Migraine with Aura and Hashimoto’s


Question? Is there any connection between Migraine with Aura and Hashies? I have both, but I don’t know if those are separate or related conditions? Thanks all.

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  1. I get migraines as well. Only sometimes get the aura. My migraines are worse and more frequent in the summer time.

  2. I started with migraines, then to migraines with auras more than 13 years before Hashis diagnosis. They were more frequent when i was younger (20's), and less so now , thankfully. (And I've learned how to head them off before the ache actually starts) I wasnt untreated hypo then. Not sure if there is a connection

  3. The neuro I work for said they can be related. I didn't ask her for more info though. She said the diagnosis made sense with how my migraines are.

  4. I think mine are caused by gluten

  5. I used to get them and then realized that every time I had a lot of caffeine a few hours later I would get an aura. I stopped drinking coffee and they went away.

  6. Hi, I've only recently been diagnosed and I've been left to figure most things out by myself. I am assuming it is okay to take sumatriptan with levothyroxine ? The doctor never mentioned anything about it but there seems to be a long list of medications I can't take!

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