium or is it just for pain?

  26. I have been using it as my everyday source of Magnesium .
    I do not take any supplements of Magnesium anymore and it has been over six months now.
    I take MAG-A-HOL and its New Avatar for internal consumption MAGAWIN.

  27. Hi Hermant! I am new to the group and to magnesium for that matter, could you explain "its new avatar for internal consumption MAGAWIN."

  28. Where can we buy the flakes?

  29. I've got sore spot on top of my head, thought it was from hair being turned the wrong way while sleeping (I've got really short hair) didn't realized until I had a deep tissue massage, but that was before Christmas and I still have tender spots. Can I put Mag A Hol on my scalp and then wash my hair?

  30. Sure .Wash the scalp, massgae on head.
    Warning : Do not fall asleep after the bath.
    You are likely to get up after a long sleep.
    Sharo Sharon Merryman Vanlandingham.

  31. Maybe I should wait and do it before bed specially since I can't seem to get a good nights sleep anymore.

  32. Hermant where are the files? How do I get to them so I don't bother people with questions that have already been asked?

  33. I spent months using Ancient Minerals, and because I'm stubborn and cheap, I wanted to finish the bottle before making a batch of MAG-HOL – had ordered the Mg flakes and bottle long ago. Well, symptoms of low mag have gotten SO horrendous lately, I finally made the MAG-HOL this week and low and behold it's vastly superior to A.M. – IMHO. It did not completely eliminate my symptoms (spasms/tics), BUT, it didn't sting as much as A.M., soaked into my skin almost immediately, a plus when you want to get your clothes on as fast as possible, here in the NE. Also been soaking feet in epsom salt baths too, a very big help. I'm eliminating 10,000 mg D, starting today and praying my low Mg symptoms abate as they cause me severe insomnia due to bodily tics/spasms. HIGHLY reccomend MAG-HOL! I buy my flakes from Amazon, company name: Bulk Supplements, can also order cobalt blue or amber spray bottles there too, I recc the 4oz. Good luck!

  34. Michelle Nestrovich – near the top of this page you will links to Files and Photos. The recipes are also in Photos > Albums > Mag-A-Hol

  35. Thank you MJ Hamp!

  36. Ancient minerals magnesium flakes say 47% magnesium chloride by weight….so what is the other 53%

  37. Alex Wojcik – why not ask Ancient Minerals about their product?

  38. I did yesterday haven't gotten a response still

  39. Emily are the mag flakes you got at Amazon really clean? And am I correct to say that you found them better thAn ancient minerals? I thought they were the gold standard!!

  40. That's from the producer in zechstein

  41. Is mag ahol something you make yourself or buy?

  42. Trish Brocar Mastriano – please read the three links in this thread to learn about Mag-A-Hol.

  43. A reminder that if anyone has trouble seeing a panel, like the recent one regarding magnesium oil, there is an easy answer. While pressing your "Control" key, push the "+" key to enlarge the image.
    Just reminding, and being thankful to the person that told me, a long time ago.

  44. Thank you!

  45. Michelle yes flakes from Bulk Supplements were clean, got them via Amazon. I use a number of their supplements and have been very pleased with quality. good luck!

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