Making all my recipes gluten free


Well folks. Making all my recipes GF so my newly diagnosed grown son won’t feel like he’s missing out on the Christmas foods and I have to say so far everything is leaving a grit. You know that grit when the dental hygienist polishes your teeth? …That.
Using Bob’s 1-to1 GF flour (that has Xanthan gum) but I’m not thrilled.

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  1. You are a wonderful mom!!!!

  2. This Mom Mom is celiac and i wouldn’t make them eat the cardboard i have to eat.

  3. Try king Arthur gf see how you like it.

  4. You’re awesome! Try XO baking flour.

  5. We use Tom Sawyer flour. Smooth and cup for cup…

  6. Juli, I don’t know what you’re baking, but if you will let your Batter rest for 30-40 minutes before baking it will absorb the liquids better. Also if you have already baked biscuits or muffins etc., sometimes if you freeze them then microwave to thaw them it also helps it not to be gritty.

  7. Bob’s isn’t the problem, it’s the method you are using…try the above.

  8. I love this group! Thanks to all and Janet I will get with you later in pm with more questions!! Thank you ALL!

  9. Yessss! Now I know how to describe it to people!

  10. I get grit in professionally naked things too

  11. What are you making?

  12. A honey cookie recipe (requires a LOT of flour) and a yeast coffee cake

  13. Namaste gf flour blend. Costco has it in large bags. My Christmas cookies are fabulous. I use it one for one.

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