Minimize or eliminate waking up with anxiety?


I’m wondering if anyone had any suggestions to minimize or eliminate waking up with anxiety. I take Jigsaw mag 2x during the day and Drs Best mag glycinate at bedtime. This all works very well but it seems to wear off while I’m sleeping and I wake with severe anxiety until I can eat breakfast and take my supplements. (I tried to search the group and there tons of posts about anxiety but I didn’t find any about this specific issue.)

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  1. Are you also getting the adrenal cocktail?

  2. Yes. I take that nowhere near bedtime though. Maybe that is wearing off too?

  3. Glycinate makes my anxiety worse, I had to switch to a different type.

  4. Low blood sugar can cause anxiety. Seems possible since you're OK after you eat.

  5. L-theanine seems to really help until digestion is improved and proteins can be broken down into useful amino acids.

  6. This morning, my husband woke up with very little anxiety, I got some Jarrow Bone Up gave him 6 caps yesterday, 4 more later in the afternoon, then his meds and reg mag at night quiet morning this morning, hope this can continue!

  7. Catherine, I had this too for a few years. Since going veg/mainly vegan. Mine was a horrible anxiety/dread feeling every morning until I got up. Not sure exactly what's 'cured' it but I think starting this mag protocol has really balanced things out for me. It's taken awhile and sometimes it's two steps forward, two back, but it does shift. I do mag glycinate, Concentrace drops, mag oil on my skin and Epsom salt, borax, bk soda baths. Also the bee pollen (I think this really helped me), taurine, CLO and whole food vit c. (And b12 supps) Have done a few adrenal cocktails, need to get more on that. Recently I've also found ashwagandha taken at bedtime to also be quite helpful for the nerves. And I gargle with water at night to calm the vagus nerve too. Also limiting carbs/grains seems to be good. Hope some of this might be helpful to you. It's a horrible feeling, I hope you feel better soon. Feel free to pm if you have any further questions.

  8. Somebody recommended to keep the Celtic or Himalayan salt by the bed and just lick it when you wake up with anxiety. I've been doing it and it works! I've been drinking pellegrino with my salt.

  9. Look at upping your potassium. 4700-6000 mg is hard to consume for the average person.

  10. Wow do I sympathize with that feeling, typically I wake with anxiety symptoms and a feeling of dread. Luckily it usually disapates quickly once I get out of bed. It seems worse if I lay on my right side. I also have stressful dreams. This morning was different, I woke feeling normal, happy …. enough so I could lay there in bed a moment and enjoy the sounds of the dog snoring and the birds beginning to sing. WooHoo!

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