Magnesium Stearate is not good for us


I know I saw mention by someone here that Magnesium Stearate is not good for us. I know nothing about that and have tried to research a little bit but I’m wondering…. does that mean that STEARIC ACID is also bad and I should try to avoid in supplements?

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  1. I guess we really have to filter what we ask now, this comes across a bit rude mj..some people can;t remember things, get confused, have trouble with files..The caring and openess of the group seems to be falling..sad..I have learned so much but some people , maybe for reasons unknown, ask questions that have been addressed before and seem to be put down…are repeated threads such a problem that it comes across as uncaring..just had to vent…

  2. Agreed, Karen!!

  3. Magnesium stearate has never been shown to be harmful. Both magnesium and stearic acid are found in significant quantities in the body naturally. Mercola is retarded for propagating F.U.D. (fear, uncertainty, disinformation) about magnesium stearate…

  4. And I don't think MJ came across rude at all. Perhaps your just sensitive today?

    I'd suggest a good adrenal stress supplement such as Adrenaplex from Terry Naturally.

  5. OK… I will delete my comment. I do not know how to make the statement " The Mg stearate used as a flowing agent to fill capsules is not a problem. " more caring and less rude.

  6. You just did, MJ. Just sayin’ ✌️

  7. Best to test your adrenals first, before just supplementing!

  8. A little tyrosine and thyroxine free bovine adrenal never hurt nobody. :-*

  9. Not sensitive at all Monte! Just don't want people being turned off by some of the comments, and I won't be by yours!

  10. If you have Thyroid issues, it very well could. 🙂

  11. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned magnesium stearate at all. I want to know if stearic acid is of concern if it is listed as an ingredient. Nickan is your comment regarding Stearic Acid?

  12. No, sorry Monica Murray Karafotis. I think your question is good though!

  13. MJ ..the statement was " this question has been asked many times before"..just don't want people hesitating when they have concerns..

  14. I agree with Karen Hurlburt-Bell People wouldn't be asking their questions here if they could find the answer already… even if it has been asked before, it may not have been asked in a way that seemed to apply to them, or stated in a way they understood. If we ran classrooms like that – by saying things like "this has been asked and answered many times before

  15. I don't need to jump into this discussion about redundant questions really (I wasn't offended in any way) but just in general I think all questions should be okay to ask. The culture of Facebook groups is such that if its a boring question/topic only those also interested will chime in with whatever info they feel might be relevant and all others can simply ignore. Thanks! 🙂

  16. I've read many times in my researching on magnesium stearate that it lessens the potency/effectiveness the supplement which is my concern.

  17. I have NOT read or heard of anything horrible about Mag Stearate. It prevents compounds from sticking to the machinery that makes end products like Vitamins.

  18. Referring to every single item located on supplement labels in the "other ingredients" (including magnesium stearate and Stearic acid)
    Look at the MSDS which is the chemical analysis and it is FACT! It is not an opinion! Before chemicals can be released on the market they must be tested first. Companies will tell you they are used to coat the tablets to prevent them from sticking together and binding up the machinery but that doesn't mean they are not toxic! If a company tells you these "other ingredients" are not toxic, ask for the information in writing! You will never receive the requested information. As the owner of a health food store, I never guided people towards products with other ingredients and I certainly will not take them myself.
    In general, I have read more poor supplement recommendations on this site than good ones. Get the facts, not opinions!
    Looks for supplements that are
    FREE of synthetics
    Free of "other ingredients"
    Good health to you all!
    MSDS magnesium stearate link
    MSDS stearic acid link

  19. To which comment is this ^ a response?

  20. My comment is a response to the original question about Magnesium stearate and stearic acid. In addition, I have provided FACTS for people who are guiding others to take supplements with "other ingredients" that can cause health issues. Once again, the MSDS links on magnesium stearate and stearic acid are FACTS not an opinion!

  21. Still not understanding… where did you post the facts, and which supplements with "other ingredients" are you refering to? other supplements in general, elsewhere, or on this thread? Just not understanding your comment within the context of this thread.

  22. The MSDS (material safety data sheet) is the chemical analysis and it is fact.

    MSDS magnesium stearate link

    MSDS stearic acid link

    I am referring to ALL supplements! Look at the "other ingredients" and pull up the MSDS for every single ingredient listed there.
    Pictured is an example of a supplement with fillers and toxic other ingredients.

  23. An example of a clean supplement- in the other ingredients there is nothing more than a vegetable capsule.
    I hope you find this helpful

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