May I ask a Hormone D question?


May I ask a Hormone D question? Any idea why my D 1,25 level would be so off the chart high if I am not taking any D supplements? My PCP does not seem concerned but I am. Should I be concerned? Should I avoid the sun?

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  1. Kim Tracey Konash, homog for VDR Taq, COMT 158 and MTHFR 677T and 1298A

  2. Michelle I would double check your raw data on MTHFR; Ive read that it was unknown and thought to be impossible to be homozygous for both C677t and A1298c.

  3. The STTM site says it's possible to be compound homozygous. ???? – anyone?

  4. Yes Victoria. I've seen that too.

  5. … Just that it's very very rare.

  6. I had not seen that nor heard of anyone who was. If it is possible its rare. Still makes sense to double check because some of the reports have mistakes in them. If you are compound homozygous that is pretty serious, and I would work with a practitioner skilled in MTHFR issues, especially with COMT too. Message Angela Knowles Griffiths on the MTHFR site and check out with Dr. Ben Lynch. You will also want to get your homocysteine checked.

  7. The 25 D is the one to watch. It is actually at the low end of the range. I recommend above 50. More about D in the supplement section of the Library on

  8. Thanks for the B12 links, Kiesha. I just found out my B12 is near 300. Just started supplementing with hydroxo-B12 and a smidge of lithium orotate. Hope it doesn't take a year to reach sufficiency :-/

  9. Maryilyn – Don't let it take a year! Potential big damage. Stay on top of it! Good luck!

  10. Martie Whittekin – Storage D of over 50 is not recommended here. Please read this page as it summarizes the position on D by the owner of this group, Morley Robbins

  11. 1,25 Vit D rises due to inflammation but most likely its high due to low Magnesium. Also rises in Sarcoidsis. But its probably just low Mag. I wouldn't supp Vit D

  12. The problem is that we're all so individual. I'm hetero C677t, have VDR, COMT , Hashimotos & had adrenal insufficiency, anemia, low D.

    I got adrenals fixed first, & virtually every symptom I had disappeared & I felt amazing. So knowing where adrenals sit is vital in my opinion, as so many issues, plus daily life can affect adrenals, yet most dr's don't take adrenals seriously or test adrenals accurately.

  13. Low D is just low Magnesium (burnout from the adrenals)

  14. The 25OH will be low and the 1,25 D will be high, classic low mag

  15. Through more Vit D into the system, you'll just increase 1,25D higher and make yourself even more Mag deficient

  16. ps: having said that, my stumbling block now is VDR as being on even 1000iu vit D a day leads to the D eventually affecting my adrenals & or thyroid levels.

  17. Maybe not enough magnesium? The COMT is burning through it too fast? Could be but I'd be measuring everything not just 25OH. All those Doctors have been sucked in just measuring one. Too much Vit D will suppress ceruloplasm and stuff up Mag/ACTH which effects cortisol

  18. If 1,25 Vit D is very high, should measure ACE to screen for Sarcoidosis, but its just low Mag I reckon otherwise your calcium would be really high

  19. Antony Van Eeton thanks for that info. My dr has quite a lot of VDR , Hashimotos , adrenal patients. He does request DNA testing & hair mineral analysis for better mineral analysis. It's a fine balancing act of a lot of things & no way should we be leaving it solely up to our dr as that's how I went 9yrs undiagnosed, but no more!! I'm in control now!!

  20. Antony Van Eeten, I read about Sarcoidosis today and that scares the hell out of me.

  21. Ud have symptoms. Its probably just bacterial ligands up regulate in intestine or low mag

  22. probably your Vit A is low and the bacteria are irritating your gut lining and this raises the 1,25? And low Mag/Copper imbalance.

  23. Elevated 1,25(OH)2D is evidence of the dysregulated immune system's attempt to activate the VDR to produce antimicrobial peptides (e.g., cathelicidin) to combat infection.[15] Studies have found elevated 1,25(OH)2D and reduced cathelicidin in chronic diseases:

    • Sarcoidosis patients are deficient in cathelicidin despite healthy vitamin D3 levels.[16]

    • 1,25(OH)2D is elevated (>60 pg/ml) in 42% of Crohn's patients and the source of the active vitaminD production appears to be the inflamed intestine.[17]

    • 1,25(OH)2D is elevated in the synovial fluid of patients with RA.[18]

    • Crohn's disease decreases expression of cathelicidin.[19]

    1,25(OH)2D is a marker of vitamin D endocrine function.[20] Down-regulation by bacterial ligands may prevent the VDR from expressing the enzymes necessary to keep 1,25(OH)2D in a normal range. Elevated 1,25(OH)2D also reduces VDR competence, suppresses macrophage function, and inhibits the Nuclear Factor kappa-ß cytokine pathway, thus further compromising the immune system.[21-23]

  24. why its not good to just pump more Vit D in to the system

  25. Antony Van Eeten, thank you for the wealth of information. My endocrinologist just suggested that I see a Rheumatologist because of an eye issue I continue to have (epischleritis). Eye doctor says that it is hormone related due to timing and suggested perimenopause. The only other complaint I have is occasional stomach pain up very high. No rhyme or reason that I can tie it to. Usually happens 20-30 minutes after I eat and lasts an hour or two. Just tested for H Pylori and it was negative. My next thought is gall bladder?

  26. Did you check your Vitamin A levels? Considering the D was high? Also check Vit C levels. C gets burnt out with the adrenals. C in important for the collagen of blood vessels. Have some whole C and A (cod)

  27. Stop eating grains with the stomach pain, u might have small bowel overgrowth, eat fats and protein for a little while

  28. Vitamin A is important for Gut integrity

  29. Try eating more organic butter…

  30. Your potassium is below 4 too, your burning it. Have a few bananas .

  31. Sodium is also a bit low, celtic sea salt. Do you use salt? Increase saturated fat and salt

  32. and B12 is really low!!! In Japan B12 low is 500. Sounds like a gut issue. Get some sublingual B12. Hydroxy/Adeno are best if you don't know your methylation status and methyl could stir up some

  33. I am taking Whole Food C and CLO to work on my copper issues. Someone else suggested that I should not take CLO because of the D issue. Using organic ghee now and started Paleo. Oddly, stomach issue seems more prominent when eating fruit so I've stopped this week to see if there is a difference. Bacterial overgrowth?

  34. Experimenting with B since December. Biweekly shots did not work at all. Taking liquid methyl now and will be adding hydroxy. I use sea salt often because of low blood pressure issues.

  35. That nordic CLO has high A and little D. You can test your Vit A levels, probably near bottom of range?

  36. Just get Methyl B12 sublinual from iherb. 1000 or 5000 it shoots up pretty fast take daily.

  37. Just eat chunks of grass fed butter, its got lots of Vit A in it

  38. Maybe do urine test for iodine too

  39. Great, Antony… I have made a list of blood work/urine to ask my doctor to check. THANK YOU!!!

  40. Michelle – the sublingual needs to sit under your upper lip for a WHILE to be absorbed properly. Under the tongue gets swallowed with your saliva (drops too) and the stomach can't absorb vthe longer it sits under you lip to dissolve the better chance you have if it getting into your bloodstream and system.

  41. Michelle Howell that def sounds like gall bladder had mine out 2 years ago it was Tourture

  42. … One other informative B12 link from a man who did years of research on B12 and it's healing for CFS – has healed himself and others. Don't agree with the vitamin D, but the B12 info is very helpful. Not sure if this was posted earlier but will repost for you sorry if it's a duplicate. Talks about the right B12 supplements under the tongue. Shots not working etc.

  43. Thank you all for your help and suggestions. Rocky Scamm, the pain is slightly below my bra line, its constant once it starts and usually eases up all at once 30 minutes to a couple of hours later.

  44. One dose of Vit K2 stopped my bleeding.

  45. Have u got pyrrole? Have u been tested???

  46. Re copper zinc stuff going on

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