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Why hasn’t McDonald’s come up with a gluten free menu yet ?? They are a huge food chain and you would think that they would capitalize on being one of the few fast food restaurants with a gf menu. It’s not like celiacs disease is a taboo obscure thing anymore. It effects a lot of ppl and then add the gf diet trend and bam lots of new customers! I hate not being able to just grab some fast food anymore. I have a son with kidney disease so we are constantly traveling to his hospital and staying in hotels and I feel like there’s nothing I can ever eat on the go. Didn’t mean for this to turn into a rant so sorry bout that

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  1. even if they did, I would never trust them. they can’t get a normal order right half the time

  2. It’s No rant, Enjoy hearing about your problems, Your problems may some day help us deal and fix our own problems!!

  3. I have the same problem…when I want to grab fast food I can’t. It sucks. I always say how someone should open a gluten free fast food!!!!

  4. Its weird, beacuse in Europe we’ve had celiac friendly options for forever. Maybe it Just dosent make profit and is too time consuming educating workers about

  5. Have you ever noticed how any food product that is labeled “gluten free” costs more? … The current fast food chains probably won’t change, because they are looking to have food massed produced for the cheapest price, and be able to sell it for a high profit.

    You might find a “fast food” eatery that ends up being GF, but whether it will be cost effective is the question. Most restaurants are mainstream, with a GF Menu or GF options. The Australian or European restaurants have more GF on the menu.

    A lot of times, you don’t know if there’s a dedicated part of the kitchen for GF Prep. … I hope you’re right, and GF Fast Food becomes available. I’m in the car a lot, so would definitely help me!

  6. They have gluten free options in Europe! It amazes me that they refuse to introduce G/f here


    Had a fab Big Mac here in Spain bun was amazing GF xx

  7. The reason is McDonad’s has their kitchen set up in a way that wouldnt be safe for celiacs.They can'[t ever get an order right why do you think they would be safe with your food?

  8. In the UK Pizza Express have gluten free pizza, beer and other items (certified Celiacs Association) on their menus, also Pret A Manger have gluten free soups, protein pots (egg spinach etc) and sushi that is always good to grab.

  9. I would be extremely nervous of cross contamination!! I would love to drive thru for more clean eating

  10. In the US McDonald’s is suffering, business wise. More people are starting to catch on that their “food” really isn’t food at all (there’s 17 ingredients in the French fries y’all. 17.) It would cost them loads of money to adjust products and facilities to have anything be GF and minimize cross contamination. From a revenue standpoint, they’d most likely lose money on Gluten free so I doubt we’ll ever see it. I’d rather they went out of business personally, they’re poisoning the globe.

  11. Chick- fil-A has glutenfree, I believe!

  12. Trouble with that sort of fast food is cross contamination xx

  13. I won’t trust the contamination that might happen

  14. But you are right to rant ! It’s so difficult trying to eat while on the go . I know there’s a lot of food you can eat …. but sometimes you just want MacDonalds !

  15. Looks like vegan and gf fast food places are starting here in the us. Saw that Amy’s has opened a few and they ate doing remarkably well. Let’s hope some more follow suit 🙂

  16. They would need a separate kitchen, separate microwave/oven and separate everything to prevent cc

  17. I encourage everyone to watch the movie \

  18. That is truly sad! …

  19. I stopped eating there loooong before celiac diagnosis. Their \

  20. I was working as an EMT, in the back of an ambulance, when I stopped eating there. We brought in someone with a bad asthma attack, and the ER had to pump their stomach. When the Nurses & Docs told us what was in it … That was it for me! … They said the contents were what \

  21. I always got diarhea after eating there and now i know why 🙂

  22. Wendy’s baked potato and chili are two go to things that are gluten free

  23. Thanks for the Heads-up!! …

  24. Fast food equals sub par chemical ridden processed food that should not be consumed by humans. I always carry nuts, seeds and veggies every where I go.

  25. We have Power-Kitchen in the Uk which is fully gluten free and all refined sugar free too.

  26. I don’t think I’d trust 14 year olds to disinfect well enough to prevent cross contamination.

  27. Chic fil a has a GF sandwich.

  28. I will say this though, the bread is tasteless, like most GF bread.

  29. Fast Food chains make me nervous!

  30. I been thinking the exact same thing for ages

  31. Wendy’s chili is GF and good for quick meal. I take my own chips. The smoothie is OK if you can do dairy.

  32. That’s good to know about Wendy’s chili. Love it.

  33. Wendy’s chili and baked potato in a pinch.

  34. too bad i can’t do beef either.

  35. I was thinking the exact same thing!

  36. Because McDonald’s sucks

  37. Go to Chick Fil A! It tastes better and has higher quality food and wonderful service.

  38. Emily p. Try a bread maker it’s much more Denser, tastier.

  39. hahahaha you don’t know me yet. i am notorious for being an excellent cook and an awful baker. even cookies fail.

  40. You can buy a pre mixed box of bread on the side of it it gives U other ingredients to use, oh , tell the others over here where I live McDonalds does have GF meals.

  41. Culvers has a gf bun and it’s good

  42. I don’t know if any of you are near a Black Bear DIner, but they have a GF Bun for their burgers and it is pretty good! My daughter has been Gluten Sensitive and ordered one the first time we went right after I got my diagnosis (I had already ordered something else) and she let me have a taste. Next time I am definitely getting the burger with GF bun…

  43. It’s not just gluten that’s not healthy at McDonalds…

  44. I think because the risk of cross contamination is too high. They would almost need a separate kitchen to accommodate a gluten free menu

  45. In Europe, the fries are gluten free and in a separate fryer. It was so nice for the week I was there.

  46. They can careless about anyone’s health. 🤔

  47. I found McDonald’s had gluten free buns in both Denmark and Hong Kong. For some reason they just don’t seem to have it here in the US

  48. There was a story on the evening news tonight about how record numbers of adults are developing serious food allergies like never seen before. Many are having to carry epipens b/c their allergies have gotten so bad – it can become life threatening. I blame processed foods, GMO’s and round up laden wheat etc for this – I know Celiac can be genetic but maybe less people would have gluten allergies if there were fewer McDonalds in the world.

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