Magnesium supplements and weight loss


Does taking magnesium supplements interfere with weight loss aids such as hydroxycut, green coffee bean, garcinia cambrogia, red raspberry keystones, etc.?

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  1. Do u take all of those?

  2. Those aids are crap and so unregulated you have no idea what your getting or what concentration

  3. And they don't work anyway.

  4. those are horrible products as stated above

  5. Before I started mag I used Garcinia Cambogia when I was constipated. A Dr suggested it to help with weight loss, it only worked to un bung me 🙂

  6. Thoughtful suggestions for better & healthier weight loss options may be more helpful and well-taken here than non-productive criticism & blanket judgments. Being overweight makes people try anything possible to help. I have never tried any of these but green coffee beans I can't imagine to be that horrible, I wager a large percentage of people in this group drink coffee lol. (I don't but only because I am extremely sensitive to caffeine). Anyway I can tell you what helped me the most and that was simply cutting out as much carbs as possible, replacing it with tons of protein, vegetables and healthy dairy, trying to exercise at least every other day to keep my metabolism up, and trying to lower cortisol by decreasing stress and increasing amount of sleep. And to be honest the "diets" that promise to keep you from ever feeling hungry never worked for me. my personal philosophy is that if I gained weight by eating too much, in order to lose it I will have to eat less and that means sometimes being hungry. I planned ahead for food, portioned it out carefully, plan for small snacks, and yes counted those calories. Small amounts of caffeine (1-2 cups green tea) did help me keep my energy up between meals. I'm sure there will be a million different opinions on here but I am telling you what worked for ME, maybe you will find something helpful in it for you. I do think a lot of diet aids are dangerous, but don't blame you for trying them or asking for feedback here! It's a hard row to hoe and I wish you the best. 🙂

  7. @Jessie Lundberg, The OP didn't ask how to lose weight. She asked if taking magnesium interfered with diet aids she listed. The diet aids don't work. So the point is moot. Your way of eating and lifestyle worked for me as well. But so did a high carb low fat vegan diet, in which I could eat until full and satisfied. Didn't have to feel hungry except before I ate.

  8. @Daniel Schroeder, I did notice that none of the previous responses had answered the original question either, and no one has yet. I meant to point that out in my comment, that she didn't ask for anyone's opinions of the diet aids she mentioned, either, but got too long-winded and forgot. Regardless, the fact that no one likes her diet supplements doesn't make her question moot if she intends to take them anyway. I think what you mean to say is that you personally don't see the point in answering her question if she is going to take unhealthy supplements, but that's not the same as a moot point. My response acknowledged that the supplements are generally not a good idea while at least providing some alternative options. I do feel that my "non-responsive" response was therefore just as helpful if not more so than the other "non-responsive" responses. There's never any benefit in making someone feel crappy for asking an innocent question. Hopefully someone will still weigh in who has enough knowledge to answer her actual question with facts instead of condemnation. 🙂

  9. My point is that the diet supplements don't work, so magnesium can't interfere. I don't see how telling her that they don't work is intended to make her feel bad about them. I don't think they are unhealthy, just a waste of money.

  10. Some of them are unhealthy all herbs and supplements have possible reactions and issues like medications do. I know someone that took black cohosh for menapause symptoms (a claimed all natural treatment btw). Liver failure in a week of taking it she almost died and had to have a emergency liver transplant. So they are not just a waste of money

  11. Magnesium does not interfere with any of those "weight loss aids." Those products rarely work, and can cause harm in some individuals. Some (like green tea supplements) are a reasonable alternative to actually including the food in your diet, if you want the health benefits but can't stand the taste.

    The best way to lose weight is to eat "just the right amount of food" for your body and exercise. Eating too little can interfere with your metabolism, and eating too much obviously causes weight gain in most people. Most people benefit from eating more vegetables, and cutout out (or down on) processed foods and added sugars. The specific details of "the perfect diet" will vary from one individual to another.

  12. I thank EVERYONE for all of your very helpful and informative responses.

    Though I am not taking all of those dietary aids listed, I have considered trying one or two. I am definitely in to a more natural lifestyle and way of eating and wondered about the use of certain supplements with diet assistance.

    The comments regarding the dietary aids were, in fact, very useful in that I have a better idea of what not to waste my money on.

    Thanks so much everyone!!

  13. Just make sure u are absorbing nutrients well from food. I suggest looking at a diet like wheat belly. Take whatever vitamins ur low in and check ur adrnal and thyroid

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