Mineral, vitamin or supplement could be lacking?


So my 5yr old is exhibiting some mild OCD habits and has been waking during the night for no apparent reason. I’m wondering if a mineral, vitamin or supplement could be lacking? He already takes a high quality food derived children’s multivitamin tablet, fish oil and probiotic daily.

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  1. (We eat mostly organic and he also eats homemade milk kefir)

  2. Can be related to the liver and or parasites

  3. Interesting… We had him screened for parasites 5 months ago but the test came back clear. I'm wondering if there is something safe & natural I can give him to detox. He used to consume coconut oil regularly but hasn't for awhile.

  4. diatomaceous earth. and many (most) parasites don't show up in screenings – google it. there is a lot of info about this topic 🙂

  5. sometimes parasites wont show up if the test was done when it wasnt a full moon. Parasites like to sleep until its a full moon. I would suggest running the test again and have it done on a full moon. THe day of the full moon up to 4 days after a full moon and see what results you get then.

  6. My nephew has the same issue….comes and goes. He eats a horrible diet. I'll talk to my sister about it, but I'm sure he would never take DE and it's rather hard to hide. He refuses even regular vitamins.

  7. Take a look at histamine intolerance.

  8. ^^^^^ I have that ^^^^^

  9. What is the inositol powder exactly used for? Can a 5 year old take it?

  10. I have a 5 yr old son. He was constantly getting up at night and would sometimes stay awake for a full 24 hours. I finally put a camera in his room that records every time there is movement. I took the videos with me to his doctor and they couldn't believe how many times he was getting up etc. They ordered a sleep study. Come to find out he had very bad sleep apnea. He just had his tonsils taken out 3 weeks ago and we are already seeing a difference.

  11. We are in the middle of testing our babies for deficiencies b/c of night waking, as well. One is malnourished almost completely across the board and the younger is deficient in D and two B vitamins, but completely fine in all of the other vitamins. At the moment we are investigating possible metabolic disorders and looking at getting tested for MTHRFR. Not sleeping at night was the main reason for testing deficiencies….

  12. How do you do a parasite cleanse?

  13. When your kids are waking up are they requesting things or can they just not sleep. My son did have a parasite and thankfully he passed it at school. I still treated him and the whole family.

  14. Is he having any sort of night terrors? I know a few people who's kids started that around 4-5 years old.
    My son has never been a sleeper. He's 3 1/2 now and his doctor had told me it was okay to give him 1/2 of a 1mg melatonin if I know for sure his moods are related to lack of sleep a few times a month. I'm honestly not sure how I feel about it yet but have done everything from changing his diet, having regular routine, giving him a multi vitamin, comfortable sleeping environment, etc. Only things we haven't checked and it's because my hormone specialist won't test on someone his age is the adrenal issues, leaky gut and yeast like I have. Pretty sure that's what it is though

  15. My daughter had night terrors. I put her on the toilet and that solved the problem. Did this every night until she was able to hold it all night. Stopped giving her anything to drink after 5pm

  16. Amy Hausmann Held, we used Inositol powder (vitamin b8) for our 6 yr old daughter and it helped her immensely with anxiety.

  17. How about natural calm magnesium.

  18. Has he had strep lately? It could be Pandas Pans

  19. I second the mthfr test.
    It is common and has good treatment.

  20. My 7 year old got tested for sleep apnea 2 yrs ago, came back he was sleeping 32 min on 60. Dr took his tonsils and adenoids out thinking it was obstructive sleep apnea. Went back 4 months after surgery and tests concluded he has central sleep apnea. He now sleeps with a cpap machine and we have seen a big improvement in his behaviour, school, skin color ect. The fist three months on the machine was very hard for him to comply and get use to it but with patience and perseverance we have a succeeded. He absolutely doesn't want to sleep with OUT it now.

  21. *******Important******** No artificial food coloring for this child, some are more susceptible to it, lots of vitamin C and green tea and folic acid

  22. He had night terror-like episodes a couple of weeks ago when he had a virus with a high fever and he was too congested to sleep. I did some research and it said that it is not uncommon for kids to have night terrors when they are feverish, dehydrated or exhausted from lack of sleep. He just wakes and calls out for us or makes noise so I go check on him and he is wide awake. He asks me things like how many hours until morning or what can I do right now mom? Even after a day of playing in the snow he woke at 2am asking me what he could do and I made him go back to sleep- so weird. The OCD thing I've just started noticing lately- he wants his snacks to be even numbers and he counts tiles and walks on them evenly etc. It's not bad yet though. I had 23andme done on myself and I have 5 bad mutations but not sure what to do with my results yet. I had them analyses via genetic genie but heard I need to then take those results to someone else to recommend

  23. Under our watch he NEVER eats colors or artificial additives- we eat very clean. We also really limit his sugar intake- mostly honey or maple syrup when we bake cookies etc

  24. You should consider getting a sleep study done cause my son asked the same questions every night. " how long till I can get up"… Sleep apnea in children is more common then I thought.

  25. Also in cue alkalizing veggies…….kale, cucumbers, watermelon and celery, look at the color of his fingernails should be a bright flesh color and turn white when pressed on then turn immediately back to normal when released

  26. Jo-Ann Lagace my sons sleep apnea showed 22 central events. They told me nothing to do about it. They just said take his tonsils out. That was my concern the central events. Thanks for bringing that up because I will be asking the dr more questions about it.

  27. Have you ever looked into PANS/PANDAS (caused by strep or lyme) as a cause? http://pandasnetwork.org/understandingpandaspans/about-pandaspans/whatispans/

  28. But I would just treat for parasites (black walnut green hull and woodworm are 2 natural ingredients to look for in a parasite cleanse) and then do a liver cleanse which can be done with juiced veggies particularly raw beets, swiss chard, kale, lemon, and ginger.

  29. "Alkalizing" vegetables are healthy, but not because they "alkalize you

  30. it may have to do with undermethylation issues. Consider a 23 and me etst

  31. also it might be a seratonin deficiency that 5htp can help

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