Maybe SIBO or candida? Parasites? Mag deficient?


I’m asking for advice here because this group amazes me, so much knowledge!! I’ve always been very active & healthy, cautious with my diet and exercise regularly. In January I very suddenly became ill with a long list of symptoms: had gallbladder attack symptoms, very lethargic, vertigo, ringing in ears, pressure in ears, heart palpitations, heartburn like symptoms, nausea, body/muscle aches,sore throat and brain cognition problems. Went to conventional doctor, did lots of scans, etc and they think I have a low functioning gallbladder (no stones). So they just wanted to remove gallbladder and be done with me. I chose not to, changed my diet to Paleo/low FODMAP/gluten & dairy free (always had dairy intolerance). I’m down to like 10 foods that don’t make me sick. So I’m feeling like I’m lacking nutrients. This helped relieve some symptoms temporarily but just still feel ill. So I began investigating and we have found our house is full of mold and bat guano. Have had 4 mold inspectors out and are in process of deciding course of remediation vs rebuilding. Could this mold and bat guano be causing my health issues? Maybe SIBO or candida? Parasites? Mag deficient? This past week my toddler daughter has been complaining of the same symptoms that I have and my husband is having respiratory problems. Now I’m really scared!! I am still learning the Mag protocol, last night took my first Epson salt bath to try and ease muscle pains and I’ve ordered Jigsaw Mag. We live in a very “realist, pull yourself up by the bootstraps” type of Midwest community so it’s hard to find help. I can’t express how much I appreciate advice and direction with this. My family’s health means more to me than anything and we are just baffled as to where to start since they list of symptoms is overwhelming. Thank you!!

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  1. Leah Schmidt Reinert
    And what MAJOR Stressor(s) and/or Rx Meds entered your life around or just BEFORE Jan, 2017?!?…

    A votre sante!

  2. I also live in a small midwestern rural setting surrounded by fields of death. Don't give up hope the answers are here. Starting your journey by pinpointing stressors in your life can be eye opening!! The pieces of the puzzle will fall into place rapidly. Best wishes to you and your family:-)

  3. DEFINITELY the mold. I personally know of 3 different families from 3 different states that have the exact health symptoms that you describe. Actually, now that I think about it, there are 4 families. Two of the families I know finally moved out of their houses and they are slowly but surely healing. You don't want to mess around with mold.

  4. Definitely mold. Start taking 1/2 teaspoon 3x a day of activated charcoal.

  5. I know people have moved multiple times. Mist people can't afford to move and Can t get rid of the mold because no money . Mold is everywhere unfortunately.

  6. Borax Boron ? im interested as I reckon ive got mold problem, house is musty and definitely black mold grows, can even smell it. Activated Charcoal seems to be popular and even better if we can make our own

  7. Bat guano is HIGHLy toxic
    So is mold

  8. Maybe down the line rebuild a new house on the farm . But rent out a new home meantime . Good luck

  9. Don't mess around if it is a toxic mold. You will probably have to move out until you are able to heal yourselves. Be careful of taking contaminated possessions with you however. And really research how remediation needs to be done to make sure you hire the right people. If not done correctly it can really spread it and make it worse. Dr Dan Pompa and Ritchie Shoemaker have good info for toxic mold problems.

  10. Kudos to you for weighing the MD's advice and deciding to go with what feels best to you. Only you know how you feel and you are best at understanfing how your children feel. It's tough to do, especially when you don't feel well. Best of luck to you in finding the solution for your family.

  11. Stachybotrys mold almost killed my little boy and I. Run then heal. You will get worse trying to treat yourself while living in poison.

  12. People saying move. Who has the $$

  13. Try using an Ozone machine in your basement for a couple of hours to get rid of mold and mildew. Might need a few sessions. They can be purchased at Amazon for less than $100. Make sure to stay out of the area while the ozone is running because it can irritate lungs. Ozone is made during lightning storms and clean up air pollutants. Mold and microbes are oxidized and killed by ozone.

  14. It's mainly your house!

  15. Young Living has a cleaning product called Thieves Oil Cleaner that we used to help reduce mold. It actually digested visible mold completely within 24 hours, so using that may help some. They also make a supplement that has thieves oil in it, ImmuPro, I believe. I took that internally when I had to be around the mold in our house. We did eventually end up rebuilding as the main house was too far gone in terms of mold, but those things helped until we could get moved. Best wishes to ya. Mold sickness is no fun at all. ETA: I do happen to sell Young Living products, although I am not suggesting you buy them from me, just to be clear on that.

  16. The RCP protocol should also help, as mineral dysregulation makes one more vulnerable to all the mold and bacteria that come along with it. Can you move a temporary dwelling onto the farm so you don't have to leave it? Mobile homes, etc are relatively inexpensive compared to renting houses in this area.

  17. I have a friend who had to tear her entire house down due to mold

    Living in a tent would be healthier

  18. Take mold seriously. We had mold removal done a few years ago — you have to be aware of the methods the contractors use, as some are toxic as well. I refused chemical treatment and went with removal of mouldy materials and rebuilding.

  19. We have not had ours torn down yet ( haven't been able to find anyone to do it that we can afford) but we did abandon it. We built a tiny house (12 by 24) first and just this year are adding the rest to make it a regular house. Took us three years, and has been a struggle, but we got lots closer through it all and were still able to stay on the farm we love!

  20. Best tent??? I'm on Amazon looking for least chemicals. I'm 5fy 1 so tall enough stand in..

    Leah, yes tent!

  21. They custom make each one. We added windows and flu hole for wood burning stove.

  22. I just can't thank all of you enough for taking the time to post your thoughts, suggestions and guidance!!! You have all been so encouraging and helpful! Once we get out of the mold/house fixed, the next challenge will be finding a Midwest doctor that understands and treats mold toxicity

  23. Believe it or not, the RCP is one excellent protocol for mold toxicity!!!

  24. Those look amazing! I'm more in range of $80. I'm waiting to see if I got disability. For now need out of the house.

    The spicket our side leaking for 3yrs. Stucco came off. I'm currently spending my days at the beach if the anxiety isn't bad.. if not stay outside on a beach chair.

  25. You also need to focus on bat guano
    Google it
    Highly toxic !!

  26. Oh, yikes Phoenix Waters – :'(

  27. Just one thing to note, when starting the RCP, it will be important to slart SLOWLY.

  28. See the Toxic Mold Support group on Facebook.

  29. definitely look at mold. Find a place away from the house and see if it makes a difference.

  30. Look at Moldy by Dave Asprey

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