Many germans are taking high dosis of vitamin D


Many germans are taking high dosis of vitamin D daily with K2 and magnesium at this moment. They think it is very important, specially if one has an autoinmune disease. Now I read this here. Do you know if is possible to do these tests you recommend in Germany?
Is there somebody from Germany here?
Thank you

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  1. Diana Maria
    This is a GLOBAL issue of rampant confusion…

    I would invite you to work your way through these articles and share them with your circle of family & friends:

    In the article entitled "Testing is Key to Hormone-D" there is a brief video of a world-renowned physiologist & internist based in Brussels. I'm confident that his Lab would do these tests, but it's likely that they would have information on comparable testing in Germany…

    Kenny L. De Meirleir, MD, PhD

    Please keep us posted on what you learn and are able to identify…

    A votre sante!

  2. Following! I'm from Germany and I have the same question.

  3. All I can say is, stop taking D. I'm doing so much better without it.

  4. Diana Maria
    – it´s not easy to get the proper tests here in Germany. But there are some Labs, and I think, your doctor can order them there. Look here:

  5. It gets very hard to convince people to not take synthetic vitamin D when even the most highly respected medical doctors push it and so much information is written on how important it is. Wish everyone would get on the same page.

  6. Julie Petron Larson
    I assure you that the ONLY reason "highly respected doctors" are pushing this — just like they did the Anti-Cholesterol Campaign from 1950-2000 — is that they are being "highly paid doctors!"

    The need to STOP Cholesterol was PURE & UTTER rubbish, and the need to START Hormone-D is just as much RUBBISH!

    imho, of course…

  7. imho TOO! I just got blocked in another group for trying to help… Never happend before – and sure not the last time! It´s fun, really!! Thank you, Morley Robbins, for my completely new world! 🙂

  8. I'm an Ex-German and still in contact with some of the 'Krauts'. Here you can find some addresses where you can get tested for RBC Magnesium in D and Bärbel Hess should know where to go for proper hormone D testing.

  9. You can get all the tests you need from synlab. It's not so hard to get it done if you have a doc who is willing to order it for you. But most of it you have to pay yourself. Synlab does the "D" testing too. If you don't have a doc you can call there and they have places where you go. And what do you mean with "Krauts" Arne Kaminsky ?

  10. That's what I thoughtrDas sind die Blutwerte, die notwendig sind um eine Aussage zu treffen (deutsch/englisch):rIntraerythrozytäres Magnesium = MagRBC (red blood cell)rionisiertes Calcium = calcium ionizedrCoeruloplasmin = ceruloplasminrZink (Plasma)= zincrKupfer (Serum) = copperrVit D 25OHrVit D 1,25 you need botzh to really tell what your Vit D status isrEisen = ironrFerritin = ferritinrTransferrin = transferrinrEisenbindungskapazität (EBK) = TIBC (total iron binding capacity)rEisen Sättigung = Iron saturation rIch lasse mir von meiner Hausärztin Blut abnehmen und versuche so viele Werte wie möglich über die Versicherung abrechnen zu lassen. Einige sind privat zu bezahlen.

  11. Ohhh thanks to all for your advice and information!!! Specially to Morley Robbins for creating this group. I am doing at the moment the Iodine protocol from Dr Brownstein since one month ago because I have estrogen dominance and had also breast cancer. I still have very painful and bloody periods. I take Lugols in high dosis. It seems to make me feel better. I hope is ok. I will try your magnesium protocol in parallel and doing the proper test!

  12. I have hashimotos so I thought I would listen to Josh Axe's latest YouTube…he and his partner just recommended 5,000-10,000 unites a day! Just want to scream! Functional med doc don't make money off pushing D but they all do it.

  13. If I have to have another conversation about why not to take D I swear I might get short sharp and not sweet. I am not that educated but I GOT IT pretty darn quickly why no D, my own personal experience was terrible bone pain on D

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