Magnesium threonate is giving me the most vivid dreams.


Magnesium threonate is giving me the most vivid dreams. I started it a few weeks ago but the dreams were so markedly vivid (when I usually hardly even notice dreams) it worried me, so I stopped. Just started again yesterday and bam, really vivid dreams.

They aren’t scary, yet anyway. I’m not sure if I like this or not but the reason I stopped was because it was just so crazy a change so suddenly that it worried me.


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  1. I got that from P5P when I started it.

    Morley Robbins is that from copper being dumped from the liver ? Or some other metals ?

  2. I'd expect it with p5p, which I've not used yet but likely will soon. I've been taking magnesium glycinate for years and used transdermal chloride when first raising my mag levels a few years ago. Magnesium is not new to me but threonate surely is.

  3. Both my daughter and I started threonate a couple months ago. We take it with breakfast because it's suppose to help with the mind. Maybe that's why the vivid dreams. We take glycinate at night to help relax and sleep.

  4. What time are you taking it? I take mine right after breakfast…

  5. I take a threonate with my malate about midday & no vivid dreams. I take 3 glycinate at night.

  6. I would like to detox my body from the daily use of opiates for my RA pain. I think my kidneys and liver need some help. I drink only ACV in warm water in the morning. I do not think that is enough. Any suggestions would be helpful but I am sick, memory is shot so please be specific, I just won't remember

  7. Elizabeth , where do you source the Mag threonate?

  8. Happened to me with b6

  9. Magnesium threonate made me feel extremely exhausted but then I couldn't fall asleep. Magnesium glycinate gives me vivid dreams. I stick with mag chloride foot soaks.

  10. I would consider which ones you are using as the fillers may be the reason for the side effects…I believe that's why there is such a limited list for the supplements…

  11. I need some of that

  12. Donna I am so grateful for your suggestions but I am not able to get into a bath anymore. Would foot soaks be effective. ?

  13. I would be entertained.

  14. Same thing happened to me.

  15. I have had vivid dreams with the boron water too. Just one or two and then they subside. I think when I up the dose it will happen again.

  16. I have the same. Very vivid dreams.

  17. magnesium supplements keep me up at night,,whats that about

  18. I'm having vivid and awesome dreams. I love it.

  19. Ugh! I know the feeling I have vivid dreams all the time bc I have Narcolepsy. I just would like one night where I don't have crazy dreams or hallucinations. I hope you find a better form of magnesium that works well for you.

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