Methylation issues and need methylated b’s?


I know b vitamins are recommended to come from natural sources on this forum. I’m all for that. My question is- what do you say to people who have methylation issues and need methylated b’s? Due to my genetic mutations, my ND says I need the methylated form.

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  1. So you avoid all foods with B vitamins?
    Using methylated forms is typically for those who cant use the synthetic forms
    Food based B vits are already the form your body needs

  2. It's my understanding that food sources for b vitamins are ok for mthfr. I thought only synthetic b's had to be methylated. I can't tolerate any synthetic b vitamins but in food, it's fine.

  3. When I told my ND that I'd prefer to get all my b vitamins from food she said that was good but if my body needs methylated bs- then I need to take them. So it sounded like they were processed differently in the body. I'm new to the mtfhr thing. Just got my results. I don't seem to be tolerating the methyl b/folate drops well.

  4. What I've learned about MTHFR is our bodies do not convert properly the vit b12 from incoming sources (food, liquid). So, we need vit b12 that is already converted for us for it to be absorbed.

  5. " No. MTHFR homozygous mutations cannot be managed by diet alone.

    Most foods contain folinic acid while the supplement ideally used for MTHFR is methylated folate as 5-MTHF.

    “As complex as this vitamin is in its structure, it is equally as complicated in its interaction with the human body. For example, most foods do not contain folic acid in the exact form described above, and enzymes inside the intestine have to chemically alter food forms of folate in order for this vitamin to be absorbed. Even when the body is operating at full efficiency, only about 50% of ingested food folate can be absorbed."

  6. I'm was wondering the same as I also have 2 of the MTHFR genes. Wish I knew the answer

  7. When is the insanity going to stop w the Mthfr BS …. You have no idea how your gene is expressing …. God intended our bodies to run on food not synthetic Supplements .

  8. Liver has methyl B. It's the only naturally occurring source of methylfolate.

  9. Although, this article contradicts that and says that sprouted legumes have methylfolate:

  10. Lots of vegetables have folate look at beets ..

  11. I'm a weird MTHFR person that can't tolerate food based . I've had to cut out cruciferous veggies completely for now and take a capsule once or twice a day, depending on how I feel.

  12. Not everyone needs methylated b vitamins. A gene snp doesn't mean your body hasn't found an alternate pathway. Focus instead on eliminating epigenetic reasons for Heath issues.

  13. Im under the assumption that many people in this group have mthfr.. and morley suggests whole food sources of b12 and folate… he would have made a big deal about supplementing it otherwise? Morley Robbins

  14. Judy Sonbolian
    I prefer to think of these genes as "rusty," NOT BROKEN…

  15. Just because we may have a particular snp, we still don't know if it is expressing, or not. The way to know is to have the whole blood histamine test done in order to know if we are "under" or "over" methylating. Iron dysregulation and mineral imbalances also affect methylation status greatly. Once minerals are balanced, magnesium is optimized, ceruloplasmin is optimized and iron burden is lowered, etc., then the enzymes can function and methylation cycles can work properly..

  16. Valerie Engh, can you please specify name of this test ( n CPT code too if you can) , so I can ask the doctor to run it. Is it a blood test that normal GP can do too?

  17. Is it called " whole blood histamine test". I'll look the CPT code on quest and will confirm it with you to cross check. Thank you

  18. Valerie Engh thank you! That makes a lot of sense to me- I'm recently suspecting histamine intolerance and that would definitely explain certain symptoms. What I can't understand is why when I sent the recommended blood work from here to my ND she said these tests aren't accurate when it comes to minerals. I cant tell if she's just close minded or genuinely hasn't found them to be helpful. Thoughts on blood testing accuracy for the recommended panel?

  19. Valerie histamine levels vary throughout the day so I'm not a believer in the whole under over methylated histamine markers as a indicator .. Magnesium deficiencies cause histamine to be elevated than there is copper that's need to form DAO which regulates histamine . Finding out what imbalances you have is the most effective way to balance the enzymatic processes that run methylation
    Dr Amy Yasko who was the researcher into the Mthfr genomic project states start w mineral balancing .. So many self test and self treat without giving the body the foundational support from the periodic table of elements and jump right into what they believe is faulty genes .. If you don't allow the body to have assess to what runs a pathway how do you except for it to be running correctly .. Not to mention one can push a pathway with methyl supplements that were meant to be silenced … Just don't mess w Gods work give the body what it needs & that is whole food based nutrients ..

  20. I always recommend mineral balancing and the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)/consultation with Morley Robbins, first and foremost. It is the best way to understand/resolve the root causes of the problems.

    Per William Walsh, PhD, “For years we have used whole blood histamine as a laboratory marker for methylation status. Another good lab test for methylation status is the SAMe/SAH ratio test offered by Doctors Data, Inc. Neither of these lab tests is perfect, but they are more reliable than present genetic testing for determining if a patient is undermethylated, overmethylated, or in the normal range.…”
    “…The whole blood histamine test or SAMe/SAH ratio measure the net effect of the various SNPs, whereas genetic testing focuses on individual SNPs. For example, most persons with the 677T MTHFR SNP are undermethylated, but others are overmethylated.”

    Whole blood histamine has been found to be a marker for the overall methylation status. There is an inverse relationship between histamine and methyl groups. Serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine are powerfully influenced by methyl status. Undermethylated folks often benefit from using more methyl groups such as TMG, SAMe, etc. and overmethylators do better with more folate, B12, etc.

    Per William Walsh, PhD, "…Methyl and folate have opposite epigenetic impacts on neurotransmitter reuptake at synapses." “…methylation imbalances (a) cause abnormal histamine levels and (b) have a major epigenetic effect on mental health. Methylation is the primary process for metabolizing (destroying) histamine and there is a convenient inverse relationship between histamine levels and methylation status. Our treatments are not aimed at normalizing histamine, but in dealing with the brain disorders associated with overmethylation or undermethylation.”

    This knowledge can be helpful while balancing mineral levels. The whole blood histamine test does NOT reveal individual genetic mutations.

    I absolutely believe that the HTMA and the recommended blood tests are needed to tell us which mineral levels we need to balance. We do know from Morley's research that iron overload/oxidation affects enzyme expression and damages DNA. We also know that enzyme function is definitely affected by ceruloplasmin, B vitamins, magnesium, iron dysregulation, toxic elements, etc. The more we improve our mineral balance, the more our methylation pathways are improved.

  21. So to test histamine levels for determining under/over methylation is recommended, ie along with recommended test here? Is it worth it to go for this test? And do we need to stop supplementing before this test?

  22. Gail Nolan Terrell-Crane

  23. Sounds like the test still cannot for certainty tell if you are under over methylated so what am I supposed to do… Stop the methylated B vitamins or not with both heterozygous mutations of MTHFR while I am starting to slowly introduce the protocol?

  24. Didn't he say beef liver in the video we are required to watch? I have c677 mutation. I do well on 5-methyl supplement.

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