Major brain fog for days at a time??


Quick question: Does anybody on here get major brain fog for days (or weeks) at a time?? If so, how do you control it??

I am Gluten-free, and on Synthroid, and pills to help raise my blood pressure. I just have times where I completely forget what I’m about to do, or I mix up shifts at work. It’s so embarrassing to deal with, and a lot of people get very annoyed by it. I don’t know what to do!

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  1. All the time! The past few weeks I’ve constantly confused left & right (even when doing the finger trick lol), called my daughter the wrong name, mixed up the alphabet and walked from one room to another multiple times because I’ve forgotten what I was doing or what I needed. I’m on 150mcg of synthroid and going to start AIP within the week….but it’s really hard and frustrating ;-/ i mentioned it to my dr yesterday and I’m waiting for my lab results

  2. My brain fog happens when I’m going hypo, so my endo ups my Levo.

  3. It’s my #1 symptom. I didn’t know how bad it really was until I went into remission while pregnant and experienced a clear mind for the first time in… Who knows how long!\n I’m 5 1/2 months AIP, I take T4/T3 and I STILL get brain fog. It’s so incredibly frustrating.

  4. Yes, I was very low on Vit D….now I take levothyroxine and vit D and brain fog 90% gone 🙂

  5. I started b12 and vit D3 every morning and it has helped a lot!

  6. My brain fog is typically triggered by stress.

  7. It is your synthyroid

  8. You may want to try going AIP Paleo. Sometimes gluten free is not enough. I had horrible brain fog but it improved when I went grain free, soy free, etc.

  9. Once my synthroid was optimized my brain fog ceased to be a problem. I believe getting the right dose is vital to better health in all ways. Going gluten-free didn’t do anything for me, but it apparently helps lots of folks.

  10. Omega 3s have helped me tremendously! And I just added daily turmeric

  11. I always have it worst at this time of year, so I think mine has to do with vitamin d levels. I exercise a lot, and that has helped tremendously, but usually in February I simply lack the energy. Last year I ran 12 kilometers one day and couldn’t even run 2 one week later, felt tired and brain-foggy for weeks. It got better with more sun. We’ll see how it goes this year :/

  12. I’ve had it very bad lately. I found out that I have very high cortisol all day. I just ordered some supplements hopefully to bring it down and help me sleep.

  13. Yes, either your Synthroid is too low and/or you’d feel better adding a compounded T3.

  14. I have noticed certain foods in addition to gluten give me severe brain fog. Maybe you have some more food triggers in addition to gluten.

  15. If you are on pulls to raise your blood pressure, I would suggest that you have your AM cortisol checked and if it is low you would need to have a cortisol stim tests done, do you have you last thyroid lab work and the ranges?

  16. Yes and what’s worse is I know it. I write a lot down (or make a note in my phone). Keep a notebook or a calendar and make yourself write stuff down. Create a new habit where you don’t have to remember because you have a go-to calendar on the fridge and a notebook for all your life’s notes. This has helped me as it seems there is no getting memory back. I also tell people and am upfront in asking them to help me remember– not because I am lazy but misunderstood. Some know I must write it to remember and others tell and retell great stories of our time together to keep my mind strong. :). Confide in your friends!

  17. Yes. My daughters have to repeat things all the time.

  18. I read recently that dehydration has a brain fog symptom. Personally I know I don’t drink enough. I have found myself going all day with nothing but a cup of coffee. I’m paying more attention to that to see if it makes any difference.

  19. The answer is Cytomel. A T3 hormone to add to your T4 Synthroid. Find a doc who will prescribe it.

  20. That’s me lately, very distracted, losing focus in the middle of a task. I often times forget what I was saying. I have somewhat of this tendency because of my migraine meds but this is off the charts right now, I’m sure exacerbated by fatigue.

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