Mamas who conceived with Hashimoto’s!


I’m new here! I was diagnosed with
Hashimoto‘s very young and now me and my husband are ready to have a baby! We’ve been trying for a year and my tsh level was high then low now high so they increased my unithroid. (I was on synthroid when I was younger got off of it for years because my levels were normal and now back on it)
So my question is for all of you Mamas who conceived with Hashimoto’s! What is your best advice!? HELP!

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  1. It took me a year to actually get pregnant and my hashi symptoms have got worse since getting pregnant. Its a struggle. Im sorry i dont have advice but maybe someone else does for .. Us

  2. I conceived easily and my Hashis went into remission during pregnancy. All of my labs were optimal prior to conceiving so that is my only advice: make sure your labs are optimal.

  3. I was high when we conceived by complete accident. The doctor was surprised I even got pregnant, but he said normal levels are a good range to conceive. Buuut I will say that once pregnant it is extremely important with Hashimoto to check the levels every 5-6 weeks and stay on top of it or demand they do. Cause baby will get thyroid from your meds rather than you naturally.

  4. Thank you guys for replying! I'm loving all the input and help! Keep it coming pleasee

  5. I managed to conceive whilst in the middle stages of diagnosis, my hashi symptoms did get worse whilst pregnant though and they increase your dosage at certain stages. Mine went from 25mg to 200mg andhas now stayed at 175mg and baby is a 7 months old and my levels are still crazy. They tested my blood every 4 weeks instead of 8 also and o had a couple of extra scans during the pregnancy to check the health of baby xx

  6. And what about everyone's diet? I've been reading no gluten?

  7. I accidentally conceived and am currently 7 months along. I was diagnosed at 13 and have been on complete replacement since my early 20's taking Levothyroxine. I think it really helps when your levels are optimal and you're feeling good overall. So far my levels have remained good throughout pregnancy, thankfully. I'm not on any special diet but just eat a large variety of foods. Have you tried getting tested for any other fertility issues yet?

  8. My Hashis was triggered by the birth of my first child. I've not had any problem with fertility, only took one encounter to get pregnant with my second, and then my third was an accident using natural family planning (to not get pregnant) I'm guessing it was super sperm and my crazy ability to conceive because it was 6 days before ovulation.

  9. I was diagnosed about 20 years before I became pregnant for the first time in my late 20s. Absolutely no trouble conceiving, two normal pregnancies, two healthy boys. My thyroid levels were monitored closely and I have always eaten a varied and balanced diet.

  10. I'm kind of in the same boat as you – except I have only been recently diagnosed with hashis. Me and my husband have been trying for a year now, and my OB did my initial blood work so that it could be sent off to a fertility clinic. Blood work showed I have hashis, so trying to figure things out from there. Good luck to you!!!

  11. I conceived without issue about 5 months after my diagnosis. I was fortunate that it only took one dose change to optimize my levels so I was optimal for about 2 months before I conceived. My endo is running labs monthly to ensure I am medicated properly. I eat gluten free only because I also have celiac disease, otherwise I have no other restrictions in my diet.

  12. I had two successful pregnancies with Hashi's. However, I used an ovulation detector for the 2nd one.

  13. I had three healthy boys I had issues getting pregnant with the second but he's here and so is son #3

  14. My only son is now 21. He was a clomid baby. I took clomid for nearly a year, increasing little by little. We used a fertility doctor in Orlando. I've had Hashimoto's disease for this whole time (PCOS, infertility, insulin resistance, hypothyroidism). Way back then… they just treated each symptom. Infertility was treated with clomid.

  15. No trouble with getting pregnant at all but I had gestational diabetes with both babies. It was easily managed with low carb and light exercise after meals. Wishing you the best!

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