Menstrual Cycle Becoming Irregular


This question is for the ladies . I officially started gluten-free diet December 27th 2017. I am currently almost 2 weeks late and no there is no chance at all that I could be pregnant. So what I wanted to know is : Going gluten-free can mess with your cycle for a while or this has nothing to do this GF or celiac. What has been your experience? Thank you another advance!

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  1. Not at all.

  2. Yes, it can and will mess with your cycle.

  3. Stress and diet can both play a role. And it is very stressful to learn you have celiac and all that goes with it .

  4. I don’t agree with those saying not at all. I went gf in October and didn’t have another period till January and I can’t get pregnant either. I had one in Jan and Feb so hopefully we are back to normal\n\nSide note my periods have been very regular for 12 years!

  5. It does mess with your periods. When I’ve been gluten free without CC my periods are nice and easy. The one i just had was less then 32 hours and hardly no cramping. Usually there’s horrible cramping

  6. Mine is 2 weeks late right now also and no chance of pregnancy. Maybe have your thyroid checked if you haven’t recently because I ended up being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Celiac’s seems to be related to a malfunctioning thyroid

  7. Gallbladder removal also does it. Used to be regular and went to 5 days late.

  8. I don’t know if going gluten free per se could cause a missed period, but under eating, malnutrition, extreme stress or underlying endocrine issues certainly can. Personally my cycle is clockwork regardless of what I’m eating but it’s particularly bad when my iron is really low.

    I agree with others who suggest you should check with your doctor if you don’t get your period soon. Most women I know who had sudden missed periods after relative regularity and unrelated to pregnancy ended up having underlying endocrine disorders such as fibroids or cysts.

  9. No. It should not mess with your cycle unless you’re having a flare due to accidentally ingesting gluten. Having celiac alone without a trigger should not be messing with your cycle. Talk to your gynecologist.

  10. I started a week early. The body is going through a lot. I think it happens with any diet change.

  11. Thanks for all ur input. I just had my complete blood work done including vitamin D and B ( they were both low) so I’m taking supplements but my thyriod was normal!

  12. I’m barely two months in to GF and I was 9 days early this month. I’ve been like clockwork the last five years so this has to be the change in diet.

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