Magnesium supplementation and empty stomach?


Is magnesium supplementation better on a empty stomach?
I believe my high grain diet is causing absorption issues!

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  1. Take it how you want it. With a meal will prevent stomach irritated

  2. Are you taking magnesium co-factors as well?

  3. Your digestive incapacity will be causing your absorption issues 🙂

  4. Pink Himalyan salt is not sodium its minerals are you having problems w potassium levels creatinine ???

  5. KimMarie Ranieri – Pink Himalayan Salt is sodium chloride with a small amount of trace minerals.

  6. Mark Hathaway, if one has digestive incapacity and is too weak for a good digestive cleanse, how would they go about getting the benefits of supplements to regain strength? I know magnesium can be applied dermally but what about it's cofactors and other needed minerals and vitamins?

  7. Hi Sheree, I'm not sure what you mean by digestive cleanse?

  8. By absorption I mean minerals are binding to other substances. I understand phytic acid in food can cause major issues!

  9. Okay, let me rephrase my question, Mark. What would you suggest a patient that has digestive incapacity do to increase their absorption of minerals/vitamins? I understand that they would need to improve their digestive capabilities but in the mean time, to get nutrients into them ASAP, is there a way to do that?

  10. high grain diets do that, grain free really is best

  11. I suspect your high grain diet might cause absorption issues.

  12. Sheree Tompkins – that is where sublingual and transdermal application of nutrients becomes important.

  13. Can I go overboard with the oil?

  14. this is why looking into the diet becomes important. a high CA/MG ratio stands for sugar and carbohydrate issues. if extreme hypoglycemia is on. knocking against it with the MG-hammer might not be the best idea alone.

  15. Exactly…. too many grains!

  16. I'm certainly not overweight!
    But will move onto a different carb source if I have to!
    Being a bodybuilder oats were a staple!

  17. Thanks Sheree. Fixing digestion can be an extremely quick process for many. Add some HCL, beetflow (for thinning the bile) and some pancreatic enzymes can often have an immediate effect on digestive capacity. Taking sublingually or transdermally as per MJ Hamp's suggestion would be the way to go otherwise. Even colloidal minerals will be difficult to assimilate if your digestive pHs are out 🙂

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