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I’m nervous to ask this question, so please bare with me. For several years, I’ve had to have a mammogram and ultrasound twice a year because of fluid-filled lumps right breast. They are very large and growing, but the doctor doesn’t want to do anything with them. He just says he doesn’t know what they are and to come back in 6 months. They are starting to protrude larger than my breast now and have some small pain. My other doctor, the GP, is not willing to work with me. She wouldn’t even give me an xray a few years ago when I was battling a respiratory issue and I begged her 6 times during the appointment. Anyway, I’m going to have to do my own testing, but we are in process of moving to Indiana and I think I should wait. Do you have any advice?

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  1. The idiots keep doing mammos, but avoid sonogram… surprise. But if anyone screws up and misses cancer, especially since I already had endometrial cancer and resulting complete hysterectomy, I will not need that winning lottery ticket I so often joke about. My ten grandkids will remember me through a trust fund. Like I said, you can't be too careful. So far, I am a 2 year cancer survivor, and looking to keep going.

  2. My primary care doc recommended the evening primrose oil too, but for cancer survivors and other certain hormonal women, they don't. I will check into it myself and decide. Thanks for the share.

  3. Go to quick care or find a new dr

  4. I also had fluid filled cysts that had to be drained regularly, and found that when I cut out gluten they disappeared completely.

  5. PS. Take an amount of omega 3 with Omega 6 and vise versa, helps conversion/absorbtion x

  6. Iodine protocol for sure! Also, a diet with low carb, lots good fat and no gluten or sugar.

  7. Breast Specialist!!!

  8. high doeses of Evening Primrose Oil, or Udo's oil blend is a good one, but I took high doses of the EPO, that was 26 years ago, still no return!

  9. Read the book The Iodine Crisis. It's on Amazon. It explains a lot. I have cysts as well. Been supplementing with Iodine, and cofactors. Some people have had a lot of success, mine are taking a really long time to dissipate though. Join the Iodine Workshop here after you read the book. It's a really fast read.

  10. Jennifer Bantle, I bought the book right after it was suggested above. It will be here Wednesday.

  11. I agree with evening primrose oil, and rub wild yam cream on your breasts – I had the same issues until I did this, and the pain and lumps resolved – the yam is natural pro gesterone, which displaces the excess estrogen in your breast tissue that is causing the pain and the lumps

  12. Thanks Dawn, I've never heard of the wild yam cream. I'll look into it. My breast surgeon couldn't offer any help, just continuous cyst aspirations that hurt like heck.

  13. Fluid-filled lumps are this common?

  14. Yes, iodine, for fibrocystic breasts. Start low and go slow.

  15. Can I suggest trying out MAG-A-HOL on lumps?
    You would be surprised about the swellings.

  16. Say yes to the Iodine protocol 🙂 We are all iodine deficient–every gland in your body needs it. The Iodine Workshop (next to Stop The Thyroid Madness) is one of the best groups I belong to.

  17. I joined the group today, but I'm waiting to read the book when it comes before I dive into all the information in the group.

  18. The doctor you see may be required to recommend something to you, but you are not required to accept or act on the recommendation. Not yet, anyway.

  19. When you get to Indiana, find a real doctor. I'm speaking of a general surgeon who specializes in breast. Tell me where you will live and I'll give you back a recommendation. It sounds like you went to hillbilly physicians. Try University. Painful breast cysts need to come out.

  20. Glenn Gingold, Muncie, Indiana

  21. And in our hospital is the breast clinic with on staff doctors. Are they hillbilly, maybe. Am I to the point of wondering if they are capable, possibly. Am I ready to take my life into my own hands, absolutely!

  22. Patrick A. Cleary, MD PhD

    Specialties: Thoracic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, General Surgery, Colon & Rectal Surgery

  23. Thank you.

  24. There is an excellent hospital in Muncie called Ball Memorial. It is a university hospital. I can't find a specific name because there are so many physicians there I chose the above physician because although he is probably not a breast surgeon, he seems very smart he has a PhD and an M.D.

  25. Please read the iodine books first!

  26. The books will get here before I move, so I will read them first.

  27. Julie while you are waiting on the book, there is tons of good information in the files on the Iodine Workshop and also the non profit, that backs them,

  28. go to facebook iodine workshop use lugols iodine protocol

  29. Yes! Find a place nearby that takes thermograms, and make sure to get it interpreted. Whoever interprets it can then make some suggestions for next steps. Thermograms take thermal pictures of the body, and can show if you have some sort of blockage, or inflammation, etc. They're non-invasive and radiation-free, so it's very safe.

  30. And if you're moving soon, you can either wait until you move, or see if you can find someone in the area you're in now. Thermograms can be a one-time thing, and you could find another thermographer in the new area for a follow-up picture if needed, to see if there are an changes.

  31. "Iodine workshop" FB group. Thermography scans are better, as Mammograms contain radiation. Radiation has cancer as a side effect. ~beth

  32. Julie, are these cystic with fluid? If so, why hasn't someone just aspirated the cyst? I like Allison Uhler's comment about getting a Thermogram. I was in west. Med health care 40 yrs, my viewpoint has changed dramatically—–if there is a Naturopath or functional Medical Doc that you can see before you move, that might be hellpful, if not, see one asap when you get to Indiana. I don't know much about the Iodine FB, but there is a lot of info on there that might be helpful to you also. I wouldn't do much lifting—hard if you're moving. Best Wishes to you.

  33. An experiment in another group with Iodine (we were seeing how long the stain took to fade from skin) led to the unexpected bonus of smaller cysts. My oncologist said they were hormonal and would shrink with menopause. They did not. But just iodine on my skin led to relief!

  34. Get a new doctor. See a specialist.

  35. Julie Sutton Meares,

    I can do anything but cannot "BARE" with you.
    I am kinda very shy person….LOLZZZ

  36. Evening Primrose gave me horrible hot flashes.

  37. flax seed oil!!! works wonders for breast issues!! tried and tested!! and get another DR!!!

  38. Take serrapeptase.

  39. Yes Serrapeptase I've taken it clean heart valve

  40. please get another doctor and consider fatty acids

  41. Serrapeptase will only digest fibrin. If these are fluid filled I suggest you ask around for a recommendation to another doctor. Have you had fluid drawn off and tested? Are you on the contraceptive pill or any other hormones?

  42. I do not take any medicines and haven't been on the pill for 22 years. From looking at the ultrasound, the doctor always says they are fluid-filled and he has never suggested anything more than repeat breast exam in 6 months.

  43. You can use thermography, but any kind of cyst is usually a sign of an iodine deficiency.

  44. Stop caffeine. B6 and B Complex supplementation. Use of Castor Oil packs on breast, 6 days on, 1 rest. Repeat, rest week of period. If you'd like more info, PM me. And NEVER mammogram, always thermography. A friend who is a NURSE got a mammogram and they smashed her breast so hard it popped a cyst and she was in pain for 6 months until a proper Homeopathic remedy was given. NEVER mammograms. Too much radiation and too much trauma to the breasts. They don't make men smash their private parts in machines do they? Well, the OB/GYN was once a male dominated profession. There are other, more healthful ways to take care of your breasts. Also, Pau D-Arco tea in copious amounts will help to dissolve cysts.

  45. Why stop b vitamins? I can't see why that is a good idea.

  46. No, I was saying stop caffeine. And to TAKE B6 and B Complex. Should have been more clear.

  47. Ok, I was confused lol. Thanks.

  48. If you are going to live near Indianapolis get an appointment with Dr. Irene Fox GP Community Network, she was trained in the Ukraine as well so knows functional medicine practices.

  49. The Iodine Crisis came today. I will get reading asap.

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