Magnesium supplement for a 4 year old child?


What magnesium supplement do you recommend for a 4 year old child? He reacts to epsom salt baths. He’s got lots of food allergies so definitely need some kind of supplement

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  1. grown by nature 🙂

  2. tagged you in a post from yesterday, same topic 🙂

  3. I reacted to the Epsom Salts as well… switched very quickly to Magnesium Flakes from Ancient Minerals and then started supplementing with the oil (with allergies, it is very likely LO has leaky gut so transdermal is best to begin) later added in capsules when gut could handle them. Have been doing great.

  4. It's going to be important to work on sulfation issues too.

  5. He probably has a mthfr genetic variation that makes him react to sulfur. It also affects methylation which causes him to need more B vitamins and in different forms. That being said, my4 year old grandson handles mag glycinate well. Not very tasty, though when you dump it out of capsules. We need to make some mag gummies

  6. MJ Hamp How do we work on sulfation issues?

  7. Thank you, Morley Robbins! I have another question….What about those of us who have been working on "unclogging the bottleneck" but are still having problems. How do we get "unstuck"? I've been at this for 30 years and am still very very stuck with this sulfation issue.

  8. Thank you all! He is very sensitive to salicylates among other things. He's been on the feingold diet for two years. Also gfcfsf among many many more things. The only fruit he can have daily is canned pears. He can only handle carrots a couple times a week. Lindy Shay – I use brown rice flour to make his waffles (he eats two in the morning and one at night before bed). He also eats a pizza crust I make with brown rice flour twice a week. He doesn't drink anything other than water (use arrowhead bottled water). I'll need to get him tested for it. So frustrating because he can't do any other gluten free flour.

  9. Deb
    Quite unexpectedly, I spent the morning seeking to better understand the PST Pathway and the related metabolic activities… I am stunned by how inter-related these issues are and how Copper (Toxicity AND Deficiency) play into them.

    I'd say I'm a week away from being comfortable to make some declarations… Please set your clock and remind me of my commitment. Me thinks that folks are gonna be shocked by what's going on…

    A votre sante!

  10. Interested to hear more Morley Robbins! My other blood tests should be back soon, but I definitely still have something going on. Not getting the relief I'd hoped for… So I'm overmethylating or under or have pyroluria or???

  11. Mag a hol sprayed on the soles of the feet before bed

  12. Mega Mag in water

  13. Andrea Wright Crisp
    As soon as the other blood work comes in, let's chat… Likely I'll be that much more prepared.
    (Dancin' as fast as I can… 😉 )


  14. Thank you. Much appreciated.

  15. REacting to ES baths usually indicates sulphate deficiency and need to work up very slowly on the dose. This has some good information on why.

  16. That is very helpful, Katie Fisher. Thank you!

  17. Thanks Katie!

  18. Thank you so much Lindy Shay

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